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Since other seed banks have prominent and competitive discounts on a regular basis, I’m only giving Crop King Seeds 2 out of 5 stars here.


Let’s take a quick look at how Crop King Seeds compares to the many other seed banks I’ve reviewed

Where is Crop King Seeds located?

I took the time to search online, and found forum posts as well were about the same.

If they do, they don’t make it obvious and I couldn’t find anything shared recently on social media.

With insanely stealthy shipping and privacy-oriented payment methods, CKS gets five stars for discretion.

Australian and New Zealand are only given the option of $20 regular mail.

Our seeds are the freshest and highest quality. Over the last year, we listened to you and introduced popular new strains such as White Banner, Blue Cookies, Sativa Star, Sour Girl, and Lamb’s Breath.

The company also guarantees delivery for a fee. The price that you have to pay will be worth it since you will have an assurance that you will receive your orders. If ever it has been seized by relevant authorities, they will send another package. Based on the company’s statistics, only about 5% of the orders do not reach the customers.

Crop King Seeds Review

Best Wishes from The King

great service seeds arrived without fuss looking forward to another grow!

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If you search for cannabis seeds online, chances are that you’d find Crop King Seeds as a choice in Google. It’s not surprising since the brand is a very popular and reliable website that makes things easier for its customers. This Crop King Seeds review will explore everything you’ll need to know about the brand and determine whether or not this Canadian Seed company is worth trying out.

Their website is very reliable and the information about the products is very accurate and the seeds online have good strain variety and offer free shipping based on the amount that you ordered.

What You Like About Crop King Seeds?

Although Crop King Seeds was formed in 2005, the company has been in business as early as 2000. The company has been perfecting its seed banks ever since and today it has a large seed bank for cannabis seeds and sells various strains. They have built up the reputation of the company and because of this, their seed ships offer extra services like stealth shipping and even toll-free shipping.

When it comes to payment options, Crop King Seeds offers very good service. Whether you are ordering 10 seeds or 100, payment via their website is very easy. They accept different payment options from credit cards and they even accept bitcoins as payment for their shipping and service.

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