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The breeding masterminds at Delicious Seeds have once more struck gold, creating a great autoflowering hybrid with the self-explanatory and very suitable “Delicious Candy Auto”. Rest assured, once you allow yourself to enjoy this treat, you will be forever hooked. Delicious Candy Auto is an offspring of an unlikely love story between the original Cheese and Delicious Seeds’ very own Caramelo. Cheese, said to be descendent from a Skunk #1 phenotype, is an indica-dominant hybrid with a recognizable pungent smell and a superb trichome count. On the other hand, Caramelo is a 70% sativa /30% indica that owes its reputation to its incredible smell and taste. This diverse lineage made Delicious Candy Auto’s characteristics very distinct, putting it in the company of today’s super breeds.

Incredible flavors and the aesthetic are the features that highlight Delicious Candy Auto’s first class lineage. The terpene profile of this strain is simply a thing of beauty. No other word can describe the unique aromas that the wonder oils bring. The smoker basks in pungent cheese flavor, unusually fused with sweet and fruity notes and earthy accents. A unique blend that provides a great experience for true enthusiasts and connoisseurs of cannabis. A one-of-a-kind scent is wonderfully complemented with looks that will get your blood flowing. Brown and orange pistils stand in a vibrant contrast to the endless number of green hues only found in beloved premium marijuana buds. Delicious Candy Auto has relatively high THC levels of 17%, and high CBD levels, making it suitable for medicinal use. The high is intensely physical, causing full body relaxation which makes it great for pain management, while cerebral effects range from a strong feeling of stress relief and happiness to mild euphoria. It is a great tool for combating depression or just easing the stresses of daily life.

Delicious Candy Auto (Delicious Seeds) feminized

Delicious Candy Auto is a rather unique mix of the original Cheese and Delicious Seeds’ Caramelo, inheriting the best of both parents. It is a fast autoflowering strain that boasts a high trichome count with one of the best terpene profiles there is, making Delicious Candy Auto a favorite as regards aroma. The effect features a strong high that has relaxing effects on both body and mind.

Being of such carefully and creatively chosen background, Delicious Candy Auto’s growing traits really stand out. It is a feminized autoflowering wonder, which means that it is suitable for novice growers embarking on their cannabis journey. The seed grows to be a very resilient, compact, medium-to-tall plant, suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing. The plant produces substantial yields of 450-500g/m² when grown indoors and 70-80g per plant when grown outdoors. When considering the incredibly short 45-55 days after which you can harvest ripe, smelly buds, you get the feeling of just how well this strain was designed.

Delicious Candy Auto is easy to breed, fast-maturing and of heavy yield – a true hybrid masterpiece whose stunning looks and exclusive aroma make love at first sight inevitable.

Delicious Seeds has said that the development of the Critical Jack Herer Auto was a complex process. In the creation of the autoflowering strain, they combined two very special clones of the Critical Bilbo Auto and the Jack Herer Auto. The outcome is a superb specimen of the autoflowering type that is highly resistant to pests and mold.

The aroma and effects of this strain are very complex. When smelling the buds you will notice sweet incense and spices, while the taste holds fruity and peppery top notes, with coffee hints in the background, all while retaining its spicy flavour. You will feel the potent effects of the Critical Jack Herer Auto immediately with its 18% THC. It starts mainly in the body, but a pleasant and enjoyable cerebral high is also present. It is perfect for social purposes with its giggly, euphoric nature that keeps you talkative and motivated. After a while, the relaxation kicks in and rounds out the effects. Another great quality for patients is the very high medicinal value of this strain.

Critical Jack Herer Auto (Delicious Seeds) feminized

The Critical Jack Herer Auto is a real dream for growers who prefer autoflowering strains. It has everything you could hope for: a vigorous growth, well-developed branching and of course an abundant flower production. Add to this the complex aroma and taste, plus the well-balanced effects and you will never want anything else in your grow room.

Since it is an autoflowering strain, you will have to make sure that the stress level is kept to a minimum, so the plant can grow to its full potential. That means avoid transplanting and providing sufficient soil (7 litres for indoors and 11 litres for outdoors). When you follow these instructions you will be rewarded with a great performing plant that grows healthy and energetically from the beginning. It branches out well, and 15-20 days after germination the first flowers should be visible. Around that time, the Critical Jack Herer Auto gains height a few days more and can double or even triple her size. The whole life cycle is finished within 65-70 days. Due to her excellent branching, you may expect a really nice harvest, with 450-500g/m² indoors or more than 80g/plant outdoors.

What more could a grower hope for in autoflowering cannabis? The well-balanced Critical Jack Herer Auto is suitable for nearly any kind of occasion. Whether you want to medicate, search for a high yielding strain or want something for social interaction, this brilliant allrounder will get the job done.

Earn from 2 to 14 delicious coins.
2 coins = €0.20 and 14 coins = €1.40.

Earn from 3 to 17 delicious coins.
3 coins = €0.30 and 17 coins = €1.70.

Critical Jack Herer Auto

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Starting at: €9.00