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Best CBD Oil For Dogs: Top Brands To Buy CBD For Pets In 2022 As time goes by, more and more studies prove the fantastic benefits of using CBD naturally occurring in hemp plants. While this is In partnership with Honest Paws You may have already tried using CBD products before and you found them quite good for your health. Just as CBD oil tincture can be good for you, it can be the same for pets too. We will focus more on the dog at this time. So far, you will need the best CBD oil for dogs for ensuring the product is high quality and can help the pet get better. Meta Description The best CBD oil for dogs will help a lot in improving their health. Expect the dog to feel better than before. Just ensure you only buy high-quality CBD always.

Best CBD Oil For Dogs: Top Brands To Buy CBD For Pets In 2022

As time goes by, more and more studies prove the fantastic benefits of using CBD naturally occurring in hemp plants. While this is wonderful news for many of us, the research brought another excellent discovery, showing that pets can also enjoy the benefits of this cannabinoid.

Although not much has been discovered, it is believed that CBD oils for dogs may reduce muscle and joint pain, help them sleep better, and provide them the comfort they deserve. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best brands to provide pet CBD, we have already researched and reviewed five reputable and reliable companies.

Check out our article to find the best CBD oil for dog for your lovely fluffy!

Best Pet CBD Brands Selling CBD Dog Treats In 2022

  1. Holistapet – Overall Best CBD Oil For Pet-Specific Needs
  2. Pet Hemp Company – Top-rated CBD Oil & Capsules For Pets
  3. CBD North – Most Trusted CBD Oil Tincture For Dogs
  4. NuLeaf Naturals – Best Full Spectrum CBD Oil For Dogs
  5. CBDistillery – Most Reliable CBD Oil For Dogs; Made With Finest Ingredients

Here are the detailed reviews of our top choices:

#1. Holistapet – Overall Best CBD Oil For Pet-Specific Needs

About the brand

Need CBD oil for your lovely puppy? Look no further than Holistapet. Holistapet is a manufacturer specializing in the production of pet CBD. The brand has operated for multiple years, offering the highest-quality CBD for dogs, cats, and horses.

Holistapet is pet-approved, thanks to its range of delicious products. However, the company’s reputation it’s not based only on the products’ flavors. On the contrary, the rating is based on the number of satisfied pet owners who see their beloved friends being happy and well-nourished.

To describe the level of quality your pet will get, we need an entire review where we can talk about various features, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do next.

Holistapet’s team

Yes, we all know that factories work for a profit. But not all of them are equal. Holistapet is one of the few brands that base their work on a genuine belief in the powers of nature and the pure love people have for their pets.

The team behind Holistapet includes professionals, experienced growers, health-conscious enthusiasts, researchers, and pet parents with more than 25 years combined organic food industry experience.

Besides providing premium-quality products, the team has a mission to educate and spread awareness of the potential fantastic effects of cannabinoids naturally found in hemp plants. That’s why the team makes sure that every person interested in learning more about CBD gets access to valuable and useful information and educational sources.

Product quality

Holistapet keeps your pet’s well-being and health in the first place. That’s why the company is famous for its quality, resulting from using premium-grade ingredients.

The cannabinoids used in the products are safely extracted through the CO2 extraction method and come from carefully-cultivated hemp plants grown in Colorado by licensed and experienced growers. The extracts are third-party tested to ensure they are safe and legal.

Besides the premium-quality hemp extract, the products are made with hand-picked and sustainably-sourced ingredients. As a result, the products are GMO, cruelty, gluten, and dairy-free. Moreover, the factory doesn’t use artificial flavor enhancers.

Available products

Holistapet is focused on producing CBD products for dogs, cats, and horses. The product range includes CBD dog treats for wellness and mobility, CBD chews, CBD oil for dogs, and capsules. You can also buy CBD shampoo for dogs.

The brand has created special treats, chews, oil, and catnip sprays for cats. And the product range for horses includes CBD pellets and tinctures.

CBD dog oil

Holistapet offers premium-quality CBD dog oil made of broad-spectrum hemp extract so that your dog gets an excellent mixture of cannabinoids without suffering the effects of THC. The product is highly concentrated and packed in a convenient dropper bottle for easier use.

This product is formulated with rich hemp seed oil because it contains omega fatty acids that are beneficial for dogs. Because of the convenient bottle, you can easily put a drop directly into your dog’s mouth, in their meal, or administer it topically.

Holistapet offers dog oil in multiple potencies, including 3,000 mg, 1,200 mg, 600 mg, 300 mg, and 150 mg. You’ll adjust the dosage according to your pet’s size, age, and purpose of taking. Of course, one bottle lasts, depending on the usage.

  • 150 mg – $25.95
  • 300 mg – $39.95
  • 600 mg – $58.95
  • 1,200 mg – $79.95
  • 3,000 mg – $144.95

This pet-friendly brand has excellent subscriptions. The prices we listed apply to one-time purchases. You can save up to 25% on every order if you subscribe.

