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You’ll be proud to be creating the history of tomorrow.

High Touch does not promote the "illegal" use of marijuana,
nor does High Touch condone the viewing of this controversial material,
by minors (those under 18 years of age.)

Folks, when alcohol was prohibited by the 16th amendment of the United States Constitution, states had to declare alcohol to be medicinal as a harbinger to redirect our country to pass the 18th amendment to re-legalize alcohol. Marijuana is a safer alternative to recreational intoxication than alcohol. We should get the laws changed to reflect this reality.

Fifteen states, Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, DC, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington have passed Medical Marijuana Initiatives allowing Physicians to recommend Cannabis to their patient without fear of prosecution, by State or Federal law. The following nine states have pending legislation to legalize Medical Marijuanam Connecticut, Delaware, Idahoe, Missisippi, New Hampshire, New York, Illinois, Oklahoma and Maryland in 2011. This will bring us to a total of 24 states that recognize Marijuana as a useful substance.

The industrial version of the Marijuana Plant "Hemp" has over 50,000 uses
which include fuel for energy in transportation, and the heating of homes,
body care lotions, fibers for the textile industries to make clothing, sporting goods,
paper for the newspapers and other office supplies, food like chips, breads and Hemp Burgers.

You have the opportunity now to speak up to your represenators and let it be known
that Marijuana/Hemp/Cannabis is a desireable addition to the American Way of Life.

We would like you to understand why the 1937 Hemp Tax Conspiracy was promulgated
and who some of the forces were behind this bogus "taxation without representation."

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ALL the money he has made, he says, has gone into his magazine, his Internet Pot-TV news channel, his British Columbia Marijuana Party, various referendum initiatives for marijuana legalization in the United States, legal fees for marijuana growers in several countries and support for his wife, various ex-lovers and four adopted children.

Now, his master plan is in serious jeopardy. In July, the Canadian police, working with D.E.A. agents, arrested Mr. Emery and raided his headquarters at the request of the American government, so that he might be extradited for trial in Seattle. Last week, he was freed on bail; the extradition process could take years. It is bound to stir a debate in Canada about whether it should permit a Canadian to stand trial in the United States for an offense that is essentially tolerated here.

"The right to be free, the right to own the fruits of your mind and effort now all made sense," he recalled. Only a few months after discovering Rand, his girlfriend at the time offered him a joint and he smoked marijuana for the first time.

But he also freely says that, outside the Netherlands, he has sold more marijuana seeds and offered the largest selection of any seed bank in the world. He adds that the amount of seeds he has sold south of the border "qualifies me for the death penalty in the United States." (The first claim, of ubiquity, is accepted by American prosecutors, while the second, of a looming death sentence, is met with guffaws.)

"Marijuana made me a better parent, a better lover, a better businessman," he solemnly told his supporters. Immediately after the broadcast, he was quick to add, "a better driver, too."

The combination of Rand's philosophy and the marijuana set him on a course of advocacy in which, he said, "I decided to dedicate my whole life to repudiate the state."

He says he has made $4 million in profit since 1996 selling seeds in his Vancouver store, by mail and on the Internet. But he says he has not saved a dime, does not own a share of stock or bonds, does not even own a piece of property.