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germinating autoflowers in soil

If you’re growing autos outdoors you cannot choose a light fixture but lucky for you, the sun is the best light source so despite not having to worry about light intensity and spectrum, you have to make sure your plants are getting enough sunlight for them to develop properly and to allow the buds to fatten up nicely.ç

But the way they work is completely different from organic nutrients, while organic nutrients focuses on maintaining a living soil, synthetic nutrients just feed the roots directly so despite being easy to use, it’s also easier to overfeed your plants and cause deficiencies.

Synthetic nutrients

You can use nutrients at quarter strength once the seedling is comfortable with at least two leaves. Continue using nutes at quarter strength at this point, but regulate the pH and maintain the range from 5.8 to 6.5 at all times. Some growers use half-strength but it depends on how big the plant has grown.

Now, organic nutrients can be quite expensive but they’re fairly easy to make at home, it may take time and you will have to learn how to do it properly, but there are several ways to make your own organic nutrients that will not only save you money but you’ll also learn a lot about cannabis plants and the nutrients they need.

In this technique, you end up with a couple of liquids suited for the vegetative stage, flowering stage, others that act as natural pesticides, and natural sources of Calcium and Magnesium that are used just like synthetic liquid fertilizers but completely organic.

Place the seeds in the glass and leave it in a dark place, let the seeds soak for up to 32 hours.

Also, there isn’t the best way to germinate marijuana seeds, you can do it any way you want, as long as you keep proper conditions, your seeds will germinate.

With a softened shell, it will be easier for the radicle to come out and this is when you’ll see the white taproot slowly appearing, and once it reaches 2-3cm, it’s time to plant it.

Step 1

Every time you transplant a seedling, it needs some time to readjust and can cause stress, thus one of the biggest benefits of this method is you don’t have to worry about damaging your seedling when transplanting or shocking it because it already is in its final place.

To germinate in either one of them, we will use the same technique explained before, moisten the Rockwool or peat pellet, make a little hole (1-2cm) and place the seed inside, cover it gently without applying pressure and you’re all done.

Have in mind that it’s possible to drown the seed, so we need to keep an eye on moisture levels, also making sure it doesn’t dry out.

Using them along with the germinating chamber has an advantage, being easy to transplant to the next medium or container.

I am on this dry to seed straight to mix germination too and don’t think I’ll ever go back. Just so much easier and the same amount of time in my experience. I literally just drop my bean on top of the mix in the center and gently press it down under the mix about 3 widths of the bean deep(about 1/2inch) and then cover up with a ‘screen’ of a bit more mix, not too tight.

Quick question.
Which way should the seed be pointing if you are germinating directly in soil?

I have read several different ways. Some people say pointy way up
Some say pointing side down
Some say horizontal
Also would you need a light source to begin with if planting directly in soil?

Auto Warrior

I do this in a pre soaked container and also spray a bit on top when I plant and wait. You may spray it a couple times depending on your light and airflow or you may not. On fresh beans, I am getting sprouts in 36 hours no soak, no paper towel.

hey RC my friend I been sowing dry seed (again) the last few grows. I just place on there side ( 1/2" deep as per Muddys suggestion to clean the helmet off ) and they been good about going the right way. only had one out of maybe the last 50 that I had to turn over. my lights are always on as I don’t like fluctuations in my new computer meter Edison put in. if they grow is there really a right way what do ya think peeps inquiring minds want to know.

Oh and about 9 of 10 germ rates if not more. My most recent for my new Autos were 4 of 4. Oh and doing it this way generally plants it more sideways than anything else. To be honest I don’t even take that into account. It’s a seed and if it’s dropped into mix under god conditions it will grow, that’s what they do in nature.