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hawaiian marijuana seeds

That’s why we’ve created a complete guide to help you understand the laws in Hawaii for cannabis seeds, as well as how to go about growing your first marijuana plants as a beginner. Keep reading to learn more!

Cannabis cultivators will choose regular cannabis seeds since they’re entirely natural, as they haven’t been chemically or genetically altered like other types of cannabis seeds are.

Hawaii Cannabis Seeds: The ABC’s of Buying Marijuana Seeds

When female marijuana plants are grown in an environment where they are exposed to male marijuana plants, they create marijuana flowers, which is what people use for both recreational and medical purposes.

With a THC content of 16–20%, you can expect the flowering timeline for critical fast but to take 5 to 8 weeks. Most users report a sweet and earthy taste, with hints of diesel from critical fast.

Auto flower Gorilla Glue #4 is also commonly referred to as original glue. This strain of marijuana was bred by crossing the Chem’s Sister X Sour Dubb X Chocolate Diesel strains of marijuana.

Experiencing this strain: Smokers who love a cerebral boost that fires up creativity, energy and a sense of motivation, will love this strain. Her effects are fast acting and will send the mind into an electric high that boosts clarity and focus. Perfect for morning times, and busy individuals who wish to stay focused throughout a long work day.

Training Hawaii Maui Waui Feminized is recommended and a great way to control the final height of the plants, once flowering has commenced. Yields can reach 350 – 450 g/m², and the buds will grow with a tall and thin, with an abundance of sugar leaf and pistils. Trimming the buds may take longer than other strains, however hash makers and extractors will have plenty of trim after growing this tropical, citrus Hawainn delicacy.

Genetics: Hawaii Maui Waui Feminized is an interbred line, meaning that she is the 6th generation of breeding lines. A sativa that will require 10-12 weeks to flower before harvesting and can grow very tall, so we recommend this strain to those with previous experience with aggressive fast growing sativas, or with unlimited plant height indoors and outdoors. Due to her long flowering period, we advise this strain to those who experience long summers living in a hot climate.

Strain Characteristics: Expect this lady to grow with thin woody branches, large internodal spacing, and long side branching. The appearance of the leaves will be thin fingered and long and serrated, where they can grow as big as your hand, meaning she is one of our more difficult strains to grow.

A full blooded sativa from the beautiful island of Hawaii that will keep you passionately creative, energized and rejuvenated for hours on end. This tall, fast growing girl is a true expression of an old school equatorial landrace with intense tropical flavours. A must have for purveyors of the world’s finest sativa Cannabis!

Quote from a customer: “ WOW is all I can say this strain was like auto pilot l mean just set back and let her go. She was bigger than a Christmas tree and the same shape until I put her under my 4×8 Scrog net and then she filled it in like a champ. Switched it to flower and she went nuts trying to reach the lights. Flowered just as easy as it veg and huge yield. I got 2.5 pounds out of her yea just one plant. And some old school taste that I haven’t seen around since the 80’s brought me back to the old day’s. Will be growing this out again very soon. AA+++” – Charles W.

For those cannabis cultivators who are well underway, here are some killer strains, designed to set 2021 ablaze!

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Afghan Auto Fem

Originally from the Netherlands, the sativa-dominant Jack Herer grows surprisingly well in warmer climates. And when properly nourished, the indoor growers in Hawaii can see incredible yields in about 50 to 70 days.

A major horticultural breakthrough for the home or business grower is the development of feminized seeds. Feminization occurs through stressing the growth hormones of young female plants through early and heavy doses of colloidal silver. Subsequently, they produce pollen. That pollen is collected and used to fertilize the next crop of seeds, resulting in feminized cannabis seeds. Where these seeds tower over the competition is that, though they exhibit all the characteristics and provide just as much high quality green as their parent strains, Feminized Seeds For Sale from Weed Seeds USA ensure an all-female crop nearly 100% of the time. These easy to grow seeds eliminate the concern over ousting pesky males.

Girl Scout Cookies is an indica-dominant strain that can have a THC concentration of 28%. The strain grows equally well both indoors and outdoors and requires little to no attention.