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canadian marijuana seed breeders

The best-selling strains on their stores are BC God Bud, Cinderella 99, BC Blueberry, and BC Cheese. They have a total of 515 different types of marijuana seeds in their online store.

6. Dr. Greenthumb Seed Bank

Don’t worry, here we have come up with a Canadian seed bank . You can get cannabis seeds at your door with fast & stealth delivery.

10. i49 Seed Bank Review

Their breeders are also some of the best in the market, some of their names are Royal queen seeds, Jordan of the islands, Digital genetics, Dinafem, G13 labs, and resin seeds.

Well, you are in luck!

They started doing business in 2012 and ever since have been provided the best quality marijuana seeds to their customers.

You have only two options when it comes to payments, one is a visa card and another Mastercard.

CKS cares a lot about privacy, and they ship even Canadian orders in unmarked envelopes. Crop King Seeds basically ships in “ stealth” mode to the rest of the world, encasing seeds inside DVD cases, pens, and other hidden places to conceal them in shipping. Crop King Seeds also does not save your payment details.

ILGM ships to the United States, New Zealand, Australia, and the EU. Shipping to the US and the EU is free. Shipping to Australia and New Zealand is free for orders over US $150. ILGM offers a germination guarantee on all seeds and they ’ ll replace seeds that don ’ t work if you follow their germination guide.

1. Crop King Seeds – Editor’s Choice

Autoflowering seeds are the obvious choice if speed is your goal as a grower. Throw all of these advantages together and you can push multiple auto-flowering crop harvests into the time of one typical cannabis harvest.

Getting started with growing your own cannabis begins with finding the best Canadian seed bank. That can prove difficult, as there ’ s a vast and growing market of seed banks across the country that vary in quality. To help you out, we did the research to identify some of the best Canadian seed banks out there.

On October 17, 2018, Canada became the second country in the world to legalize marijuana. For many, this legalization has been an opportunity to nurture a green thumb. In addition to the recreational use of marijuana and marijuana products, growing cannabis from licensed seed or seedling is legal with a limit of four plants per residence for personal use in most places.

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Started in the late 1980s by two herb enthusiasts dedicated to collecting rare Californian strains and seeds, DNA Genetics was officially born in Amsterdam. The owners focused on breeding their own strains of marijuana focusing on medical use and have since won multiple Cannabis Cups every year for their famous Sativa strain called The Martian Mean Green. DNA Genetics has reaped over 200 awards worldwide at some of the most prestigious events and trade shows for their contributions towards the cannabis industry.

#15 Montreal Cannabis Seed Bank – Best quality of strains

If you like to buy cannabis seeds and learn about them, you’ll be glad to choose Crop King Seed Bank. You will certainly get your Canadian dollars’ worth with every purchase since Crop King also offers an 80% germination rate and basic education on growing for beginners. They explain everything, including genetic backgrounds and THC-CBD ratios which may be helpful to starting growers. Experienced growers, however, may not appreciate the website and offers that seem to be geared towards beginners.

One main advantage if you buy marijuana seed options from True North is its loyalty program which lets you points with each order and acquires discounts for future purchases. Delivery is also guaranteed so you don’t have to worry much since they will send you a new order if anything happens to your current one. If you are ordering online, it can take somewhere between 5 to 14 days for the marijuana to deliver to your doorstep.

Oasis Genetics offer fast and stealth shipping worldwide taking 3 – 25 days depending on your location. They also accept different payment options including credit or debit card, international money order, bank transfer, e-mail transfers, cash and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and others. Buy weed seeds here:

Known as one of the oldest breeders in North America, Jordan of the Islands is more than the legendary creator of the God Bud strain. Located in the most ideal breeding ground in Canada, Jordan of the Island aims to create exceptional strains for growers and the medicinal marijuana community.