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ams strain review

Indoors, AMS will grow to around 1.5 metres while outdoors it can stretch to 2.5 metres. In both cases, it puts out a profusion of side stems and lots of sticky, dark green buds. THC levels are in the medium range, between eight and 15 percent.

AMS seeds were specifically created with outdoor growing in cooler, temperate regions in mind. It’s a hardy and vigorous grower that can tolerate quite low night time temperatures. It will grow anywhere that sees no frost until the end of October, when harvest comes. Each plant will yield around 800 grams per plant.

AMS weed has a fragrant bouquet with notes of berries, soft fruit and citrus and the flavor is much the same. The high blends the typically cerebral effects of Sativa types with the more narcotic and sedative feelings associated with Indicas. In medical use, AMS is recommended for relieving muscular pain.

If you’ve ever flown into Amsterdam Schipol Airport, the letters ‘AMS’ might ring a bell – they’re the international code for the city’s main air hub. AMS seeds are a child of the Netherlands, although it’s one of those strains that are popular on both sides of the Atlantic. It’s Indica dominant and was created by crossing two Swiss-grown strains with Italian names, Sativa-dominant Fragolina, which means strawberry, and Gran Flora, translating as large plant.

If you’re going to grow this strain indoors, you need to have at least intermediate gardening skills. It’s best to grow it in a soil medium and the plant needs careful trimming to keep it in bounds and in shape. Flowering time is eight to nine weeks and indoor yields are about 500 grams per square metre.

Genetics: Swiss sativa, Swiss indica.

Effect: Strong high, with a clearside and a more introspective one. Very particular taste, sweet and complex.

Basic / Breeders Info

A.M.S. is an indica/sativa variety from Green House and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±60 days ) and outdoors . Green Houses A.M.S. is a THC dominant variety and is/was only available as feminized seeds.

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Flowering indoor: 9 weeks will deliver the most amount of resin. Commercial growers harvest in 8 weeks. Yield between 500 and 700 gr/sqm.

It didn’t impress in swell or trichomes, average. It did layer itself in an odd, sweet sort of smell (as the producer also describes). I was not a big fan.

AMS provides a sweet, complex and very special taste and a smoke brings a keen effect.

A.M.S. was mid range in growth rate. Right away, I noticed some funky growth patterns. I’m still open to it being symptoms shown from nutrients, but I would label it as very sensitive then. Both the seed and clone have struggled to put out normal fan leaves.

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Average yield for sea of green I was hoping for different taste upon cure. I’m really not a fan. Its sort of oldschool skunk, with a sweet back tone. Sort of woody. Just blah. I always imagined this is what my dad smoked in the 70s – this is not a compliment to the strain.

Hey there, this is A.M.S. from Greenhouse Seeds. I grew this as a single seed sea of green stalk which I have since cloned. Huge thanks goes to HellishJam for the support, and many who I have given clones to or the other seed are also grateful.

The flowering cycle is only 8-9 weeks. The plant yields reach 500-700 gr/m2. This indica-sativa hybrid has a good mould resistance. Therefore it suits for outdoors where it is harvested at the begin of October. The outdoor yield can reach 800 gr/plant.

AMS consists of Swiss sativa and Swiss indica genetics. The concentration is 40% sativa and 60% indica.