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bonsai marijuana seeds for sale

Because each strain’s genetics are different, certain cultivars will be better suited for developing into canna-bonsais. Here are a couple of strains that, thanks to their short stature, we think are ideal candidates for growing into canna-bonsai trees.

In the never-ending quest to produce the best buds around, growers have developed several strategies to optimise their cannabis grow. One of these strategies is the growth and maintenance of cannabis bonsai trees.

A bonsai tree is essentially a miniature tree. However, the term bonsai does not refer to a specific species of tree, but rather to the growing technique used to keep trees at this small size. The goal of growing a bonsai tree is to develop a healthy, mature, authentic plant that will only grow to a fraction of its natural size.


Now it’s time to prune the branches. As the plant grows, its branches must be restricted in order to preserve the classic bonsai shape and stature, and to maintain airflow to the plant’s main stem. It’s important to only prune offshoot branches, as cutting main ones could seriously hurt the health and growth of your plant.

There are several steps to planting and growing a cannabis bonsai tree.

The first step is preparing your pot for the plant. Since you’re growing bonsais, you want to select a suitably small pot. In order to facilitate training, some growers prefer to drill holes around the perimeter of the pot for string or twine. Just make sure that the holes are big enough to actually fit the twine you are planning on using. Failing to do so may result in a bad surprise when it comes time to train.

Marijuana bonsai trees are real. They’re not a myth. You can grow a Bonsai ganja tree to soothe your soul and make you happy and high. Check it out.

Start easy – save the complex stuff for later!

UkDam’s past ganja grows had taught him a few things about genetics. He had discovered that one particular strain, our very own Strawberry Glue, was the perfect girl for the job. She was a tough, robust plant that could take some stress. Furthermore, her stout sativa build and fast growing habits made her great potential budsai material. When he inquired, his contacts at Amsterdam Genetics forwarded some prime seeds.

Always get quality seeds. If you’re going to create a mother plant and want her to remain in the vegetative phase of her life, you’d better get yourself some solid, tough genes to work with. Try different strains if you like, but look for fast growers with high stress tolerance. Sativa-dominant hybrids tend to do well, but go and see what works for you. Oh yes, to prevent disappointment: as you’re letting your budsai reveg, it can’t go into the flowering stage. That means no bud for you to harvest. Grow some extra weed beside your budsai if you want bud!

The Right Kind Of Budsai Pot For Your Cannabis Bonsai

Most of us growers tend to look beyond the limits of our own cannabis hobby sometimes. If you are intrigued by the power of nature, and you like a bit of creativity too, them you’re probably heard about bonsai before. This ancient miniature plant-rearing technique, now popular among gardeners all over the world, first emerged in ancient China and Japan.

From acer to weed: not that big a leap, really…

Amsterdam Genetics budsai in progress!

No, not pot pot; I mean flower pots. Make sure your pot is big enough to support your budsai. Now, don’t worry: you’ll be able to switch to a larger pot when the time comes, but the important thing here is root space. Make sure your budsai pot gives your plant’s roots enough room or it’ll go rootbound. That’s when the pot becomes crammed with roots only, rather than roots in soil. Rootbound plants don’t develop as they would in nature, so check whether your budsai pot leaves enough room for roots.

And so, the visionary garden center owners in Canada who are blessed to operate their business in the second country in the entire world to have legalized recreational marijuana use, tapping into the brand new, exciting, fascinating, and ultimately, highly profitable cannabis seeds business niche is definitely a no-brainer.

Like many other plants, cannabis can be also introduced to the ancient art of bonsai, and that’s nothing less but pretty incredible, don’t you agree? Well, if you are to think from the perspective of a person who has never really consumed cannabis, it may sound like just another plant variety suitable to turn into a beautiful bonsai tree masterpiece. From a business perspective, it may just as well seem like another highly profitable plant variety belonging to a particular niche that is still untapped, and hence, promises fantastic paybacks for the canny business owners.

Growing a Bonsai Cannabis Tree from Seed: The Untapped Business Niche for Garden Center Owners

Laurel Cleveland, who is a creative director of a Washington state-based cannabis dispensary sharing space with a cannabis grow, shares in an interview targeting online cannabis communities that she has seen some of the most precious bonsai trees in the world at the Pacific Bonsai Museum, yet she doesn’t underestimate the profound values and virtues, and nonetheless, the unlimited potential, residing in the rising in popularity cannabis bonsai topic.

Ultimately, your garden center can enjoy high profits from selling marijuana seeds and providing marijuana gardening know-how for free to your customers, no matter if it comes to profiting from cannabis bonsai enthusiasts or those who are mostly interested in growing the herb with a mind to enjoying a healthy, bountiful harvest.

Since the dream of cannabis bonsai has greatly surged in popularity recently, and moreover, continues to be one of the hottest topics among cannabis enthusiasts of different age and background, it seems like the only thing that blocks you from significantly increasing cannabis seeds sales-related ROI is to provide your customers with what they have been craving for, but for this purpose, you need to think like a cannabis user, and not merely like a gardener.