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Seed-to-sale cannabis software and cannabis ERP for marijuana cultivators, manufacturers and distributors. Metrc approved inventory compliance tracking. Get reviews, pricing, and demos on the best seed-to-sale software. Prices starting from $19.99/month. Compare products like BioTrackTHC, MJ Freeway, Canix, and more. Reviews on Windows, web-based, Mac, iOS, and Android systems. Discover the best seed to sale software for cannabis cultivators, manufacturers and distributors to scale their businesses in 2022.

Cannabis seed to sale software that works for you

Canix’s cannabis ERP software eliminates the frustrating busywork in compliance, inventory management and sales in your cannabis business. Use a seed to sale platform to improve your operation.

The only comprehensive cannabis ERP

Track cannabis inventory through the supply chain and access essential inventory reports. View quantities, costs, usage and purchase of non-cannabis inventory such as planters, papers, manufacturing ingredients, and other related materials. Use recipes for packages and processing workflows to automatically update inventory levels.

Metrc integration is foundational to Canix ERP and our bi-directional data sync is the best in the industry. Canix simplifies, automates, and validates Information Metrc data uploaded from Canix.

Generate and record invoices for your sales orders. Send these invoices through multiple channels including directly to customers via email or web link or directly to accounting systems through our integrations. Create and track purchase orders for both cannabis and non-cannabis inventory to manage your vendor relationships. Automatically pull in LeafLink orders into Canix for processing through our integration.

Seed-to-Sale Software

Get the best seed-to-sale software for your business. Compare product reviews, pricing below. Read our buyer’s guide for more help.

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Seed-to-Sale Software Buyer’s Guide

The cannabis industry is continuing to grow with each coming year. As of the start of 2022, there are eighteen states (and the District of Columbia) that consider marijuana to be fully legal, with more offering medicinal options. As such, growers and cultivators are finding ways to produce a product as efficiently as possible, maintain state regulations, and turn a profit.

Whether you’re a cultivator, packager, or retailer, you’ll want to track every gram of the product and all related costs from seed to sale. Seed to sale software helps cultivators, manufacturers, processors, and even retailers become as legitimate of an operation as any other pharmaceutical manufacturer and distributor.

We’ll be able to touch base on the following topics:

What Is Seed to Sale Software?

Seed-to-sale software (also known as cannabis software or marijuana software) seeks to manage your entire cannabis cultivation operation. From simple compliance monitoring and dispensary POS (point-of-sale) functionality to predictive analytics, seed to sale software ensures you operate every facet of your licensed cannabis business the way it should.

Given strict regulations in the cannabis industry, players in the market found it difficult to find companies to process the plant (either companies that trimmed a plant to sellable product, or broke down the plant into a good such as CBD or a THC-based product such as an edible), vendors for seeds or needed equipment, or even clients to sell their product to. Because of that, marijuana cultivators will have vertical integration, where they manage every aspect of the supply chain, so all aspects of seed to sale (manufacturing, distribution, and retail) are covered. Seed to sale software will do that; help you out from planting the seed to selling the finished product.

Of course, seed to sale software can manage the entirety of your supply chain process as well as assisting you in one area of seed to sale, such as the manufacturing. Companies looking to integrate the seed to sale process with back-office accounting and inventory control may want to consider a fully integrated cannabis ERP software.

BioTrackTHC has an inventory module specifically catered to the industry, allowing you to categorize your product as needed and assign the units desired.

Features of Seed-to-Sale Software

Feature Description
Cultivation Tracking Monitor and automate your grow performance. Monitor any waste that is generated and account for potential errors in weight with moisture loss. Find inefficiencies in your operation by better tracking time and labor costs. Log notes about strains to keep a close eye on genealogy and potency.
Compliance Management State regulators want to monitor every step in the supply chain including where it was planted, harvested, processed, and sold. Strict traceability is a must. Compliance functionalities in seed to sale software will go over plant and product procedures to ensure compliance. They will also automatically report any compliance data to the state while ensuring reports are created in a compliance-friendly manner.
Processing and Manufacturing Optimize future product yield by keeping a close watch on your nutritional cycle via watering, lighting, and adding pesticides. Analyze the volume of your harvest to help predict and optimize future yields.
Inventory Management Convert multiple products into final goods. Keep track of both raw materials and finished goods. Ensure your inventory can be audited and ensure proper weight and dosage has been recorded. If inventory levels run low, ensure purchase orders can be sent at the right time to avoid shortages.
Supply Chain Management Track transportation manifests that keeps strict note of the cargo for any regulatory review.
Dispensary POS Process sales through in-person transactions, online ordering, and more. Store customer profiles with patient ID’s and any referrals. Monitor the frequency of visits and purchase history. Provides discount and loyalty programs. Establish purchase order limits to comply with state law.

