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There are three distinct types of cannabis seeds.

For that reason, you may want to seek the advice of an attorney well-versed in cannabis law to make sure you are protected when buying seeds.

What to buy

Although an increasing number of states are relaxing restrictions on growing cannabis at home, Washington is not one of them, as of press time.

Another site worth exploring is the Royal Seed Bank from Canada. This site breaks everything down by the legality of each U.S. state and provides a variety of options.

Cannabis seeds are not illegal in the European Union, and technically it’s not illegal to purchase seeds from another country. The Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, a 1962 framework for marijuana legalization, is an international treaty signed by 180 countries stating that marijuana is classified as an illegal substance, but it says nothing about seeds.

The short answer? It’s complicated. Even if you live in California, where it is legal for adults to grow cannabis at home, and you purchase seeds from a California-based seed bank, your package can still be confiscated if mailed.

The biggest downside to auto-flowering seeds is that they tend to be smaller plants, which means that the crop that they yield tends to be far less than regular or feminized seeds. If you’re a recreational user that’s looking to experiment with different strains, auto-flowering seeds are a great seed to get started with. However, if you’re using marijuana for medical reasons and are in the need of a larger supply, feminized seeds would be a better option.

What is a Washington cannabis seed bank online? We are a trusted supplier of Medical-grade cannabis seeds for growing in Washington state. You may search online to find stores around Washington state where cannabis seeds might be sold. But if you are already at your computer, why not just click a few buttons and get the exact seeds you are looking for shipped to your mailbox! Our speedy shipping methods are discreet and secure. We offer a variety of payment methods, so you can choose whichever you are most comfortable with: money orders, cash, credit cards, wire transfers, and even Bitcoin! We have the right cannabis seeds Washington state growers are looking for. Sour Tangie, Do-si-dos and Gelato are all popular choices, but the sky is the limit. We offer high CBD seeds, Washington autoflowering seeds, even occasionally some cheap weed seeds that are still 100% viable but can save you a few bucks. We are the Primary Washington Seed Bank Alternative, to make the shopping part of your grow experience as straightforward as possible. We will get you started with strain-specific seeds and teach you how to successfully germinate them. The rest is up to you, so enjoy the setup!

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What Are the Different Types of Marijuana Seeds?

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Medical marijuana is legal to use in Washington, but patients with medical conditions must enter into the medical marijuana program to be able to legally grow different forms of marijuana on their property.

Have you started shopping around for marijuana seeds online and discovered that you aren’t sure what the different types of marijuana seeds are? We’ve got a quick introduction to the main types of seeds you’ll run into:

Even when you purchase from a reputable seller, there’s a chance that all of the seeds that you purchase won’t germinate. You should always purchase extra seeds to account for the seeds that die or the ones that don’t germinate. For extra wiggle room, buy two or four times the total number of plants you’re interested in growing.

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Washington State permits growing 4 to 15 cannabis plants per garden. For patients medically approved to farm cannabis seeds in WA, the limit is four plants per garden. Registered medical marijuana growers can have at most 15 plants per garden.

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The state of Washington permits marijuana growing for medicinal use alone. Only people with a proven medical condition are allowed to buy Washington cannabis seeds. The state prohibits the growth of marijuana for recreational purposes. In addition, anyone looking to start a weed farm must follow the guidelines for growing marijuana in Washington.

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