  • Free Economy Shipping – expected delivery in 5-7 business days after processing
  • Standard Ground Shipping – expected delivery in up to 5 business days after processing
  • Expedited Shipping – expected delivery in up to 3 business days of processing

Holistapet has a customer-friendly refund, exchange, and return policies. You can request a refund within 30-45 days from purchase if you are not completely satisfied with the product.

  • Trustworthy, experienced, and pet-approved brand
  • Natural ingredients
  • Third-party tested CBD
  • Excellent product range
  • CBD dog oil in multiple potencies
  • Excellent customer policies and discounts
  • Available only online and only within the US

#2. Pet Hemp Company – Top-rated CBD Oil & Capsules For Pets

About the brand

Pet Hemp Co is yet another company that is dedicated to the production of CBD products for pets. The entire story about this brand started with a story about one wonderful dog and the family’s loss.

What started as a family business soon became a national brand providing CBD for all puppies and felines. The product range even includes CBD goods for horses. Pet Hemp Co tries its best to create products that can support our pets and address some of the issues they typically face, such as anxiety, mobility issues, pain, and interrupted sleep.

Providing high-grade goods at affordable prices and passionate and kind customer care is what makes this company special. Let’s check its services, products, and features in detail.

Pet Hemp Company work

As we said, Pet Hemp Co is a product of one family’s love and memory for their dog. Woody, the dog in question, faced problems with mobility as a large benign tumor was discovered in his hips.

As time passed, Woody lost appetite and his energy, looking even depressed. The family tried everything, but the results were noticeable after giving him CBD. The family managed to find a solution to his pain, allowing him to pass his days in peace.

After Woody passed away, the family couldn’t help but wonder how many dogs suffered as Woody used to. And how many families are sad, not knowing about the CBD effects or because they have tried mediocre-quality products.

That was the point when they decided to launch Pet Hemp Co, a company born in memory of Woody. The brand is led by love and passion. However, it doesn’t lack quality and expertise. On the contrary, Pet Hemp Co has its own veterinarian board of advisors and is one of the best pet CBD companies in the US.

Product quality

Pet Hemp Company follows and even exceeds all industry standards regarding quality hemp and additional ingredients. The products are made in a tech-advanced factory under all quality regulations, carefully supervised by experts.

The brand uses hemp that has been grown and cultivated on domestic farms by licensed growers. Besides collaborating with highly professional growers, the company has other evidence that shows the quality of the hemp. All products are third-party lab tested, and the lab reports testify to their purity, potency, and legality.

Additionally, the company doesn’t use artificially modified ingredients or artificial food enhancers. All flavors and aromas are obtained from natural sources, making the products safe and delicious.

Available products

Pet Hemp Company produces CBD only for pets. Therefore, you can buy CBD oil for dogs, cats, and horses. You can also order capsules, chews, and CBD dog treats. The brand offers CBD pellets for horses, catnip sprays, and CBD dog shampoos.

CBD dog oil

Pet Hemp Company provides CBD dog oil in convenient dropper bottles made with natural ingredients and organic broad-spectrum hemp extract. The product is vegan, without GMOs, gluten, or dairy, and mixed with quality hemp seed oil for more benefits.

Additionally, the product doesn’t contain preservatives or additives, so your dog only has natural ingredients. You can choose bottles of various potencies according to the size of your dog.

  • 150 mg – $25.95
  • 300 mg – $39.95
  • 600 mg – $58.95
  • 1,200 mg – $79.95
  • 3,000 mg – $144.95

These prices apply to one-time purchases. If you subscribe, you can save 25% and arrange the delivery every two weeks, six weeks, one month, or two months.

  • Free Economy Shipping
  • Standard Ground Shipping
  • Expedited Shipping

Pet Hemp Company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, meaning you can request a refund within 30-45 days after purchase if you’re unsatisfied with the order. You can also request a return or exchange.

  • Reliable and professional
  • US-grown hemp
  • Third-party tested
  • CBD pet tincture in various potencies
  • Excellent customer policies
  • Available only online
  • CBD hemp oil only in one flavor

#3. CBD North – Most Trusted CBD Oil Tincture For Dogs

About the brand

CBD North is a Canadian gem in the CBD industry. Born out of the need for high-quality CBD products, this brand is one of the best manufacturers of full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate products in Canada.

Thanks to its superior working methods, CBD North has managed to surpass its competition. Because of its quality and fantastic customer care, the company has been featured in Observer, LaWeekly, CBD Handle, Ministry of Hemp, and many other notable sites and magazines.

The company offers excellent CBD products for all family members, including pets. Besides its product range, CBD North is famous for giving all Canadians universal yet uncommon access to CBD through the first CBD Assistance Program.

CBD North work

CBD North is yet another brand that strives to educate the mass audience on the benefits of this cannabinoid associated with calmness and relaxation. Moreover, the company is led by a team of researchers, health and nutrition experts, and, most importantly, believers. They believe that everyone should have access to quality cannabinoids to benefit from its many effects.