Benefits of Seed-to-Sale Software

Some of the top benefits of seed to sale software include:

Custom Workflows

Different plant by-products will include varying weights and vary in product quality. Ensure you have multiple data collection points to check in on your product during the cultivation process.

Ensure Compliance With Laws and Safety Measures

In order to ensure states and municipalities are receiving the information they need and that your business is paying any taxes and fees necessary, seed to sale software will ensure you are maintaining compliance.

One solution, MJ Freeway, provides customer status capabilities which evaluates any prescriptions needed to complete transactions. It also keeps a record of purchases for proper reporting to remain in compliance with any local or state laws.

The patient record status in MJ Freeway.

Avoid fines and stay legal

Given strict regulations in the production of cannabis, you’ll want to ensure your workers are staying on course and not committing any senseless infractions that could lead to unnecessary legal trouble. The product will need to be handled with as much care as any other pharmaceutical, and thus comply with as much scrutiny and traceability throughout the production process.

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Proper conversions

Cannabis can be manufactured/produced into a number of final products ranging from oil to an edible product. As such, you’ll need to monitor appropriate conversion rates and calculations to ensure you’re not losing out on any valuable product.

Ensure proper nutrition

Plants of all shapes and sizes will need proper nutrients and pesticides to ensure they are growing and on schedule. They will also need a strict diet of water and sunlight. Seed to sale software will allow easy logging of when these nutrients have been given to a select crop of plants.

What Does Your Business Need?

Depending on the size of your business, you may have differing needs than other businesses within the industry:

Start-ups and Small Businesses

At its core, seed to sale systems have a primary focus to ensure compliance. While some software solutions may work great when you are small, and industry-neutral software options may be able to handle your manufacturing, distribution, inventory, etc., businesses starting out will want to look at finding a software vendor that has experience implementing their solution for a cannabis-based company. Otherwise, you will find yourself falling behind the competition and eager to go back on the market for software.

Mid-sized Operations

As your client base grows and your employee count starts to rise, you’ll need to consider having a solution that is scalable. Companies of this size need to determine where they land in the seed to sale process: Are they primarily a cultivator? Do they handle processing and manufacturing? Are they a dispensary dealing with point-of-sale issues? Even if your company is a combination, focusing on your more successful areas and ensuring the primary cannabis ERP solution you use can handle your

Large Enterprises

Larger operations will handle vertical operations and manage a true seed to sale process from cannabis cultivation, to processing, to distribution, and to sale. As such, they’ll require the use of a cannabis ERP solution that can provide them with the full suite of supply chain management, manufacturing management, and accounting.

Localized Compliance with Seed-to-Sale Software

States that have full legalization of marijuana such as California and Colorado use compliance tracking software solutions specific to the seed to sale industry, such as Metrc. Metrc ensures compliance with specific states’ regulations that govern the growth, distribution, processing, and overall sale tracking of cannabis products.

Metrc can keep a close watch at transfers coming in and out of a business. This is used to ensure regulatory compliance needs are kept up with, such as a strict record of who is driving a shipment, their vehicle info, how many stops they made, and how much cargo they had on board.

Metrc showing outgoing transfers.

Objectives of Metrc
  • Safety and Regulation
  • Central Monitoring
  • Data Analysis
  • Privacy Between Businesses
  • Online Tracking Network

Metrc itself operates as a regulatory cannabis inventory accounting software used by the Marijuana Enforcement Division, which is an arm of the Colorado Department of Revenue to manage the enforcement of marijuana laws. It’s expanded to be a solution available for anyone in need of monitoring cannabis production from seed to sale.

