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hydro marijuana seeds

Active hydroponic systems harness the power of modern innovations to keep plants fed, watered, and aerated. They use electric air pumps and air stones to provide cannabis roots with all the ingredients needed to support a healthy plant. Because they utilise electronic devices, growers can choose to automate these systems to reduce their workload.

As one of the most popular options, clay pebbles are excellent at aerating root systems. Clay pebbles sometimes require that growers alter the pH in order to provide an optimal growing environment, however, pre-altered pebbles can be purchased. You’ll need to place clay pebbles into a plastic hydroponic basket that has spaces for roots to grow through.

Active Hydroponic Systems for Weed

d) Hydroponic reservoir and tray

If you’re drawn to active hydroponic systems, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Passive hydroponic systems are simple and easy. They serve as a great introduction to this water-based way of growing, and are cheaper than active alternatives. The main benefits of passive systems are:

Enjoy Bigger Highs With Extreme THC Seeds

Good question! Every high is unique to the strain. Since each strain is built from a hybrid of different plants, your experience will be different plant to plant. Some strains increase happiness, others produce great euphoria, etc.

Extreme THC

Like a high THC strain but don’t want to go to extremes? Our High THC section may be for you.

You like getting highs that are stronger than anything you ever experienced or felt? We can help. With our new extreme high THC strains, you can grow bud with THC levels over 21% (which is huge). We offer a variety of different extreme high THC options so you can enjoy the high, mix, and grow challenge you want.

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5.) Install Rapid Rooter and water the seedlings until roots reach the water reservoir – Turn on light to keep seedlings warm for best results!

Now that your seedling in in the tank, it’s time to learn how to….

We have a cannabis seedling germination page which has everything you need to know about all the different germination methods, but this tutorial is different. In this hydroponic seedling tutorial I’m going to share exactly how I do my seeds from beginning to end in a DWC/bubbleponics setup!

Just like in soil or coco, cannabis plants in hydro grow fastest when it’s a little warm, around 75°F!

Paper Towel Method