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fast growing marijuana seeds

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Because growing a fast version is new to you, it would be best to watch your plants closely by growing it inside a growing environment. You may cultivate it inside a tent, cabinet, or in a spare room. Also, when growing indoors, you can tweak the environmental conditions readily to fit the needs of your plants.

And as with all cannabis plants, you need to provide tender loving care to your fast version plants. Tend to it every day, monitor its growth, and create a diary of your progress. Take time to learn more about taking care of the type of strain you’re growing and to consult experts.

With Fast Version cannabis strains, you can grow the fastest flowering cannabis and defy regular flowering times. With fast version strains, you’ll be harvesting a few weeks earlier, and grow more plants per year. Find out more about Fast Version marijuana seeds and why Crop King Seeds is THE BEST
place to shop for fast flowering strains seeds today.

Do your Research Before you Grow

Any growing medium works with fast version strains. However, most of our customers prefer the hydroponic setting because you don’t have to deal with simple worries about soil like maintaining soil and root pH, nutrient lock, and pests found in soil. With hydro, your fastest flowering cannabis will grow even quicker because the roots are exposed to nutrient-rich water. However, if you don’t the resources and the know-how for hydroponics growing then soil will work just fine.

Because you are harvesting early, it’s easier to manage your plants, and you won’t have to spend more money on resources (plant food, water, electricity, fertilizer, and equipment).

You might think that fast version strains are the same with autoflowering cannabis varieties. They are not.

Growers who are desperate for good strains can use fast version strain because these may be grown in areas where there are harsh weather conditions with reduced risks. By harvesting weeks before, you can protect your plants from drastic weather changes and weather conditions. People from Russia, Germany, Poland, England, Scandinavia, Canada, and the Alps can confidently grow cannabis for personal use.


Easy Bud received her name for good reason. As well as being one of the easiest cannabis strains to grow, she also boasts one of the fastest growing cycles. Her speedy and robust nature makes her ideal for those seeking a fast turnover, and those ready to take their first step into the world of growing weed.


Our autoflowering varieties, on the other hand, are the fastest in our archive. Infused with Cannabis ruderalis genetics, these cultivars don’t require external cues to flower. Instead, they surge from seed to harvest in a matter of weeks, making them perfect for stealthy home growers.

Our team has created both fast-flowering feminized genetics and autoflowering genetics to satisfy all types of growers. The former offers all the benefits of photoperiod strains, but with a reduced flowering time.

You’ve never seen flowers like these before. Seriously. Alongside her fruity terpenes and high THC content, Watermelon Automatic boasts stunning shades of deep purple, bright orange, and dark green. You won’t have to wait long to experience their beauty. The strain develops a canopy loaded with flowers only 8–9 weeks after germination.