This chart from Marijuana Business Daily shows the current states that have awarded a seed to sale contract and the respective solution they decided on.

Metrc is utilized by 16 states for their marijuana compliance tracking. Other software solutions such as BioTrack from Helix Technoloies, Leaf Data Systems, Agrisoft from Kind Financial. Businesses who use the same software as their state’s enforcement division can be assured that their business can be covered by any audits that may be conducted by their state’s enforcement division.

Canadian Compliance

Medical cannabis has been legalized in Canada since the early 2000s under the ACMPR, which stands for the Access to Cannabis for Medicinal Purposes Regulations. These rules govern the use and authorization of medical marijuana across Canada.

The recent passage of the Cannabis Act in Canada should result in a spike of companies flooding the market to sell recreational marijuana, which means more companies will require compliance capabilities.

Software options such as Ample Organics allow you to track and report directly within the program to stay in line with any reporting requirements set forth by the Cannabis Act and ACMPR.

Is QuickBooks a Seed to Sale Software?

QuickBooks will suffice to handle most small business accounting. However, growing businesses in the marijuana industry will realize that QuickBooks is not a long-term fit for the unique challenges in accounting for a scheduled drug. It also may not track your operations as efficiently as you like.

Some seed to sale software may provide you with the needed manufacturing and supply chain functionalities, but lack the accounting needed to become a “fully integrated option”. These type of seed to sale software options may suggest the use of entry-level packages such as QuickBooks Pro or Sage 50c.

The most important question you’ll want to ask about the software you’re considering is, “Will my financials be covered?” If so, you’re looking at an ERP. If not, the software vendor can typically recommend the accounting solution that will work best with (or alongside) their software.

Technology Trends Managed By Seed-to-Sale Software

  • Rapidly growing industry. The legal marijuana industry can include anything from hemp products, THC baked goods, CBD oils, or the flower plant itself. The industry has grown to $10.4 billion in the US in 2018 and employs more than 250,000 people.
  • Vertical Integration. This level of involvement occurs when the supply chain of a company is owned by that company. In the cannabis industry, the combination of complex regulatory issues prompts cannabis businesses to establish vertical value chains. This means cultivators may also look into opening up dispensaries or adult-use venues, so their product can go from farm, to cultivation, to processing, and to sale.
  • Specialty accounting professionals. As the cannabis industry continues to grow, accountants are learning how to properly work in this line of business and ensure companies are receiving whatever tax breaks possible. Entire firms are being created with the sole purpose of handling marijuana-based businesses.
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Pain Points

  • Almost half (47.4%) of hemp cultivators see “finding processors” as their biggest challenge. Prior to the 2018 Farm Bill being signed, cultivators of hemp and other marijuana products found the biggest business challenges that had a direct impact on their operations were finding processors, a lack of banking services, and finding seeds or clones. However, with the passage of the Farm Bill, investment capital and low-interest loans have been made available to cultivators. It also lets growers ship their crop across state lines to a location that may have a larger pool of licensed processors.
  • There’s a real potential for higher taxes. Given marijuana’s illegal status under federal law, the IRS says that no deduction or credit will be allowed for businesses who incur expenses in relation to trafficking in controlled substances prohibited by federal law. The normal tax breaks and incentives businesses receive will be disallowed, which means most cannabis-related business will pay more taxes then if they had been able to deduct the expenses they incurred in the normal course of business.

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Top Seed to Sale Cannabis Software Companies in 2022

In the cannabis industry it’s more necessary than ever that businesses are using comprehensive software solutions. From growers to dispensaries, any licensed cannabis business can benefit from a software solution to streamline their workflows and improve their bottom line.

What is seed to sale software?

Seed to sale software is an inventory management or tracking software used by a cannabis business to manage their inventory and operations. This software typically manages regulatory compliance for the cannabis operation as well.

Why do you need seed to sale software?

Cannabis companies need seed to sale software for a number of reasons: inventory control, compliance reporting, supply chain management, and the many other department needs. As cannabis operations increase in size, the industry demands more efficiencies. A seed to sale software gives cultivators, manufacturers and distributors the tools they need to automate operations and homogenize data rather than die by 1000 spreadsheets.

