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I am satisfied with them so far. Some strains from this breeder are the same as with the originals.

genetic are not those described. Plants all different both in size and quality too.

guest Germany, May 2018

fast delivery, well packaged, seeds are mature, well marbled look very healthy

09/27/2017 no seeds, no response from Bulk Seeds

I never order online too much can go wrong so I travel and buy direct.
Anyway purchased 20 ananas funk, 30 critical mass, 10 purple glam kush 10 black domina autos and 10 amnesia haze autos.
All very unstable plants, lots of problems throughout entire grow, Im no beginner been growing for over 20 years and know my stuff, never had problems like this in all my growing years.
You get what you pay for I suppose.

It’s been 4 days since the last update, but the plants have been doing well since. I’ve replaced the budget LEDs with a 315W CMH fitting (which funny enough is running the tent cooler than the two LEDs).

After having a successful Jack Heree outdoor result. I picked up 5 strains from Bulk Seed Bank, at extremely cheap prices. Wanted to see what the genetics are like at 1/4 the price of most autos.


Here’s some shots of the full tent a week ago and then the Caramel King and the Devil’s Kiss

I will keep feeding them a mixture of "Microlife", worm castings, kelp and molasses for another week or so, and then begin the flowering nutrients with some BioBizz.

Veg Lights: "300W" Bloomspect + "1000W" Bestva LEDs.
Flower Light: Sunlight
Soil: Freedom Farms soil
Pot size: 12L fabric shopping bags
Nutrients: Will be using Freedom Farms microlife in veg, and their Fire Juice late flower booster in addition to Biobizz Bloom and Malasses.

i especially loved marlies collie, lavendel, chocolope, pinapple chunk, somango and ak47

many cloneshops here are not as good as they might believe and the feminised BSB seeds outperform even bigyielding austrian clones EASIELY if u know what u doing u gonna yield at least as much as from a trainwreck, white russian, chronic etc..

all these strains where healthy and got an amazing smell and taste like original. +even if i got only one plant it was awesome

i tried many different strains from them a while ago, lately the ak47

not shure where they from, i thought more like spain. why u think austria?