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cropi canna seeds review

Payments over the internet are very common these days. People pay almost everything through online payment systems. Hence, marijuana seeds are no exception.

Ordering in the USA will take approximately one to three weeks and they allow you to select individual seeds of different types and order them that way. In one order, you can have as many individual seeds of different brands and types as you want.

ILoveGrowingMarijuana (or ILGM for short) is one of the most popular best online seed banks for several reasons. ILGM offers incredible customer service, a wide variety of seeds to choose from, excellent sales and discounts, and an extensive collection of free growing resources for the brand new and professional grower online.


Herbies ensure first-rate readability by providing you with a particular product description and all the records you need about your weed seeds. Herbies Seeds prides itself on a choice of top-notch cannabis seeds online. Herbies seeds come from at a minimum 70% contained for your germinate properly and make a great product.

They have 9 special cannabis brands selling things like bags and other cannabis-related apparel. You can pay with cash, debit card, credit card, money order, or prepaid Visa cards. They also have different shipping alternatives that are discreet and stealthy. Several different types of stealth packages are offered.

The company does not have a free shipping policy, the least expensive delivery choice is around ten dollars However, there are 31 unique varieties to choose from, all with an excellent germination rate of 80% or more. If your seeds fail to germinate, the company will resend you new seeds.

They are strain experts and only bring hand-selected strains. They only promote the best strains, resulting in a handful of strains available on their website. AMS sells around 135+ strains specific to cannabis. Although they have a smaller quantity of strains, the available strains are the best of the best.

Although their selection is not what we would call extensive, Sonoma seeds offers a range of indica, sativa, and hybrid seeds. Their strains range from harder to cultivate and rarer to many beginner-friendly strains that are ideal for first-time growers. You will also find high THC and high CBD seeds.

Seed Bank Payment Options

3. Quebec Cannabis Seeds – Best CBD Selection

Q: Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds?

Cannabis seeds cannot cross state lines in the US because marijuana remains illegal under federal law. This means that, although it is rare, people who transport cannabis across state lines can still get federal criminal charges against them—even when they buy and live in legal states.

On October 17, 2018, Canada became the second country in the world to legalize marijuana. For many, this legalization has been an opportunity to nurture a green thumb. In addition to the recreational use of marijuana and marijuana products, growing cannabis from licensed seed or seedling is legal with a limit of four plants per residence for personal use in most places.

While Crop King Seeds has an excellent reputation and is widely known for providing the best quality to their clients, they are not exactly all good. In the past, several reports have been made by their clients stating that the company has sent them the wrong varieties of seeds, and then the company has also not been vigilant in their replacement procedure. There is also an 80% germination guarantee by the company, but a number of people have complained about the seeds failing to germinate.

Express deliveries take 5 to 7 days to deliver your parcel, and if you choose the option for express delivery, you will also get a delivery guarantee. If you’re wondering what a delivery guarantee means, then it is when the company will take complete responsibility for shipping and will send you a new order for free if your parcel is seized or intercepted. However, only 5% of the orders typically get held.

If you purchase from Crop King Seeds and if you reside in Canada, it would cost you around $10 to deliver the parcel through regular shipping.

Do all the cannabis seeds germinate?

Considered as one of the top marijuana seed sellers on the internet since 2019, Crop King Seeds enjoys being the company with an unparalleled reputation when it comes to cannabis. They have achieved this by satisfying their customers until the very end and ensuring that their job does not end just after delivering the seeds.

It’s undoubtedly essential for every marijuana grower to ensure that they start their journey full of greenery with the finest strains one could find. Finding the best strains is not child’s play, but it is not impossible either! Many rely on finding seeds from other growers, but some also refer to online measures – Crop King Seeds comes in one of those online measures.

Naturally, this is a genuine question that most people ask when it comes to Crop King Seeds. It’s not always simple for some people to use technical websites because not everyone is tech-savvy – the company gets that. The website’s design can be as simple as one could make it. There is no jargon or any odd techniques used to place an order.

Since marijuana is legal in Canada, for all the packages in Canada, the company ensures that the parcel is wrapped in an unmarked envelope – which is more than enough discretion. For the orders that come from all over the world, Crop King Seeds has proper facilities to provide the packages in appropriate coverings.