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best feminized seeds

This is one of the highest THC marijuana strain with a THC level of whopping 30.9% and a very low level of CBD at 0.6%.

Many of the reasons why these strains have made it to our top 20 feminized seeds list. Not only are they comfortable to grow, but they can also produce some excellent yields. They are also pretty accepting of common mistakes that beginners make when beginning their cannabis growth journey.

Overall the odor of this cannabis strain is complex and very strong. You will smell a bit of coffee, with pine and sweet moss.


Lemonchello has the same flavor that of the traditional Italian drink. It also has that haze smell qualities.

Al these things make this one of the most famous strains on the market right now.

The THC and CBD levels in this marijuana strain are 21.5% and 2.1% respectively. They have specially made this strain from medicinal, bulk growers, and home growers.

The plant will grow out to the full and provide huge blue buds with a hefty amount of trichomes on it. the aroma of this plant is really concentrated and very strong.

Buy Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Feminized Seeds?

Buy Wedding Cake Feminized Seeds?

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme by ILGM is an 80% indica strain comprised of the same base genetics (OG Kush and Durban Poison) used to create Thin Mints, Platinum Cookies, and GSC. Girl Scout Cookies Extreme feminized seeds grow easily indoors and outdoors, producing medium-height plants resistant to pests and mold. Fragrant sticky buds dripping with trichomes. Clearheaded, relaxing effects. Up to 21% THC.

5. LSD Feminized Seeds

Raspberry Cough is a colorful and unique feminized seed strain bred using Cambodian landrace genetics with Nirvana’s own hybrid, Ice. Raspberry Cough seeds produce predominantly sativa plants that do best indoors Sea of Green style or outdoors in warm climates. A mass of red hairs covers its dense buds, which show blue tints when the temperature drops near maturation. Berry and Asian spice flavors. Soothing, uplifting effects.

Buy Gelato Feminized Seeds?

Buy LSD Feminized Seeds?

Amnesia Fast is Seedsman’s quick-finishing version of the renowned Amnesia. A fast flowering strain created with Soma’s Amnesia and a secret hybrid, Amnesia Fast plants reach 3 to 5 feet tall and are ready to harvest in around 7 weeks of flowering. A potent smoke and productive grower indoors or outdoors. Massive, dense buds that give an uplifting, energetic high. Fruity and floral flavors. 20–23% THC.

Users also love the quality and instant feeling of relaxation after using the final product – there are many who also enjoy the strong flavors in the seeds.

Safeguard your invested money by choosing a reliable and trusted seed bank. Mediocre sources will take no responsibility in the case that your order gets lost in the process. You can conduct informal research by reading online reviews and checking out company policies and conditions. Ensure that the company offers guarantees on delivery and makes up for packages lost or confiscated during delivery. Minimize your risk by making sure you pick a seed bank that is trusted, reliable, and has a long-standing in the market.


You can contact the company for any queries and complaints within 90 days of the shipping date of your order. In case of wanting to return goods, you can get in touch with the company. You can return unused, newly packaged goods within 14 days of order receipt.

I Love Growing Marijuana is easily one of the best online seed banks because of its distinctive features and services. They value their customers by providing product replacements in mishaps and assistance for beginners starting as growers.

The Vault was founded in 2012 and is recognized as a trusted name in the industry providing premium seeds, discreet packaging, and excellent customer service. They also provide good prices for their products that will not cost you an arm and a leg.