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The origin of Autoflowering seeds largely comes from the family of weed known as Cannabis Ruderalis. Although it was first scientifically studied in strains from Siberia and throughout the Himalayas, C. Ruderalis also grew naturally in parts of the United States, predominantly in the Midwest. Because of the low THC content, these crops are essentially considered hemp and used for industrial purposes. Because of this centuries-old adaptation, these plants thrive very well in any outdoor setting. You can grow autoflower seeds in a greenhouse and buy auto weed seeds for your outdoor garden. We do suggest you protect your garden with some kind of fence or companion plants, simply to deter different outdoor pests that you might encounter like bugs and larger animals.

This strain will start you out feeling focused and motivated with an energy lift, and leaves you feeling introspective and relaxed in a calm haze.

The smaller plants and shorter flowering periods that you get with the best autoflowering strains mean that growers will get a modest, but reliable harvest. You can absolutely get larger plants using other, non-auto seeds, but for new growers who want to keep their lighting needs simple can go this route and expect many harvests each year.

Auto Critical x Gorilla Glue Fem

There have been more changes made to the laws regulating cannabis in the last 25 years than in the century prior. Autoflower seeds may have been a popular item on the black market 10 or 20 years ago, but now it’s quite easy to go into a legal storefront or cannabis dispensary and purchase autoflower seeds right over the counter. In 1996, California was the first state to legalize weed for legal use, but only for medical purposes. 16 years later, California legalized cannabis for recreational use. Now well more than a dozen other states have followed suit and America is becoming more and more on its way to a country that accepts all forms of cannabis consumption.

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With our online platform, our reputation is too important to waste our customers’ time on questionable seeds, we access only the most trustworthy breeding partners to curate the best autoflowering seeds available in the US. In addition to high quality, we also value a variety of autoflower seeds for our customers to choose from. At, you will find almost a hundred different varieties of Auto seeds to choose from, so take your pick from all of the auto indica, auto sativa, and auto hybrid strains available to buy online

Because of their small size and rapid growth cycle, autoflower strains don’t require large doses of added nutrients in order to succeed. Of course, you’ll want to make sure the basic N-P-K requirements are met, but do not feed your plants until they are at least 2 weeks old. Ratios of 5-10-10- or 10-20-20 are good enough to provide the baseline requirements, but a nutrient solution for autoflower will typically have a 5-15-10. This is because the Phosphorus is the most valuable macronutrient for the flowering phase to get nice big auto buds at the end of your crop. Nitrogen is important for growth, but because the veg stage is so short, auto seed growers may often experience nutrient burn or nitrogen burn if they add too much in the beginning of their growth. Buy a nutrient mix made for autoflowering plants and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the label for best results.

Blue Dream is certainly a dream to growers who want easy-to-grow weed seeds. This cannabis variety grows quickly, in spite of being a sativa-dominant hybrid, and is versatile enough to grow indoors or outdoors. Plus, it tastes amazing with a sweetness and berry flavor that users compare to blueberries. No wonder then that Blue Dream is one of the most popular and best autoflower strains around!

GDP Auto, also known as Granddaddy Purple Auto, is the ultimate strain for cannabis-connoisseurs that seek potency, fast flowering times, and purple weed. As a cherry-on-top — Granddaddy Purps Auto seeds are beyond easy to grow.

NYC Diesel produces a relaxing, full body stone effect and is a top choice for anxiety sufferers due to its ability to provide superior relaxation without negative side effects like paranoia. It’s also a good strain for casual and social use due to its uplifting, creative, and talkative effects.

#2 OG Kush Autoflower Seeds

With autoflowering seeds, you could be harvesting that batch in as little as ten weeks. A little bit of growing equipment, some know-how, and a Crop King Seeds mixed autoflower seed pack is all you will really need to get started, and those few things will have you well on your way to growing not just one, but a variety of different strains.

NYC Diesel is a fast growing, compact, and low maintenance strain that produces a high quality, enjoyable bud. Definitely a solid strain to add to your garden’s rotation – after all, it won’t take long.

When you need to get a little higher — take a little trip with Lowryder Auto seeds.

Its flowering period is 7 to 9 weeks with an average yield between 250 and 350 grams per square meter. It has a pleasantly smooth and fruity flavor with hints of lime and diesel when smoked and produces an energetic head trip effect balanced with a long lasting body stone. At full size, this plant is still relatively short in stature, making it a great choice for gardeners who are short on both time and space.

Keep records : Any master cannabis growe r will tell you to make notes and document everything relevant to your grow. This will help you problem-solve and prevent issues . Taking notes will seriously improve your skills.

Autoflowers prefer a lighter, more aerated soil than you would use to grow feminized photoperiod cannabis plants. Perlite is a fantastic way to improve drainage and airflow.

Step 3: growing auto flowering cannabis seeds in a pot or in the ground.

Which Are The Fastest Autoflowering Cannabis Genetics?

Autos are fast cannabis plants. They will veg for around 2 to 4 weeks and then flip into flower. This leaves no time for any more than one transplant .

The cannabis research of our breeders and those of other weed seed banks moves at breakneck speed. When trying to gauge how much yield you will get from your auto you need to think long term.

The best place for autoflower plants will also be the best place for normal cannabis plants. The spot with the most sun and the least amount of adverse weather . It also needs to be locked, secure and out of sight of the general public.

There are varying schools of thought when it comes to growing autoflowering weed seeds. Some auto cannabis growers think the plants benefit from the period of rest with an 18/6. Other growers give them maximum light for as long as possible.