What are features of great seed to sale software?

Some features that make a great management software solution include:

  • RFID Integration
  • Compliance reporting
  • Inventory tracking
  • Invoicing and Purchase Order Management
  • Real-time data
  • Streamline workflows
  • and more!

At the end of the day, the most important feature of a great solution is that it’s functionality that works for you.

What is the best Cannabis seed to sale software?

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, so does the list of seed to sale software. Here are the top options for 2022.


Founded in 2019, Canix provides a vertically integrated seed to sale software that specializes in operators needing a complete solution for multiple departments. This platform is also referred to as a cannabis ERP (Enterprise resource planning) tool. Canix provides a fully cloud-based desktop and mobile app with advanced reporting capabilities and tools built specifically for Cultivators, Manufacturers, and Distributors.

Canix offers features such as automated compliance reporting, business intelligence tools, live inventory, RFID Scanning, task management, and production planning.

Canix works for both boutique cannabis businesses as well as large, multi-state enterprises. The differentiating factor for Canix is the ease of use and employment of new age customizable technology. Unlike most providers in the industry using legacy software solutions, Canix is built on a cutting-edge tech stack that allows quick modifications on a regular basis. With Canix it takes days or weeks to complete system change-orders vs. months or years to get a simple request completed in other systems.

  • Extremely customizable
  • Specialized for specific industry needs
  • Best in class, hands-on training and support from real people
  • Extensive list of integrations
  • Intuitive design
  • Open API
  • Newer Company
  • Regular Updating that can mean regular training and interactions with the support team.
  • Does not have a solution for dispensaries


Backbone is a supply chain management platform that manages the entire lifecycle from cannabis cultivation to the sale process. Backbone was founded in 2018 as a cannabis tracking software for supply chain and manufacturing. We consider Backbone to be on the higher tier of seed-to-sale and cannabis ERP with Canix.

  • One of the better New Gen systems built off of Metrc.
  • Robust chain of custody module for easy compliance reporting
  • Primarily built for manufacturing and distribution and lacks on cultivation features.
  • Also a newer company.
  • They are nice folks, we don’t much to say negatively!


Built specifically for manufacturing and distribution, Distru specializes in product management, sales, and compliance. The company was founded in 2016 and was designed to bring transparency to the marketplace.

  • Clean, easy to use interface
  • Well build reporting
  • Primarily for manufacturers and distributors with less cultivation focus
  • Limited list of integrations


Cultivera was founded in 2016 and is vertically integrated. The platform supports compliance, traceability, processing, and more.

  • Offers three tiers of software for a better fit for customers
  • One of the first to market with lots of industry experience
  • Great option for boutique cannabis companies.
  • Built for cultivators (hence the name) with less tooling for manufacturers and distributors.
  • Focused on small to medium businesses, not for large scale operations

Leaf Logix

Leaf Logix, which was acquired by Dutchie last year, is a fully vertical integrated platform. Their platform is one of the first of its kind to integrate with modern business intelligence platforms.

Founded in 2016, Leaf Logix was created based on seeing the inefficiencies in the software solutions at the time (MJ Freeway & Biotrack). From 2016 to 2019, Leaf Logix dominated the space of vertical operations, only recently competing with newer erp software on the market.

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  • Smooth point of sale solution for dispensaries
  • Supports vertical operations
  • Clunky user experience
  • Customer support is difficult to reach and they make limited modifications to the roadmap


Growflow is a modern cloud based solution with a more user friendly interface and utilizes modern technology that can develop more rapidly than the more rigid platforms on this list. Growflow has made a large impact in the SMB space with a large portion of their customer base in Oklahoma. They have created a custom solution for the cannabis industry for cultivators, manufactures, and distributors. In 2019 they acquired Leaf POS to provide a POS offering to smaller retailers.

Founded in 2017, Growflow was initially created for the Washington market with a focus on Leaf Data System integration where a large portion of their customer base resides. Since then, they have created a simple Metrc integration and built a robust stand alone product for Non-Metrc states.

