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These videos have accompanying blog posts that cover all the basics, like what equipment you need, how to select your seeds, set up your lights, and lots more. There is also a full cannabis-growing reference guide that goes into a lot more detail once you get past the basics.

Typically, indica strains are the opposite of sativa strains, providing body relaxation and can also be helpful in relieving pain. Homegrown has a great variety of indica seeds to choose from with varying levels of CBD and THC.

Homegrown Cannabis: What Do They Offer?

For the purpose of this review, we will be looking at cannabis seeds in the “variety” category. When you click on any strain, Homegrown provides a very in-depth and detailed description of what to expect, including information on CBD and THC content, flowering time, height, effects, fragrance and flavor, and lots more.

The company advises customers to contact them if they have not received their seeds within 25 business days.

The Homegrown Stash loyalty program is a big draw and allows customers to earn points as they shop. These points can then be used towards future purchases. It’s free to join and works in pretty much the same way as any other loyalty program.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. offers practical supplies to get started, including, of course, seeds. But they can also help you learn what to do next. Beginner-friendly strains are showcased front-and-center, as well as a master class in a successful first (and second, and third) grow. Here are some of the highlights you can find on their informational site.

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Free lessons from a legendary grower

Homegrown’s “The Cannabis Plant” series, part of their collaboration with Kushman, gives you all the ins and outs of the plant itself, from the unique growing needs of different strains to how different cannabinoids affect the human body. When selecting your first seeds, you’re going to have to keep all this in mind: your space, your growing conditions, the time of year, and your desired effects.

Blueberry x Jack Herer: Two icons combine for the best of both worlds—one’s a well-known pick-me-up, while the other is more relaxing for a balanced high.

Girl Scout Cookies x Cheese: This offspring of two beloved strains produces a long-lasting high great for kicking back. “It’s about time these strains got together,” Kushman says.

This was my first grow, and Bruce Banner did not fail to amaze me. It loves plenty of nutrients, and gives a fantastic yield with a huge amount of Trichomes. I definitely feel the nutrients I gave, as well as the supplemental UV light helped a great deal as well. I will press about 40% of the flowers, most of them from what would have been LARF. But with under canopy lighting, and UV the last three weeks or so, I ended up getting very nice, trichome covered flowers.

CBD White Widow Auto

Time for a press party. I will begin a new dairy tomorrow, as I plan to put some Chiquita Banana beans in the ground tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed this dairy. Keep a growin and a smokin!

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Bruce Banner Fast Version

Its purpose, though, is not merely for recreation. It has a higher CBD level than most THC-heavy cultivars, and is said to come with excellent medicinal potential too.

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