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high seed

Growing something, eating it with loved ones, and saving seed builds connection. Connection with land, soil, water, life, death, culture, and those that grow our food forge humanities common core. Seed provdides self-sufficiency, nourishing food, and a connection to our collective ancestors who have carefully cared for the plants that sustain us; adapting these seeds to place. We believe connection is fundamental to maintaining biodiversity in order to maintain a vibrant community, a resilient environment, and world full of diverse flavors.

Grown in Colorado by family farmers and a few dedicated seed savers.

Providing quality seed adapted to the unique conditions of the high mountain and desert bioregions.


They are all open pollinated (OP), non-GMO, and grown using low input (natural) methods.

The Vice President for Research and the Provost are continuing a program to invigorate the University’s research enterprise through targeted investment of seed research funds in high priority areas (see the examples in Figure 1). The purpose of this program is to invigorate research labs and groups with funds that would permit submission of competitive research proposals. The seed funding grant program is closely tied to the four institutional thrusts that the Vice President for Research and the Provost developed in consultation with the college deans, and which the Chancellor has endorsed: (1) physical and cyber security, (2) drug discovery and development, (3) sustainable communities and infrastructure, and (4) accessible health care. Each of the thrusts is described in Figure 1, which provides the general area of emphasis and some examples. Formation of interdisciplinary research teams is encouraged to build capabilities to address these complex issues.

I've noticed it said both ways interchangeably, so if there is a standard accepted meaning that has eluded me, I apologize.

Let's say you are hoping your team gets seeded anywhere from 1-7. Would you say "Higher than an 8 seed" (as in better than) or "Lower than an 8 seed" (as in a smaller number)

Same for "greater than" or "less than"

With Selection Sunday nearing, I wanted to get the subreddit's opinion on a matter of semantics.

To me, the only phrase that can be interpreted without ambiguity is "better than" or "worse than"