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colombian marijuana seeds

The main reason for crossing the Landrace Sativa was to come up with a strain that will give marijuana users a unique “high” that leaves them happy, energized, and relaxed. Colombian Gold’s energizing effects make it ideal for wake n’ bake in preparation for a busy day ahead. Taking a few munchies or puffs of this cannabis strain would significantly increase your creativity levels. You only need a small dose of this marijuana to unleash the hidden storytelling and socializing abilities. The relaxing effect of Colombian Gold makes it ideal for a movie night.

The genotype in Colombian Gold marijuana seeds partly contributes to the plant’s features. Colombian Gold weed seeds germinate and grow into mature plants, which bloom to produce small or medium-sized flowers with a leafy and loose structure. You can easily recognize the buds due to their tapered nature and amber trichomes covering both the outer and inner surfaces. The trichomes are rich in resin, giving the cannabis plant a rare golden glow. It is the glow that makes Colombian Gold seeds for sale rare to find.

Colombian Gold seeds germinate and sprout to bear buds unique in flavor, head-high effects, and aroma. The strain gained much popularity within the U.S in the 1960s and 1970s, making it an old-school landrace. The parent strains for Colombian Gold feminized seeds are popular today. However, we cannot overlook their offspring, whose effects leave users high as a kite, yearning for more. Without further ado, let’s dive in to learn more about the factors that make Colombian Gold seeds unique and why investing in them is a huge win.

Medical Effects

Third, the high THC levels in this cannabis help in managing chronic pain and inflammation. Patients can take a dose of this cannabis strain to manage rheumatic arthritis (RA), common migraines, and injuries.

The leaves on Colombian Gold marijuana are a mix of pale and spring green with bright orange pistils. You can quickly tell the weed apart due to these physical features.

Colombian Gold cannabis seeds are 100% Sativa. The parents for this strain are the famous Landrace Sativa which grew in northern Colombia’s mountainous region. The landrace strain was pure Sativa. The Colombian Gold feminized seeds possess similar features to the parent strains.

Colombian Gold strain seeds germinate into plants that yield buds with a rare combination of aroma and flavor, making it grower’s favorite. The primary flavors for this cannabis gem are woody, skunky, and lemon. When you inhale the smoke, a strong feeling fills your throat, making you feel uncomfortable. After some time, you can notice a sweet flavor with notes of citrus. The aftertaste of Colombian Gold is a combination of skunk and woodsy.

Colombian Gold is a tall, vigorous cannabis hybrid strain that grows plenty of side-branches and which has a rather long flowering period of between 11 and 13 weeks. As it will not be ready to harvest until late November outdoors in the northern hemisphere it is only recommended in this environment in regions where frosts and poor weather will not damage it before this time or otherwise in a greenhouse environment. Indoor cultivators are strongly recommended to employ an air-filtration system as the smell produced during flowering is very strong. Indoor yields are in the region of 350 gr/m2 with outdoor plants producing 450 – 600 gr/plant.

Colombian Gold Strain is a 75% sativa cannabis plant that was bred from a selection of different strains found in the Santa Marta mountains of Colombia. The indigenous people of this region have cultivated cannabis over many generations and they use it as medicine.

The aroma is intensely sweet and the dried buds have a sweet fruity flavour. THC production has been measured at 19.3% making the effect very potent, cerebral and, at times, quite psychedelic. Get ready for an amazing trip!

A distinct and unique characteristics of Colombian Gold marijuana – breeders capitalized on the plants physical traits and by removing a black strip from the main stem of mature plants, restricting the flow of water and nutrients, to force the flowers to start turning yellow, bringing out the burst of fiery orange trichomes that make Colombian Gold marijuana stand out.

Strike big with Colombian Gold marijuana, a deliciously pungent and potent sativa-dominant marijuana strain that energizes the mind for a productive day.

With Colombian Gold marijuana growing in your garden you’ll feel like you’ve struck the mother load. An impressive plant in both features and effects, this once elusive marijuana seed strain proves an excellent addition to any growers weed repertoire.


Colombian Gold marijuana is a blissfully sativa dominant strain strain that is energizing and packed with THC. You’ll notice its effects almost immediately as they swoop in to deliver an intense and electric buzz, and along with it the energy to get things done. For this reason, it’s also considered a stand-out medicinal strain, with natural levels of CBD that aid in reversing negative moods and conditions like anxiety, depression, and stress with its uplifting capabilities.

To put a finger on it, Colombian Gold marijuana reeks of skunk, with notes of lime and lemon and earth to round it out. It can be rough on the throat, but the sweetness makes it all worth the wait, since it takes Colombian Gold marijuana seeds about 10 – 12 weeks of flowering for the sticky buds to be ready for harvest. Colombian Gold is also produces an excellent yield, with no less than 14 ounces per square foot (indoors) or 18 ounces per plant (outdoors) of stinky, pungent weed.