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attitude gifts seeds

Have done business with them for about 15 years and they just get worse with every order. They offer a ton of freebie seeds through monthly deals – which they fill with old and usually dead seed. Of the last 20 ‘free’ seeds received from Attitude 10 did not germinate, 7 popped and died, and only 3 actually grew. Last year I ordered 4 packs of different seeds and 4 of the packages did not even germinate. If you complain they hide behind the lie of "we sell souvenirs only" and they will refuse to replace the obviously old, inviable stock. Even if you pay extra for your order to be packaged in/with some sort of merchandise – to get the original breeders packs – they will still repackage the seed into small plastic bags and simply ignore any request for breeder packs. Sorry to say that Attitude used to be a great seed bank – now they are definitely failing more than than winning. Bad mojo!

Got what i ordered in a reasonable time. I can’t complain.

10 weeks after ordering from Attitude seed bank I haven’t received what I paid for and they have stolen my money but claim they are not thieves.

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My initial order never arrived, no customs letter. I contacted my local mail service who said to contact the sender. Contacted Attitude and they were not interested in looking for my order.

The Attitude wurde vom SeedFinder als "grün" eingestuft. Das bedeutet, dass wir diesen Shop uneingeschränkt empfehlen können! Besser geht’s nicht.

I put up with a couple of weeks debating with Simona, had her tell me at one point I was "wasting HER time", they are happy to take the cash, but a customer cant "waste" their time trying to get what they paid for?. Get another job if doing your job is wasting your time!.

Naturally, feminized plants are typically the choice of the beginner who doesn’t have a lot of space or freedom to grow whatever they want.

Part of stealth shipping is avoiding any suspicious charges on your bank or credit card statement. Practically all the companies listed will not charge your card with their brand name or make any allusions regarding the contents of the package.

There’s plenty to like here, but Seedsman wins the category for an extensive selection.


Experienced buyers also pay attention to genetics when buying seeds.

It’s the kind of TLC that makes everyone want to grow their own plants.

Seedsman is one of the longest-lasting seed banks in the business that ship to the US. And surprisingly, still one of the best-reviewed – even by the likes of picky Reddit users. The company sells its own brand of cannabis seeds but also carries over 1,500 cannabis strains from 65 different seed banks across the world.

Growing your own cannabis plants is a fun and practical experience you ought to try at least once. You may discover that you like it…and that it saves a lot of money on buying cannabis seeds online the usual way.

In other words, be careful as often as possible. Generally one or two things done without ‘420 best-practices’ in mind will not get you flagged so to speak, and considering the typical methods used when agencies mine the data for these relationships, I suggest that you should be safe once or twice but frankly, why even risk being in the system at all. Do everything you can to obfuscate what you purchase, who purchased it, where it will ‘end up’ etc etc ect.

If this is a personal thing where you are worried about another close friend/relative seeing the itemized bill, this all obviously is moot.

IMO, just go to a 7-11and get a money order and find a seed bank who accepts.

(edit for some details )
One last ‘IMO’ statement is that if I had to wager I’d say that if there were ‘any’ investigations that occurred solely on the basis of seed purchase, those all began with customs. not with the credit record.
Meaning that, even with the common knowledge that credit card companies, albeit indirectly, provide raw purchase data to various federal agencies which they in turn ‘mine’ for various patterns, the sheer volume inherently curtails investigative consideration of each and every instance without further corroborating data.
Basically the software used to parse mined data should, by nature, ‘alert/report’ using basically an algorithm, that among other things must (obviously) limit ‘false positives’ or minimally order the ‘alerts/reports’ in such a manner that only the most blatent and obvious ‘relationships’ would givien significant investigative effort.

Also IMO, it’s more important that the shipping address is not the place you grow. I don’t have anywhere to ship to other than my place so I just don’t do it at all (sigh. ).

Of course, I’m making an educated guess here, but I think it’s a good assumption nonetheless.