This company is led with a mission to help and support as many people as possible. That’s why besides the fantastic CBD products you can buy, you’ll also find that CBD North has created the first CBD Assistance Program in Canada.

The association provides discounts of up to 45% to many categories, including seniors (over 65 years old), post-secondary students, teachers, people with long-term disabilities, people with low income, active military personnel, veterans, firefighters, police, and doctors, nurses, and EMTs. CBD North truly is Canada’s best.

Product quality

When it comes to quality CBD North is one of the best places to visit if you’re interested in premium CBD products. The company works under stringent quality industry standards to provide only the best CBD.

The products are made in Vancouver, British Columbia, under the supervision of multiple CBD experts. The company uses only the most quality materials, from organic CBD to other ingredients included in the products, such as organic oils, extracts, and flavors.

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The brand doesn’t use artificially-moderated or created compounds to enhance the products’ aroma or flavor. To prove the purity and potency of the products, the company shares lab reports from third-party labs. All products are tested through full-panel analyses. The tests include microbiological screening, residual solvent testing, pesticide testing, and cannabinoid profiling.

Available products

CBD North produces and offers a comprehensive range of CBD goods. You can buy CBD gummies made with full-spectrum CBD. However, the most popular product is CBD oil, coming as both full-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate.

The company also creates CBD for pets. You can buy organic broad spectrum CBD oil if you have a cat. As for CBD for dogs, the producer offers oils and treats.

CBD dog oil

CBD North offers delicious CBD dog oil formulated with organic hemp and Wild Alaskan salmon that your dog will love. The product is suitable for dogs suffering from anxiety, inflammation, or sleep issues, as it may help them relax and relieve their pain.

Besides the oil made from Wild Alaskan salmon, the product also contains organic MCT because of its omega-fatty acids. Since it isn’t mentioned, we believe the product is not made with CBD isolate but broad-spectrum CBD. That’s better because, with broad-spectrum CBD, pets can enjoy the potential benefits of multiple cannabinoids without THC.

CBD North’s dog’s oil comes in two sizes. You can buy 500 mg and 1,000 mg bottles, with the former containing around 16.67mg of CBD per 1ml and the latter containing 33.33 mg of CBD per 1ml.

CBD North offers a helpful CBD dosage guide and a full pet CBD guide, where you can find information and tips on dosing depending on the size, age, and condition of your dog.

  • 500 mg – $44.99
  • 1,000 mg – $82.49
  • Free shipping on orders over $99
  • $15 shipping fee on orders over $99

You should know that all orders are shipped at noon every day, with expected shipping times from 2-5 business days in general. We’re sorry to report that we couldn’t find information about a refund or return policy. Therefore, we advise you to contact customer service if you’re unsatisfied with the product, as the representatives may help you with the issue.

  • One of the best CBD brands in Canada
  • Led by a team of professionals
  • Premium cannabinoids
  • Third-party tested
  • Numerous discounts
  • Free shipping over $99
  • No info on refunds

#4. NuLeaf Naturals – Best Full Spectrum CBD Oil For Dogs

About the brand

Here we have one of the US peonies in the hemp industry. NuLeaf Naturals was founded in 2014, and ever since, it has gained a lot of respect from hemp aficionados and the entire hemp community. That’s why it has been featured, recognized, and respected by many renowned sites, magazines, and organizations.

This company has an already established reputation based on multiple factors. It offers high-grade goods made with domestic hemp and tested by independent labs, has excellent perks for customers, and provides a customer-friendly support team, ready to answer customers’ questions as soon as possible.

NuLeaf Naturals work

A team of health-conscious professionals founded NuLeaf Naturals, people who have collected experience in finding plant-based formulas that can improve one’s health and overall wellness. These people believe in nature as a source of healing compounds that have the ability to support the body and mind and promote a healthier lifestyle.

This brand has already proven its quality by following all industry standards and even setting some golden manufacturing rules. Besides providing the customers with excellent products, the company also wants to spread awareness and thus educate people on the effects and the abilities of the hemp plants.

Product quality

Regarding product quality, NuLeaf Naturals is one of the veterans who have tried and successfully managed to create high-grade products. The key to the company’s success lies in domestically-grown hemp and high-standard manufacturing methods.

NuLeaf utilizes advanced technologies and sustainable sourcing so that the cannabinoid extracts are pure and safe. The products are third-party tested for the presence of heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents, mycotoxins, bacteria, foreign matter, water activity, and other potential contaminants.

Regarding the other ingredients inside the products, the company doesn’t use artificially modified colors, flavors, or other preservatives and additives.

Available products

Unlike the other brands we presented, NuLeaf is not focused solely on organic CBD oil or CBD pet tinctures. The brand produces and offers CBC, CBG, CBN, and Delta 8 products made of full-spectrum hemp. Its product range includes tinctures, soft gels, and topicals.

Regarding pet CBD, the company offers only one product, which we’ll review in the next section.

