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– Restaurants and cafeterias
– Shops
– Duty Free
– Massage Service
– VIP Services
– Baby Care Rooms
– Tax Refund
– ATMs
– Currency Exchange
– Xpress Spa
– Massages Service

Travel time from Amsterdam Airport to Amsterdam city center is about 25 minutes.
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About Amsterdam

These sections are called Departures Hall 1, Departures Hall 2, and Departures Hall 3. They are also known as terminals, but they are not independent terminals.

It has a total of 6 concourses: B, C, D, E, F, G, H and M.

From Amsterdam Schiphol Airport passengers have the following transport options:

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AMS connects companies to the benefit of all. It opens new buying markets and creates extremely valuable economies of scale for its retail partners, while giving suppliers access to larger volumes and new markets.

By sourcing FMCG commodities on an international scale, AMS retail partners are able to provide shoppers with greater value for money, which gives partners a clear competitive edge and improves their bottom line.

Connecting companies

Managing Director AMS Sourcing B.V.

In difficult economic times, the value of combined sourcing cannot be underestimated. Our core business is to negotiate the best commercial conditions on our partners’ behalf. But also creating economies of scale for our suppliers, providing them a gateway to leading European retailers. All with one goal in mind – to maximize return on investment for both.

With more than 25 years’ experience in international sourcing, AMS has built up unprecedented expertise in this field, as well as a strong and extensive professional network of industry leaders and suppliers.