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best autoflower seed bank

I usually like to shop in one place if i can help it as it saves me having to fill out registration forms each time.

However, a particular mention again goes to ILGM who have use awesome video reviews and show someone actually tasting it.

1. Large selection of Autoflower strains

I LOVE seeing user feedback about strains.

So there we have it.

MSNL comes in second with 29 different strains of autos, while ILGM has only 11 auto to choose from.

Upon smoking Chronic Ryder, you will get to enjoy fruity and caramel flavors. With 11.9% THC levels and 0.2% CBD levels, you can use this strain recreationally and medically.

Purple Stilton is crossed between Blue Cheese, Purple #1, Auto #1, and Ruderalis. All these fantastic strains are blended to produce a classic body stone.


Autoflower strains contain Ruderalis genetics that makes them grow faster regardless of the light cycle and maintenance. Moreover, there are some significant advantages of planting autoflowering seeds. Let’s explore some attributes of autoflower strains one by one.

Chronic Ryder Auto Feminised is one of the best and mind-boggling crossbred strains between Chronic and Lowryder #2. It’s a fast-flowering variety of the famous “Chronic” strain.

White Widow is one of the most popular marijuana strains globally. White Widow Autoflower from Crop King Seeds is an incredibly potent, easy-to-grow, fast-flowering, and crystal-rich cannabis strain that delivers quite an unforgettable punch!

US customers are charged in USD, so you don’t have to deal with Canadian dollar conversion. You can also pay in a number of ways, however, it’s important to know that any credit card payment accrues a 3.8 percent fee. And, if you pay with Bitcoin, you’ll get a 20 percent discount on your entire order. So, let’s move on to the pros and cons to give you a quick picture of this seller:

One fun thing about their website is the quiz that asks “What marijuana strain are you?”. It helps customers to discover the MSNL seeds based upon specific growing conditions, weed preference, and what you’re expecting from the finished buds. At the end, you’ll have four weed seed options chosen for fitting with your climate, growing skills, and personality. This feature is nice for newbie growers.

The thing about this site is the amazing number of available categories and options for all types of growers and specialization. On their main menu tabs, you get the option of choosing beginner seeds, feminized seeds, auto flowers, mixed packs, medical marijuana seeds, grow kits, seed-growing nutrients, and even some special deals. Every one of their seed choices is the authentic strain stated and comes with a germination guarantee, so there’s no chance of getting stuck with seeds that are duds.

“Stealth Shipping”

The more likely scenario would be that your seeds wouldn’t even be found. If they were, customs would probably just throw them out and then proceed by sending you a very official-looking letter that simply says that they were confiscated. And, that would be that.

Although you might think that it’s risky to order cannabis seeds online and receive them in the mail, the truth is that there’s minimal risk involved even when placing an order with a seed bank overseas. Don’t worry about customs laws either. Some people think that, if their seeds are intercepted, they’ll end up on a list and somebody will come knocking on their door (kind of like in the movies).

If you want the best seed bank possible I’d definitely recommend ILGM. However all sites on this list have been thoroughly vetted and will deliver a good seed shopping experience.

While we’re on the subject of shipping, don’t request expedited delivery or any delivery requiring a signature. Why? Well, you don’t want to intentionally draw attention to the package or have to sign for a cannabis seeds delivery. That’s a bit of a no-brainer. Also, when ordering in large amounts, multiple smaller orders from a variety of vendors will spread your risk along the lines of that old saying “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket”.