CBD dog oil

Packed in a convenient dropper bottle, NuLeaf’s dog CBD oil for pets is an excellent blend of multiple cannabinoids and terpenes coming from full-spectrum hemp extracts. The product is suitable for dogs, cats, horses, and every other animal that has an endocannabinoid system and may provide support, relaxation, and calmness.

This CBD oil is formulated with another organic oil. The company uses organic virgin hemp seed oil for better absorption. That’s why you can put a drop directly into your pet’s mouth, put it in their food, or apply the oil topically on their gums or the folds of their cheek.

The products come in three potencies, including 300 mg, 900 mg, and 1,800 mg of CBD.

  • 300 mg – $19
  • 900 mg – $49
  • 1,800 mg – $89

You should know that these prices will apply if you want to make a one-time purchase. If you subscribe, you’ll be able to save up to 20%.


NuLeaf Naturals offers free shipping on all orders within the US. The delivery can be expected in 2-3 business days after processing. The company also offers exchange and return policies. Customers can return new, unused, and unopened products and request a refund within 30 days of delivery.

  • Experienced company
  • Organic and sustainably sourced hemp extracts
  • Third-party tested
  • Free shipping
  • Limited product range

#5. CBDistillery – Most Reliable CBD Oil For Dogs; Made With Finest Ingredients

About the brand

Lastly, we’ll present you with CBDistillery, a company with fantastic products, including several fantastic pet goods. This Colorado-based manufacturer was founded in 2016 by a group of researchers who were disappointed with the offered CBD oil products on the market.

In just a few months, CBDistillery rapidly expanded its base of customers, many of them becoming regular even to this day. Respected and recognized by the CBD community, CBDistillery soon was featured on prominent sites, such as the New York Times, CNN, Healthline, WebMD, Los Angeles Times, Forbes, and many others.

CBDistillery work

As we mentioned above, CBDistillery founders were disappointed with the situation in the CBD market. As hemp enthusiasts themselves, they believe that every person interested in trying and using CBD deserves access to quality and tested products made of premium ingredients and the latest sustainable technologies.

Today, the company has millions of satisfied customers because it practices natural farming methods, uses US-grown hemp plants, and produces GMO-free products. The company is considered one of the most transparent and trustworthy ones in the country.

Product quality

CBDistillery is constantly investing in development, bringing new products on the market. However, the product quality was and remained the only constant that drives the company, ultimately bringing more and more customers.

The company works with various types of hemp plant extracts. Regardless of the type, CBDistillery practices sustainable extraction methods, protecting the earth and delivering safe products simultaneously.

Additionally, all products undergo a scan by independent labs. According to the lab reports, the goods are safe to use and compliant with federal laws.

Available products

As we mentioned, this brand constantly develops, so it’s not unexpected to see a new product in the collection. Initially offering full-spectrum CBD products, the product range is now expanded to include various extract types, such as broad-spectrum CBD, CBG, CBN, CBD isolate, and even Delta 9 + CBD extracts.

CBDistillery offers various product types. You can buy tinctures, chocolates, capsules, drink mixes, powders, salves, relief sticks, care creams, cooling creams, serums, lotions, CBD chews for pets, CBD pet oil, etc.

CBD dog oil

CBDistillery creates excellent CBD oil for dogs and other pets. It comes in an easy-to-use dropper bottle that helps measure dosages. The product contains a mixture of natural formulae made of full-spectrum hemp extract and hemp seed oil for better absorption and increased nutrient value.

This pet CBD product comes in two potencies. You can buy bottles with 150 mg and 600 mg of CBD. It is third-party tested for safety. However, since it’s made of full-spectrum hemp oil CBD, the company warns that there might be traces of Delta 9 THC and should be taken cautiously.

  • 150 mg – $20
  • 600 mg – $38

You should know that choosing to subscribe can reduce the price by up to 30%. Also, the company offers several bulk options, where you can order multiple tinctures or oil+chews at lower prices.


Regular customers who subscribe can enjoy multiple benefits. For instance, they can buy products at reduced prices and get free shipping on all orders. Without subscriptions, the company offers free shipping on orders over $75.

Additionally, the company has a 60-day guarantee for those unsatisfied with the products. However, remember that the refund policy applies only to first-time purchases of any product. Moreover, the company may refund you only if you have ordered the product from the official website.

  • Popular brand
  • Excellent product range
  • Quality and tested products
  • Perks with subscriptions
  • Some customers reported shipping delays
  • Dog CBD oil in one flavor

How We Found the Best Pet CBD Brands For Dog CBD Oil?

It’s very important for us to share information regarding our research and the selection process. We believe that every customer and their best friend deserve the best quality products and the best treatment from the companies.

Since we are pet parents (most members of our team have dogs), we understand your nervousness when giving a new product to your buddy. With this section, we want to lower your concern by sharing some of the criteria we followed when choosing CBD dog oil for this article.

Through these standards, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about our research process and even use some of them for your own research. However, you should also know that we’ve created a special section that includes helpful guidelines that you can find after the reviews.

