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attitude seed bank busted

If you want cannabis seeds ship to the USA, this company is the way to go, which offers tons of marijuana seeds and offers advertisements to find what you like. If you’re not sure what to try, the breeder has a variety of professional and amateur starter and value packs. That way you can try them out by size to see what you like.

They have 9 special cannabis brands selling things like bags and other cannabis-related apparel. You can pay with cash, debit card, credit card, money order, or prepaid Visa cards. They also have different shipping alternatives that are discreet and stealthy. Several different types of stealth packages are offered.

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Seedsman offers a range of the most affordable seeds but still manages to offer a top-quality product. You’re sure to find something that suits you, the right cannabis seed for yourself.

Herbies ensure first-rate readability by providing you with a particular product description and all the records you need about your weed seeds. Herbies Seeds prides itself on a choice of top-notch cannabis seeds online. Herbies seeds come from at a minimum 70% contained for your germinate properly and make a great product.

In addition to the anonymity option, anonymous bills through Bitcoin help ensure safe, invaluable purchases. Herbies Seeds prides itself on reliability and prompt service. No, matter where you are global, Herbie guarantees that you will receive your seeds in less than weeks. Visit Herbies customer service team for help.

Let’s take a look at which online seed banks in the US (United States) made the cut!

Based in the Netherlands, I Love Growing Marijuana is the product of world class marijuana experts with tons of experience breeding and cultivating marijuana.

Top Reputable Seed Banks Which Ship to the United States

Not sure what strain you want? Try one of their intriguing mixed packs to add a bit of variety to your next grow.

Their catalog includes every famous strain and marijuana seed you could imagine:

and beyond. Most strains have cannabis seeds available as regular, autoflower, or feminized, whichever you like!

i’ve just never heard of a single bust stemming from a seeed order being caught in customs, and with this large string of recent orders being confiscated in chi town, i’d think we’d have heard a lot more of this type of thing going down..

if your cash cropping id suggest getting off of here and getting your shit together.

"In order to provide the critical resources necessary for DEA’s specialagents, intelligence analysts, diversion investigators, and other personnel to continue theirhonorable and courageous efforts to reduce the availability of illicit drugs and precursorchemicals in America, DEA’s FY 2013 budget request totals $2,403,467,000 and includes 9,606Full-Time Equivalents (FTE) and 9,694 positions (including 4,249 special agents).1 In addition,DEA’s request includes the cancellation of unobligated balances totaling $15,600,000."


give or take a few thats 25,000 agents. 313,933,954/25,000 = 12558 roughly.

maybe i take a stab?? your "Friend" who let you order too his house might of been the original one too "Seize" your beans. and now maybe hes eliminating some competition.

all kinds of issues with this one. no details for one. i woulda typed out a novel if this shit happened to me and im half retarded and barely know english.

seems like they might want to use all those cool new patriot act gadgets for something a little more important.