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Backed by police and prosecutors, the city’s mayor, Femke Halsema, has tabled proposals allowing only Dutch residents to enter its 166 marijuana-selling coffee shops, with the measure likely to come into force sometime next year.

Fuelled by cheap flights and online booking, however, tourist numbers in Amsterdam – a city of 850,000 residents – have surged to nearly 20 million visitors a year, many of them young and on tight budgets. More than 29 million are forecast by 2025.

“Cannabis is a popular product that people enjoy worldwide,” he told the Dutch ANP news agency. “People want to smoke their joint. If that can’t happen in a coffee shop, then they will buy it on the street.”

Non-residents face being banned from Amsterdam’s cannabis coffee shops as part of wide-ranging plans to discourage organised crime and cut back on drugs tourism that have drawn mixed reactions from residents and business owners.

Local businesses have largely welcomed the announcement. Robbert Overmeer, of the BIZ Utrechtsestraat business association, said cannabis coffee shops were “one of the most important links in the chain of low-value tourism”.

This 28-year-old coffeeshop is situated on the beautiful Brouwersgracht. It’s a small and comfy coffeeshop with a laid back style and a great menu. Siberië has regular free horoscope readings, acoustic concerts, exhibitions, and DJ performances at weekends. There’s also internet access and plenty of board games. The coffeeshop has catered both to local people and tourists, providing an interesting, welcoming and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

In this directory you will find 15 of the most popular, famous and best coffeeshops in Amsterdam.

The Boerejongens coffeeshop chain has 3 coffeeshops in Amsterdam; all three are very good and one of the best in Amsterdam. Boerejongens (speak out as “bore – n – yung – ens”) means “Farmer Boys” in Dutch. The coffeeshop in Utrechtsestraat is completely remodelled with white marble countertops in a apothecary / drugstore style. While each coffeeshop is unique, they all offer the highest quality products, good service and a lot of expertise.


Kadinsky is located in Rosmarijnsteeg, and it’s often the choice of locals who live near the area because of its talkative social atmosphere and staff. It has a modern interior on three small levels and the entire front is a window that opens on nice days to the street. You can smoke, sip coffee or hot chocolate, and watch as the traffic goes by. Kadinsky has in total 3 coffeeshops in Amsterdam. The other 2 are located on Zoutsteeg 14 & Langebrugsteeg 14a.

Great coffeeshop and world famous because the crew of the famous movie “ocean’s 12′ spend time in this coffeeshop while filming in Amsterdam. It’s a coffeeshop both for first timers and long cannabis professionals, tourists and locals make it feel like everyone is welcome. What makes Dampkring Coffeeshop different is its spacious feel and gorgeous interior. Good drinks and good weed are served here at standard prices.

As for now, every person above 18 may enter a coffee shop. Your ID may be required to check your age.

Baba is one of the best located Amsterdam coffee shops. This place is styled with an Eastern-theme surrounded by sex shops and adult theatres in the Red Light District. Enjoy the beauty of the various statues around the shop, deities in realistically created stone with mystical robes. Other than the decorations, the atmosphere is one of friendliness and is great for socializing.

The Netherlands has been under a strict lockdown since November because of the coronavirus and a nationwide curfew — which sparked nights of rioting — is still in place.

Over the last few years, Amsterdam’s City Council has adopted increasingly aggressive measures to combat the overwhelming number of visitors.

“They do a combination of smoking and pill-taking and binge-drinking. And then they are like an unguided missile that is completely uncontrollable. There was a kind of nasty tension in the streets.”

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Boomsma says he sympathizes with the businesses but the proposal has been in the works for years. He says the last thing he wants to see is the city return to the hedonistic capital it was before the pandemic.

The outside facade of a Green House coffee shop in Amsterdam.

The shop has been in business since 1985, but Helms, who was born in Amsterdam, only developed a real enthusiasm for cannabis culture while living in San Diego in the 1990s.

Helms dismisses the claim that the cafés are linked to a criminal underworld. He says one way to make the business more transparent is to legalize the entire cannabis industry.