Hemp CBD without THC

The first standard we set was finding products that would contain pure and quality hemp extract without THC. Even though hemp plants are cannabis with high concentrations of CBD and low concentrations of THC, the latter is still present. While humans can handle a small percentage of THC, that’s not the case with dogs until scientists approve the opposite.

The products we included in this article are mostly made of broad-spectrum hemp extract, meaning your dog will still enjoy the benefits of multiple cannabinoids, such as CBD, CBN, and CBG.

Premium-grade hemp

The products we selected and reviewed in this article contain premium-quality hemp extracts. They are nothing different than high-quality CBD oil we wouldn’t use ourselves. The products are formulated with hemp extracts and carrier oils, just like our CBD tinctures.

The companies process carefully picked hemp plants grown and cultivated under strict quality regulations to create these oils. After harvesting and storing, the hemp plants are processed in highly-equipped factories. The factories meet all industry standards and are supervised by experts.

Natural ingredients

These hemp products are not raw hemp extracts like the available concentrates or isolates you can buy. They are carefully-formulated blends that contain carrier oils and sometimes even additional ingredients.

Having carrier oil is very important because this ingredient is responsible for better absorption. However, many artificial and natural oils can act as carriers. Our products contain natural carriers, such as hemp seed oil or MCT oil. Besides offering better absorption, these oils may also be very good for health benefits because they contain omega-3 fatty acids good for the dog’s metabolism.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that the products are free from GMOs and gluten. The companies don’t use artificial flavors, colors, or other types of artificial enhancers that are potentially harmful.

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Convenient bottles

We love our dogs, but they can sometimes give us a hard time. Even though we spend time training them, some of our buddies may not stay still to take a drop of oil once or twice a day. Therefore, we made sure that the products listed in our article come in convenient bottles.

Each of the products is packed in an easy-to-use dropper bottle. With dropper bottles, you can easily put a drop directly into your dog’s mouth and keep track of the dosage.

Third-party tested

Besides being customer and pet-approved, the products we selected for you are third-party tested and undergo rigorous quality controls. The analyses are conducted by respected cannabis labs that check the samples for potency, purity, and legality.

The analyses often include full-panel tests. This means that the labs check the samples for the presence of pesticides, toxins, bacteria, heavy metals, foreign matter, water activity, etc. The analyses also include cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

User-friendly brands

Whether pet CBD brands or creating CBD products for everyone, the companies we reviewed are some of the best brands. They are respected, reputable, and trustworthy.

When we say user-friendly, we consider multiple aspects and place them under one term. For instance, the brands we reviewed offer online stores making your shopping more convenient. On the websites, you can find lab reports from the analyses, and you can read valuable information regarding the products. Plus, the websites are user-friendly and easy to use.

Furthermore, these companies have some fantastic offers. They either have free shipping, various discounts, or both. Some provide hassle-free refund policies, while others have beneficial subscription plans. Overall, you may benefit a lot from using these companies.

How To Find the Best CBD Brand For Your Pet?

Buying quality pet CBD can be challenging, given that the industry is quite new and many companies lack third-party evidence of their quality. However, finding a good CBD product is similar to buying any other product, meaning it’s a skill that can be improved with experience.

The shopping experience doesn’t necessarily be yours. On the contrary, you can benefit from other people’s experiences and follow their guidance so that you don’t make the same mistakes as them. For this reason, we created this buyer’s guide with several crucial factors that may be helpful.

Instead of giving numerous questionable CBD oils to your dog before finding the best one, you can consider these factors and may find the right one on your first try. We assembled this section according to our research and other pet owners’ experiences.

Do a research

Before ordering, we suggest you research the manufacturer. You shouldn’t fall for colorful ads and claims that their products are the best. Instead, dig deeper beyond the company’s surface and try to find information about its manufacturing methods and working ethics.

Many researchers suggest buying pet CBD from a company specializing in this field. Although we don’t think that’s wrong, we also believe there’s nothing wrong with buying CBD oil for dogs from a factory that creates CBD products for people too. After all, you surely won’t give your dog a product that wasn’t made under the same standards as the one you’re using.

Regardless of the company’s type, you should consider the product quality. Thus, you’ll ensure your buddy gets the best for them.

Quality and third-party tested

Since the market allows you to buy third-party tested products, you shouldn’t settle for anything less. If the company doesn’t send its goods to independent labs, it doesn’t deserve the trust of the customers.

First, we recommend researching the hemp source and how the company processes the plants. After that, you should check the lab reports to make sure that the product you’ll give to your dog is safe.

Benefits for customers

Of course, product quality comes first. However, once you determine the quality, you should also seek and consider other factors.

According to the reason why you give your dog CBD oil tinctures, you’ll most likely need a refill every now and then. Therefore, offering perks to customers is one of the factors you should consider.

Before hitting the buy-now button, check whether the company offers discounts with subscriptions and, if it does, how much you can save if you subscribe. Pay attention to the delivery schedule too.

Additionally, you should also research the policies. See whether the brand offers free shipping so you don’t have to pay a fee every time you order.

