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To break down why Tangie is so special, who better than the man responsible for the strain itself — Aaron of DNA Genetics. “As the guy who pushed Tangie out into the world, I’m going to throw it on my list,” he said. “Though I don’t personally love Tangie, I love all the wow factors it has. I would say it checks every box in terms of factors that make a strain great.”

As a college student new to New York in the late-2000s, I can personally attest that AJ’s Sour Diesel cut was far and away the most coveted strain, only available to the who’s who of Manhattan weed heads. With a $100 per gram price tag, exceptional high, and aura of influence, it remains one of the best highs and best flowers I’ve ever encountered.

The final contributing factor that can make a strain great is its influence on the weed world at large. These strains rose to popularity because of their unique terpene profiles but went on to be cultural phenoms in their own right, helping to shape products and crosses we enjoy today.


The inclusion of OG Kush also brings up the conversation surrounding the yield of a strain and how that plays into it being great. For growers like Aaron of DNA Genetics, it plays a huge role. “I definitely think OG Kush needs to be in there,” he said. “It checks all the boxes like aroma, bud structure, taste, etc. The one thing I would say is that, like LA Confidential, it doesn’t really check off the box in yield. But it’s got everything else.”

Last but not least, we have Super Silver Haze, undoubtedly one of the best sativas of all time with a legendary legacy to match. A cross of skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze, it rose to prominence in the late ’90s and was the first prize winner at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1997, 1998, and 1999. Not only does it have a great terpene profile of pepper and citrus, but the high is also extremely energetic, euphoric, and great for getting shit done.

When asked about the best strains, Farrar replied, “Super Silver Haze is the first strain that really comes to my mind. I’ve literally been growing it for 25 years. We just had a batch of Super Silver Haze that came out at 31% THC, which is pretty fucking radical for a sativa like that.”

While the original cut lives up to the reputation that precedes it, the Sour Diesels of today vary greatly. “There’s a lot of faux Sours out there,” explained AJ. “But some of them are actually pretty good. Sometimes someone will give me a call and say, ‘yo, I think this is the original Sour.’ And I’ll get a cut and grow it out. It never is, but it’s still really good. When it comes down to it, there’s no real authentication process, and I can’t go around checking. So, who knows?”

Backstory: Pez is an indica daughter of Afghani and Pakistani strains. These sweet, frosty buds offer the relaxation and rich body buzz typical of indicas without the drowsiness, making it great for daytime use.

Strain type: Sativa
Parent strains: Trainwreck, NYC Diesel

Why we love it: This ultra-heavy indica delivers a sedative, one-of-a-kind buzz that hugs the body like a straitjacket fresh from the dryer.


Why we love it: It’s a bright sativa strain that inspires creativity and conversation alongside its signature flavor.

Parent strains: African

Strain type: Sativa

Parent strains: Mango, Hindu Kush

This sativa strain from South Africa will give you that exotic 4/20 high, so why not throw some Durban Poison into the mix?

I like to roll up a few different strains and have a little 4/20 buffet. Some edibles may even get thrown in the oven. It’s a glorious day! However you choose to enjoy your Stoner’s Christmas (aka 4/20), just be sure to keep it safe.

Walking into the party off the Purple Urkel

2. Purple Urkle

Starting my day with Alaskan Thunder Fuck! ? #mmemberville 06:28 PM – 19 Sep 2020

* Weed Porn * Girl Scout Cookies #WeedLover #420LIfe #Weed 02:17 AM – 16 Jan 2020

But what strains should go into my 4/20 buffet?

Not because it’s super powerful, but more because I’m nostalgic. Jaleel White made headlines this week after donning the Steve Urkle getup once more to promote his new line of Purple Urkle variants. This strain is a great middle-of-the-road high if you want to hit something lighter before heading for the deep end.