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best way to sell weed fast

So what exactly makes for a good professional manager of marijuana for medical purposes?

The solution? “We need to focus on consumer satisfaction. How do you get your messaging out to your patients? How do you retain them, make them happy, answer their questions? How do you get their loyalty?” Answering those questions, Adams says, is “how you’re going to stay in business in the end”.

1. Don’t rely on past experience

“A lot of people are buying marijuana,” Adams says. “There’s no doubt about that.” But does that mean the would-be marijuana seller has a built-in clientele? Not necessarily. “It’s going to be quite competitive,” she warns. “There are conglomerates who have already joined. There’s some big money involved. And I think you’re going to see a lot of it move more in that direction.”

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With so much money in the marijuana game, it may be difficult for the independent supplier to stand out – unless independence is seized upon as a virtue.

No one likes skulking around parking lots, grubby diners or street corners, but it’s part of the job if you’re selling in small amounts. Just be sure the research you did for commandment #2 included mapping out any “turf” that you might be inadvertently invading while you’re out peddling your weed. A good alternative is to provide delivery service, so you minimize the dangers of street dealing as well as the dangers of being spotted by the cops or reported to them.

Of course, you’re going to need a scale, but your kitchen scale isn’t going to cut it. Do yourself a favor and buy the highest-quality digital scale you can afford, and make sure it reads out in tenths of a gram. Paying for accuracy may not seem like the most important investment you could make when you’re handling your own stuff, but you certainly don’t want to be giving your customers more bud than they’re paying for. And imagine how high your medical bills could run if customers start accusing you of shorting them – and aren’t satisfied with your explanations.

“Hey, this is great! Imagine how much I could make if I invested in 10 (or 20, or 50) pounds!”

5. Thou Shalt Provide Good Customer Service

When business is booming and you’re making the money you’ve always dreamed of, the temptation to start showing off your new-found bank can be overwhelming. Be careful. Not only do you want to keep the actual fact that you’re a dealer on the down-low, but you also don’t want outsiders suspecting it, either.

When you do think you’re ready to upscale, take your time and do it slowly. Expanding too fast can kill any business. In the weed industry, it can destroy your business and put you behind bars.

The quickest way to go broke as a dealer is by extending credit. And the people who are most likely to ask you to front them, unfortunately, are friends.

Every successful business does market research. Why should your weed business be any different?

My advice is to forget about dealing until you can afford to attend business school ,after you finish high school of course.

Lets say i started selling. at this stage i could probably only pay for a quarter-ounce (50 bucks in my area) right now,, and for selling completely legit i would only make 20 bucks profit from that quarter (if i didnt smoke a bunch of it)

As someone above said it’s all about the profit margin, don’t just try and get the best bud possible. Try and get the best DEAL possible on whatever quality bud is available. Have cheaper prices then your competitors, they make more in one sale and leave people feeling ripped off then those people become steady customers to you and you make more money over time selling as much product as possible.

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sorry if this question seems like common sense but i just want to get some opinions.. thanks guys

i can see how large scale selling could be good profit, but how do you start off selling without ending up smoking your product. (for example)

i’d have to say 15

and second: if i did start selling, i want to know how to make profit so i could always have my weed