FAQs Regarding CBD Oil For Dogs

What benefits may CBD oil bring to dogs?

While there are many things to be discovered yet, many scientists agree that THC-free hemp extracts may bring several benefits to dogs. For instance, many dogs that have been rescued animals were diagnosed with PTSD or anxiety. Premium CBD oil may have a positive impact and ease nervousness and discomfort.

Furthermore, studies suggest that CBD may increase appetite, provide calmness in situations where the dog is aggressive, and even improve sleep. There are other potential benefits too. However, you should consult your vet before giving your dog CBD oil.

Are there any risks or side effects?

Of course, as with any other product, your dog may experience side effects from taking CBD oil. Studies show that your dog may experience dry mouth, dizziness, upset stomach, sleepiness in an unexpected hour, reduced blood pressure, diarrhea, etc. That’s why it’s crucial to consult a vet before giving CBD tincture to your dog, pay attention to the dose, and carefully track the behavior related with the dog’s health.

How to give CBD oil to my dog?

Giving natural CBD oil to your dog is quite easy. You have multiple options, including putting a drop into their mouth, putting a drop in their meal, and applying the oil topically.

Conclusion: Buying CBD Oil For Dog – Isolates, Broad & Full [2022]

We’re very fortunate that the studies regarding CBD oil benefits for dogs are promising. This means that our lovely furry friends may benefit from using natural products instead of harsh chemicals. Products that are made of organic ingredients and that may help them with multiple conditions, including anxiety, seizures, sleep issues, fear, pain, depression, discomfort, etc.

When researching for this article, we were very happy because we knew our reviews would help other pet parents and dog owners find the best CBD oils. We’re positive about Holistapet, and the other brands on our list will welcome and take care of your dog as their own. Lastly, don’t forget to consult a vet before giving CBD oil dosage to your dog, pay attention to the dose, and carefully track their behavior after the usage.

Best CBD Oil for Dogs 2022 – Inflammation, Anxiety & Seizure

You may have already tried using CBD products before and you found them quite good for your health. Just as CBD oil tincture can be good for you, it can be the same for pets too. We will focus more on the dog at this time. So far, you will need the best CBD oil for dogs for ensuring the product is high quality and can help the pet get better.

Pet owners with dogs should know that CBD oil will help a lot in improving the pet’s health such as treating inflammation, anxiety, appetite loss, chronic pain, and more. If this makes you want to consider CBD for dogs, we look at the top brands below for you to consider getting your products from.

Editor’s Choice

  • Helps with cognitive support
  • Multiple potencies available
  • No artificial flavors are used

Best CBD Oil for Dogs – Organic CBD for Canines 2022

  1. Honest Paws Oil – Editor’s ChoiceBest for Variety
  2. Honest Paws Dog Treats – Best CBD Treats for Mobility
  3. CBDfx – Best for High Potency Products
  4. HolistaPet – Best for Organic CBD Oil
  5. Medterra – Best High-Quality Pet Products
  6. Petly CBD – Best Brand for Offers on Products
  7. The Anxious Pet – Best for Treating Anxiety


  • Free shipping on select orders
  • Offers safe and secure shopping
  • Uses high-quality ingredients


  • Not the best return policy

Honest Paws has mostly specialized in making CBD oils for dogs and cats. Such specialization means that the brand can make high-quality products. The Honest Paws CBD oils are categorized based on functionality. You will get CBD for calming the pet, wellness, and mobility. So, buy based on what you need to treat your pet.

The brand uses organic full-spectrum hemp oil for its products. This full-spectrum hemp extract is still free from contaminants. The idea is to make CBD oils safe for the pet. Also, the full-spectrum CBD products will have all the vital compounds in a hemp plant. As such, the pet can feel better sooner than some other types of CBD.

Honest Paws does a good job of showing transparency too. There are lab test results on the website to help show just how good it is in making quality products. There are also enough options in terms of potency so that you can handle what is ailing the dog better.

You will come across potency types such as 125mg, 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg of CBD per bottle. The brand also recommends you consider the weight of the dog for the right dosage. For small dogs under 25lbs, you only need to use the 125mg of CBD per bottle option. The brand’s website has all the dosage information you need.


  • Poultry flavored dog treats
  • Third-party tested
  • Made of organic ingredients


  • Lacks variety in dog treats

When you do not want to deal with the question of how much CBD oil to use for pets, there is the option of dog treats. The good thing is that Honest Paws also offers these amazing treats. The CBD treats for dogs are made to help improve mobility, joints and promote better joint health.

These best CBD dog treats are made using full-spectrum hemp extract. Such an exact can be good for various conditions the dog might be experiencing other than mobility. You can use them as an alternative to the best CBD oil for dogs with anxiety. Of course, stick to the recommended dosage on the package.

The full-spectrum CBD extract is not the only ingredient. You also get Chondrotin Sulfate vital for keeping the pet active, Glucosamine for improving mobility and bone function and then Hyaluronic acid vital for cartilage function. So, there is so much to expect as benefits with this product.

