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buymarijuanaonline com au review

sites like this are suppose to be suspended with so many bad reviews about them. if you looking for legit site visite, herb approch to list a few.

Ok just made a purchase with buymarijuanaonline247 and I will say I prefere them over this guy's.was a little sketchy at first due to their bad reviews but believe it or not they way much better as I got my package finally safe. I think am really gonna be giving them another shot.

sites like this are suppose to be…

Unfortunately I believe I got scammed too.
But I have already found a legit company Buymarijuanaonline247 everything good.

Buy weed Australia
Scammed a person did email me the bank details
I paid $430
I am a low income wage earner
So pissed off

Damn, wish I had read the reviews before I spent $370. All these reviews are true, the site is a complete scam. Well played ya dogs, you got $370 out of me. Can not be contacted once the money is gone, all emails bounce and live chat goes silent once you tell them the issue.

LeafedIn (Leafed In), otherwise known as LeafedOut (Leafed Out), is an online platform that connects buyers and sellers of cannabis.

There is controversy around LeafedOut as it may be linked to the illegal transactions for cannabis, and also promoting scams.

James is an experienced writer and legal cannabis advocate in Australia. He answers all the questions about business, legalisation and medicinal cannabis.


LeafedOut is the social network of cannabis and is available all across the world, and has recently become popular in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

In regions where cannabis is completely legal, you can easily order marijuana. There is some controversy around LeafedOut as you can also buy it illegally in Australia.

LeafedOut (Leafed Out), otherwise known as LeafedIn (Leafed In), is a free anonymous cannabis website that links buyers with weed sellers in Australia.

For people looking for an easy access to marijuana, this online platform is a safe online tool that will link you up with local weed.

Do not deal with these scammers!
I tried to order a $185.00 purchase, got text messages asking to pay 4 different people on cashapp. Then I was asked to pay $120.00 to keep my shipment inspection free, that $120 was supposed to returned to me upon receiving my shipment. Couple days later I'm contacted again to pay $710 more to pay for a permit because my shipment was stuck. At this point I felt like this url was a scam. I asked for a refund but really did not expect it. My mistake for trusting this business. My hope was to deal with trust issues but lesson learned.Thanks to God that I found Megakushbudshop.con

I ordered my package I didn’t received nothing be wear of scam thanks to discreetbudstore for giving me a helping hand thanks

Sounded worried when this dude…

Sounded worried when this dude redirected me to this site after we talked via his live chat post last week , I placed my order and they delivered after 24hrs as promised . is legit that’s all I can say .

Poor service lack of communication, I would like to highly recommend Order arrived on time. Unfortunately the package wasn't complete. Email was answered within 20mins and get it all delivered to me the same moment and add 5grams for my compensation this guys are awesome.

The product I ordered was just same quality as I expected . The only problem I can sincerely say I had was timing . Please work on your timing .