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i49 canada

Quebec seed bank is one of the best Canadian seed banks because they have a germination ratio of more than 80%. If the seed that you receive, do not germinate for any reason then they will replace them for free.

You will have to pay about $20 for standard delivery.

3. True North Seed Bank Review – Good for Growers in Canada

Crop King has also won an award called TOP SEED COMPANY. It was given to them in 2017 by Canadian cannabis awards.

You can pay them with a bank transfer, Visa, and Mastercard.

This top Canadian seed bank is very reliable when it comes to delivering good-quality marijuana seeds.

Laying the groundwork for conservation included nations such as Brazil, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Nepal, Nicaragua, the Philippines, and Zimbabwe; countries that during that time, showcased the best practices to stave off the marijuana plant’s obsolescence.

_i ordered 5 blueberry big bud feminized auto’s . they arrived quickly. only 3 of the 5 germinated so i emailed i49 and they sent me out 2 replacement seeds. so far the original 3 are doing great._

1. 9 Pound Hammer

i49 has a diverse mix of marijuana strains that would excite both novice and expert growers. They offer feminized and auto-flowering seeds and seeds that are high in CBD, providing a choice for just about everyone.

_couldn’t be more: grateful, happy, impressed…. especially considering these most challenging of times. amazing communication and follow through.._

It is an 80% indica strain whose buds are covered with resin, offering grape and lime flavors. This chunky strain stands out when placed next to other plants and creates a sense of distress which then leads to extreme relaxation.

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If you like to buy cannabis seeds and learn about them, you’ll be glad to choose Crop King Seed Bank. You will certainly get your Canadian dollars’ worth with every purchase since Crop King also offers an 80% germination rate and basic education on growing for beginners. They explain everything, including genetic backgrounds and THC-CBD ratios which may be helpful to starting growers. Experienced growers, however, may not appreciate the website and offers that seem to be geared towards beginners.

#20 Archive Seed Bank – Best quality, authentic cannabis genetics

Or GTASEEDBANK – they’re really good too! Crop King is a joke; the genetics aren’t authentic. Dr. Greenthumb is legit and sells legit rare strains but he’ll rake you over the coals for $…. pretty big ripoff (but legit). BCBudDepot are both scammers and crooks (do your research!). True North = selective scammers (see my other post).
This is a really sad list. Either zero actual legwork was involved, or the companies paid to be on the list lol.

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No they are right true north is not a good bank to buy from. Garbage customer service and to be blunt they don’t carry much worth popping. Most is knock off crap. RUN AWAY FROM ANYTHING CANUK PRODUCES. There just crappy reverses done poorly.

Started in 2013, Quebec Cannabis Seed Bank takes pride in collecting the exclusive cannabis strains and having them available online. If you are looking for high-yielding cannabis plants or phenotype plants, you can certainly find them at Among its collection of more than 50 types of marijuana strains, the best ones are Quebec Gold 2.0, AK47, QC black gold, and Jack Herer.