As for flavoring, you will come across the poultry flavor that will make it so easy for the pet to eat its treats. You will not have to struggle with using the treats more often.

3. CBDfx


  • Uses human-grade ingredients
  • Features the best flavors
  • The products are organic


  • Some products may be too strong for pets

The company sells some of the best CBD products in the market. You will come across CBD oil for different pets based on their sizes. Such include CBD for small breeds, medium breeds, and large breeds. In case you were unsure which to choose, simply look at the breed’s size and you should be good to go.

The company also categorizes its pet products based on potency. We all know that some conditions would be better treated by stronger CBD oils. As such, you will be given the option of picking from a wide range of potencies. Sometimes the stronger the better. Well, just make sure you follow the advice from the manufacturer on dosage.

The brand mostly uses broad-spectrum CBD oil for its pet products. There is the addition of coconut-derived MCT oil too. Such a product leaves you with a high-quality product that is also bioavailable when used in your dog. The brand still uses human-grade ingredients, making the pet products safe also.

Expect potency levels from 250mg to 2000mg of CBD per bottle. If it is a pain condition, then more CBD potency is recommended. Also, the dosage depends on the weight of your dog. The heavier the dog, the more potent the product should be.


  • Product made specifically for pets
  • Has no additives or preservatives
  • Product made in the US
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  • Limited selection of products

It is always nice to have more options in the market. That is why we had to include Holistapet also. The brand specializes in using the broad-spectrum CBD crucial for ensuring you always get quality CBD oil that is also THC-free. Having no THC means the pet will not get high even if you keep giving it the CBD oil more often.

A nice dropper bottle makes the use of CBD oil convenient. You would now be able to use the recommended dosage for the pet. You are advised to consider 10mg of CBD oil per serving. This is enough to relieve the pet from different conditions. The potency largely varies based on the size of the pet, so choose appropriately.

Holistapet claims to use 100% natural ingredients. So, how would you prove this is true? The band lists its ingredients and there is a lab report on the same. Reading through the lab report shows that this CBD oil for dogs does not have contaminants or filler content that would otherwise make it unsafe for the pet.

5. Medterra


  • It uses organic ingredients
  • The products are vet recommended
  • It has natural flavors
  • Limited selection of pet products

Medterra is also home to some of the best CBD oils in the market. Its CBD products are made using organic ingredients. What such means is safety and efficacy. You can expect the dog to feel better faster. There is also the use of organic MCT oil. Such improves how fast CBD would be absorbed by the pet and help it get better.

The brand features two main options for flavors. There is the option of buying chicken or beef flavored CBD oil. As you can see, it becomes easier to find a product that the pet loves. Of course, you can expect the pet to enjoy these mentioned flavors. There are also CBD pet treats with the same flavors to use in addition to CBD oils.

Testing of the CBD oils seems important to the brand. The products are tested by Baylor College of Medicine to help showcase the importance of CBD for dogs and other pets. There is also third-party lab testing vital for showing if there are any contaminants. All this testing proves it is a transparent company.


  • Uses organically grown hemp
  • The products are THC-free
  • No additives and preservatives


  • Lacks flavor variety

Petly CBD has always used organically grown hemp plants. Such is a good source of hemp ensuring that the consumer can have high-quality products in the end. Also, the method of extraction does not leave the products with solvents. The good thing is that there are lab reports to prove this to the buyers.

Using human-grade MCT oil also shows just how much the brand values the life of your pet too. So, it is nice buying knowing only quality ingredients are used. The products are still non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free. These are all important features anyone wants in a pet product.

Does CBD oil contain THC? The brand claims its CBD oils are THC-free. It is a good thing as pets do not always react the best to high amounts of THC. We find that the brand also categorizes its CBD products based on the size of the pet. You will notice just how stronger the products get as you opt for products meant for bigger breeds.


  • Free shipping available
  • Offers a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Products have veterinarian formulated


  • Not many selection available

The CBD oils from the brand are full-spectrum CBD oil combined with organic fractionated coconut oil. This combination makes it easy for CBD oil to be absorbed into the body and improves the dog’s health. The brand also listed the directions for use on its website so that those new to using CBD for dogs can use it effectively.

Like other CBD brands, this one also highlights the dosage information on the website. You are advised to use based on the weight of the pet. There is a clear table on the website for you to identify the right dosage. Having a dropper as part of the package makes it easier to dose the product to the pet.

One that people look for the best CBD oil for dogs would be the lab results. Here, you will come across 3rd party testing done on the products. This testing is key for ensuring you can only buy a product that is high quality. It is not just one product tested, but also several. Simply check out the uploaded PDF lab results to find out more about the products.

What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is a compound found in the marijuana or hemp plant. This is just one of the over 80 compounds found in the hemp plant but we are all commonly associated with it and THC too.

CBD as mentioned can be derived from hemp or marijuana plants. However, there is quite a difference between the two. The CBD oil products made from hemp will have a low concentration of THC. Such organic CBD oil products will have less than 0.3% THC. That is why such CBD oil can be bought legally from an online store or physical store compared to those CBD products derived from marijuana plants.

