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canadian seed companies

Q: Are seed banks legit?

Finally, always opt for fresh, mature cannabis seeds with high-quality, stable, proven genetics.

Obviously, autoflower strains start to flower right when they reach maturity. They are smaller plants overall, and they are far easier to grow, particularly outdoors. They also maximize available summer light naturally, so even after continuous light exposure, they will flower.

Auto-flowering Seeds Briefly Explained (And why they are the best seeds for beginners)

Crop King Seeds makes it easy and quick to order cannabis seeds online. Search the site using the filters, including strain type (indica, sativa, hybrid), seed type (feminized, auto-flowering, regular), and THC level, and just follow the prompts.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds is a consistent performer on most lists of the Best Canadian Seed Banks. For over 15 years, Quebec Cannabis Seeds has been creating great new varieties out of Quebec, with the aim of offering higher quality cannabis and more choice.

The Sonoma Seeds site delivers a user-friendly experience. The range they offer is extensive and has the potential to be overwhelming, but they have it organized on easy-to-navigate pages in a user-friendly way. This means your job as a grower shopping is more about eliminating great options based on your specific goals, not just figuring out what will work.

First and foremost, the quality of the seeds. If you follow their guide , ILGM guarantees that your seeds will germinate. They will refund your money if they don’t.

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No matter where you’re gardening, there are some great Canadian seed companies

Also these seeds are for vegetables, herbs and flowers. If you google Canadian seeds, you’ll find a lot of weed seeds! So I excluded those from my Canada seed list ?

Our weather is winter for many months of the year, we deal with snow, frosts and even drought and wildfires these days. I’m in a growing zone 5, but many others are in colder like zone 2 or 3. Some coastal areas like Vancouver and the Island get a lot of rain and but less heat. Nova Scotia and the east coast gets lots of fog and winter precipitation.

Our unheated winter greenhouse that we grow year-round zone 5

While this started primarily as a seed company directory, there are also sources listed that sell plants and bulbs.

Looking for Canadian garden seed and plant sources online?


Listings are alphabetical by province and company.

While I would like to list everything these individuals and companies sell, it is nearly impossible to keep on top of the changes, so please go directly to their sites for info.

Mainly, it’s a way to help Canadian gardeners discover local resources.