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indoor bagseed grow

H ow cool is it that we can finally start growing our own weed legally (in many places, anyway)? Even better is the potential of growing weed at little to no cost – certainly much cheaper than your local dispensary. Granted, if you’re trying to grow indoors, you’ll need the proper equipment to supplement the outdoor environment, but if you’re planning on growing marijuana outdoors, all you need is healthy soil, a safe and secure grow spot, and of course, some cannabis seeds to get you started.

In that same vein, if a bag of cannabis contains seeds, it could be due to stress of the mother plant. When a female cannabis plant gets stressed, her natural response is to produce seeds as a means of evolutionary survival. However, hermaphroditic females (female plants that contain seeds) also tend to produce hermaphroditic offspring. In other words, growing from bag seed can sometimes result in seedy weed, even when given the best grow conditions possible.

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After soaking the seed, simply place it on a damp paper towel under a warm (not hot) light. After a few days, you should see the seed begin to sprout a taproot. This indicates that it’s time to transfer the seedling into your grow medium where it can find more nutrients to flourish. Do so by gently placing the sprouted seed about ¾ to 1-inch deep in soil then cover it with more soil. Other grow mediums you can consider include rock wool, expanded clay, or peat moss, though these are primarily used for hydroponic grow systems.

Generally, you can simply place your seed in some healthy soil or even rock wool cubes to start the germination process, but not being able to see your seeds sprout could leave you waiting indefinitely for it to never happen in the first place. To ensure your bag seeds sprout as easily as possible, we suggest soaking them in tap water for 24 hours prior to germination to encourage the breakdown of the nutritious seed shell.

We also suggest protecting your seedlings at this point because the slightest stress to their little bodies could kill them. Pests, pets, or simple carelessness could easily harm your seedlings so, until they are strong enough to withstand a little stress, enclose them in a plastic dome until they are at least a few inches tall. You can purchase plastic domes from your local nursery or grow shop or simply make some by cutting the top off a few 2-liter bottles and setting it on top of your babies. This will also help insulate your seedlings to minimize drastic temperature fluctuations.

If you do decide to buy seeds from an online seed bank, I highly recommend spending a bit more an getting feminized seeds. Why spend all that money and risk getting male plants?

I would take the cuttings shortly before you switch to a flowering schedule. That way your mother plants should reveal their sex by the time the clones begin to form roots.

Are Bag Seeds Worth Growing?

Those are the only ones you want to move forward with.

You want to take more cuttings from each plant than you think you will need, because not all will root successfully.

If so, it is a good way not to waste anything in the bag. You don’t want to smoke the seeds or stems, so plant the seeds and learn what to do with weed stems. There are some great ways to not waste them.

Edit: can’t post direct pictures? (from PhotoBucket)

I’m growing mostly natural, don’t wan’t to spend too much.

Grow Box:
just attaching images until i figure out how to direct link it from photobucket :/
added a picture from how the box looked at first lol.
Built my own little exhaust to stop light from filtering out front. (put it over the speaker hole)
Added a

> Some bagseed from a Greenhouse grow (i think lol)
> Growing in an old speaker cabinet
> 2x 20 watt CFL lights
> 5 plants ATM, going to select the best growing and half it until on 1 (maybe 2)
> 3 PC fans (intake, regulating through the box, exhaust)
> Took some soil out my dads garden lol
> one plant is in potting soil

Hi all, i just decided to do my first grow, and was wondering if i should post it online :p
I have read a lot of information and still going, thoughts on the grow is greatly appreciated.