CBD as a compound has effects on some of the chemicals in the brand and body. That is how it is able to lead to some results when used. However, take note that these effects are not the same as that of THC. Unlike THC, CBD will not get you or the pet high.

What Dog Health Problems Can CBD Oil Treat?

You will not get many studies available on the benefits of CBD for dogs. However, you can expect to come across anecdotal studies with most of the references made to how CBD can help humans. Nevertheless, you can expect that CBD oil may help with the following;

Easing inflammation

Depending on the breed type, sometimes you can find it prone to arthritis. This is especially for small dog breeds. Research shows that 60% of dogs may experience some form of arthritis in their lives. As such, it is vital considering CBD oil for treatment.

Research done on dogs to see the effects of CBD for pain relief shows that CBD may help relieve the pain faster and also improve the joint health of the pet.

Controlling seizures

For a while now, CBD for seizures has been the most studied in humans. Even if the research in dogs is limited, we can always use the results in humans to understand how CBD may help with seizures in dogs.

Right now, there exists limited research on how CBD may be instrumental in reducing the seizure frequencies in dogs. As much as we want more studies, this is a good guide showing the importance of using CBD for dog seizures.

Easing chronic pain

Many things can lead to a dog having chronic pain. It could be injury or intervertebral disc disease. Whichever the case, you now have the option of using CBD oil to help relieve the pain and make the dog comfortable.

Research in humans shows that having both CBD and THC in a product can help with pain relief. That is why full-spectrum CBD oil would be recommended for those with dogs having chronic pain.

What’s the Best Way to Give a Dog CBD Oil?

Let us say you have come across a CBDfx coupon and you are ready to use it for buying CBD oils, but you have no idea how to use the hemp oil for your pet. Not to worry as we will give you quick tips on how you can give your dog CBD oil.

The first method would be through an oral application. The CBD tincture or oil will come with a dropper. Using the dropper, you can pick enough amount of CBD oil and put it into the dog’s mouth directly.

It is common that some dogs will not always like the taste of CBD oil. The alternative would be to mix the CBD oil into the pet’s food. The pet would consume it without a problem. As simple as that, you have successfully given your pet its CBD oil dosage.

CBD Oil Dosage for Dogs

The right CBD dosage is key to improving the health of the pet. An example would be the dose of CBD for dogs with arthritis may not be similar for anxiety relief. A good CBD brand would highlight the dosage of its CBD oils so that you can always use the right amount to leave the pet healthy.

As much as each brand may have a different dosage guideline, the recommended dosing is 1 to 5mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of the pet’s body weight. This rule applies to both dogs and cats .

Are There Side Effects When Giving CBD to Dogs?

You will come across different types of CBD oils in the market. Some even contain hemp seed oil to help with bioavailability. However, what manufacturers do not tell you is the potential CBD hemp oil side effects. Here is what you may come across as the side effects of using CBD pet products.

Dry Mouth

The dog may experience a dry mouth just like in humans. This is because CBD can lead to a decrease in saliva production. If you notice the dog is overly thirsty, that could be the reason.

Slightly Lowered Blood Pressure

When the CBD doses are high, it can lead to a temporary drop in the dog’s blood pressure. Even if it is a slight drop, such can often make the pet feel light-headed.

Drowsiness or Sleepiness

CBD is quite good at calming the pet in case it had anxiety. However, in high doses, this could lead to drowsiness.

As you can see, most of the potential side effects are due to high doses of CBD oil. If you can stick to what the manufacturer recommends as dosage, the pet should feel better faster.

Where to Buy CBD Oil for Dogs

Now that you have seen how important organic CBD oil for dogs is, you may be interested in buying pet CBD oil. However, where do you start looking for CBD pet tincture?

We recommend buying from the official websites of the CBD brands mentioned above. At least you will come across high-quality CBD products that will be delivered in good time.

You can also check out a CBD store around you. It could be a medical marijuana dispensary, Walmart, CVS, and more. CBD products are quite popular nowadays, so expect to get them in different stores around you. Bonus tips, those who use the CBD product more often can use the Honest Paws discount code or buy in bundles to save money on their purchases.


CBD oils can do a lot of good for your dog’s health. That is why more dog owners invest in getting these products for their pets. Some of the CBD oil benefits may include improved digestion, appetite, anxiety, pain, and inflammation. Of course, look for one with the best flavor to make it easier for administration. The natural flavor can still work great, but you have to use it in its food. Once you buy the products, ensure to always use the right dosage for the most benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are oils the same as treats?

They may have the same CBD extract but their use would be different. Like in training, treats are better than oil. However, if you want to treat chronic pain, then the oil is better than treats.

2. Can I give my dog my CBD?

Yes. This is because CBD will have several wellness benefits for your pet. Expect to see an improvement if the dog had anxiety.

So long as it is CBD derived from hemp, it will mostly be legal in different parts of the country. Check its source just to be sure.

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