  • Supports most license types
  • Smooth dispensary point of sale experience
  • User Friendly
  • Their focus on the SMB market makes it difficult to provide enterprise level solutions
  • Customer support is difficult for them as well due to the volume of SMB clients


BioTrackTHC, a subsidiary of Helix TCS, Inc., is an all-in-one cannabis tracking solution for both seed-to-sale and track-and-trace. The software has features for cultivators, distributors, and a point of sale solution for retailers to track the entire supply chain.

BioTrackTHC provides on-premise server based solutions throughout the world. In addition to seed to sale technology, BioTrack also provides the state mandated track-and-trace solutions for the following states: Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, New Hampshire, New Mexico, and New York.

BioTrack was founded in 2010 and is one of the world’s largest seed to sale systems operating in 7 countries. They were among the first software providers in the industry and have developed their system with both operators and state governments into a platform for compliance and reporting.

  • First to Market with years of experience, they have a large feature set
  • Has reliable data models and a consistent system
  • International Presence – They have knowledge of many different markets and operational workflows
  • Rigid product built with legacy technology and the product has matured without industry standards and market needs being fully established
  • On Premise Solution that requires server maintenance and additional technical staff to maintain hardware. This also insures additional upfront cost
  • Provides both Government Software and Seed to Sale software – Built in conflict of interest

MJ Freeway

MJ Freeway, a subsidiary of Akerna and known also as MJ Platform, is the other legacy platform in the industry related to the BioTrack solution. With a similar offering and business model as BioTrackTHC and MJ Platform are often considered in the same category of the seed to sale and government based track and trace systems. With the core difference being the MJ Platform’s cloud based approach vs. on premises server side construction.

MJ Platform rolled up into parent company, Akerna, the conglomerate with portfolio companies including: Ample Organics, Trellis, Leaf Data Systems, Viridian Sciences, and Solo Sciences. Through Leaf data systems, MJ Freeway operates the state mandated track and trace system for the following states: Pennsylvania, Washington, and Utah. With access to the MJ Platform you will have access to their various portfolio offerings which span across the entire market.

Founded in 2010, MJ Freeway developed themselves as an all-in-one solution providing software services to the entire industry. They have helped pave the way for cannabi companies to adopt software into their business processes.

  • First to Market with years of experience, they have a large feature set.
  • Has reliable data models at this point and a consistent system
  • Expansive reach with large product offering through acquisitions.
  • Provides both Government Software and Seed to Sale software – Build in conflict of interest
  • Lack of Focus; they have gone public and are buying market share leads to product related problems and the path to a unified product through acquisitions is a long and difficult path
  • Poorly built software according to online reviews


Flourish is another modern cloud based solution with a user friendly interface. They provide services for a number of SMB and enterprise customers along the entire supply chain.

Founded in 2017, Flourish is among the second wave of more modern solutions developed for the industry. They also have followed the trajectory of building for vertical operations from the onset while also servicing SMB companies which cause a number of conflicts during product development. Overall they are a good company that we’ve heard better things about their reputation than many in the industry.

  • Supports Vertical Operations
  • Their later founding enabled them to develop newer age tooling for operators
  • User Friendly
  • They started with vertical operations from the onset which typically creates a wide feature offering but lacks the depth in feature usefulness
  • Can be expensive


Roshi is a solution for cultivators, processors, manufacturers and distributors that was founded in 2018. They offer automation tools to cannabis companies for inventory management and regulatory compliance reporting.

  • Cheaper than other software solutions
  • Simple to use software
  • Has not grown much in the last few years
  • Slow to develop new features

Which software is right for your cannabis business?

There are lots of software options in the cannabis industry, and this list only scratches the surface.

So here are some suggestions for deciding which software is right for your company:

  1. Read the reviews of cannabis software companies. It’s a good idea to see how others have liked the options and you may learn of another functionality you didn’t know you were looking for.
  2. Check out the software roadmap on their site. Even if a software doesn’t have the feature you are looking for today, they may be releasing it next week. The best companies are constantly iterating and releasing new features regularly.

Interested in the top product? Schedule a Canix demo to discover how easy it is to implement a seed to sale software for your cannabis business today!

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