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green marijuana seeds

A quick web search will bring up all kinds of myths about how to tell female cannabis seeds from males. One of the most popular ones comes from a chart showing 5 different seeds that claims that the female seeds have “a perfectly round volcano-like depression at the bottom (from where the seed was attached to the plant).”

If you are still unsure about the quality of your seeds after analysing their appearance and toughness, it’s time to put your lab coat and goggles on. Well, not quite. This test is extremely easy and only has two possible outcomes. Fill up a drinking glass or glass jar with water (preferably spring or distilled) and place your seeds on the surface.

The one true method to test the genetic potential of a seed is to simply put it in the soil. It won’t take too long to see the results. This option is best for the hobby home grower who has time and space to spare for a risky project. Growers cultivating cannabis for commercial use likely don’t have the excess time to invest.

Germinating All Your Seeds Regardless

The color and feel of a seed, on the other hand, can tell you a little more about its maturity and, potential to germinate or grow into a healthy seedling.

We hear this question all the time from clients and beginner growers, and the answer is a resounding no. There is simply no way to tell the sex of a cannabis seed just by looking at it.

We do not recommend taking the size or shape of a seed into consideration as a sign of its quality. Some strains simply produce smaller seeds than others, and sometimes the same plant can produce seeds of different sizes and shapes. Never discard a seed just because it is smaller or of a different shape than another one.

The fact that cannabis seeds can vary in appearance has led some growers to think that the size, shape, or color of a seed dictates its quality.

100% of them did NOT germinate.

a friend of mine gave me some of his auto flowering ak47 x blueberry. i think the female must have either a) went too long and made seed, or was pollinated by one of his males.

just for the record.

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Oh man, lol this was real hard to follow but. I agree (maybe?)

your absolutely right.. i thought the same thing after i made the post (that’s why i just came back to it)

either way, are the seeds good for use? they are green in color, not brown

all of my lowlife auto ak seeds looks gash,cracked pale and everything,but all grew and are fine.

Green Spirit produces plants with a high bud to leaf ratio. And this makes for attractive plants. Dark, pine-colored fan leaves provide contrast, framing a profusion of spade-shaped nuggets. Buds are tight and dense, growing with a fern-colored tint that’s made lighter by a thick layer of trichomes. Vibrant orange pistils protrude from resin-coated calyxes to add a splash of color to buds with real visual appeal.

Green Spirit is a strain that has it all: rapid growing times, decent yields and an ability to thrive indoors make this a great crop for both individual and commercial growers; its soothing, euphoric buzz is perfect for recreational use, and an impressive array of therapeutic properties have earned it the acclaim of medical users worldwide.We find it to be an incredibly enjoyable smoke. And it grows like a dream. If you’re looking for a great all-rounder, this could be the strain for you.

With a THC content of approximately 15-18%, Green Spirit is quite potent. But this strain is about more than pure strength. Its indica and sativa genetics work together in perfect harmony to produce buzz that relaxes both mind and body. A clear-headed high is slow to kick in but long-lasting. Green Spirit is a real mood booster, with an initial burst of euphoria eventually making way for a state of total serenity. Physically, it’s a superb muscle relaxant, capable of calming your limbs without inducing couchlock or lethargy. Consequently, this strain is great for brightening up day-to-day activities or as an accompaniment to socializing.

High CBD

Plants give off a distinctly dank aroma during vegetation, becoming more pungent as they mature. As they flower, Green Spirit’s distinct skunky and spicy fragrance becomes more prominent.

The beautiful indica-sativa equilibrium also gives it a range of medicinal uses. Green Spirit’s potent analgesic properties are commonly used to treat migraines and chronic pain. It’s also effective at alleviating the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression.

Green Spirit was developed by breeding the revered strains Big Bud and Skunk #1. Both are High Times Cannabis Cup winners, and that award-winning pedigree is evident in this strain. Crossing Big Bud with Skunk #1 has taken the former’s revered characteristics and made them more consistent — giving growers access to an outstanding buzz and generous yields with an even easier grow.

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