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Widely considered the best tasting THC gummies, Kanha Treats are made with the highest quality cannabis oils. Kanha makes soft cannabis gummies enhanced with terpenes that serve a variety of purposes, from sleep, to relaxation, bliss, and more.

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Our Sour Cherry Limeade belts have a fruity and tart taste, while the sativa terpenes induce a stimulating and uplifting state of mind. Get ready to pucker up with these sour, high-dose belts!

Best Paired With

Watching a comedy
Partying with friends
Going to a concert

Explore Kanha’s family of flavorful cannabis-infused gummies


Indica I 10mg THC Each

Pink Lemonade

Indica I 10mg THC Each


Indica I 10mg THC Each


Sativa I 10mg THC Each


Sativa I 10mg THC Each

Ruby Grapefruit

Sativa I 10mg THC Each

Lychee Limited Edition

Hybrid I 10mg THC Each


Hybrid I 10mg THC Each

Blue Raspberry

Hybrid I 10mg THC Each


Hybrid I 10mg THC Each

Passionfruit Paradise

Indica I 5mg THC Each

Cran-Pomegranate Punch

Sativa I 5mg THC Each

Sublime Key Lime

Indica I 5mg THC Each

Cosmic Citrus

Sativa I 10mg THC Each

Galactic Grape

Indica I 10mg THC Each

20:1 Watermelon

Hybrid I 10mg CBD x 0.5mg THC Each

1:1:1 Tranquility Sleep Gummies

Hybrid I 5mg CBN x 5mg CBD x 5mg THC Each

1:1 Pink Lemonade

Hybrid I 5mg CBD x 5mg THC Each

4:1 Peach

Hybrid I 10mg CBD x 2.5mg THC Each

Sour Cherry Limeade

Sativa I 50mg THC Per Belt

Sour Strawberry Lemonade

Indica I 50mg THC Per Belt


Indica-Leaning Hybrid I 10mg THC Each

Kañha Colada

Sativa-Leaning Hybrid I 10mg THC Each

Blood Orange Bliss

Indica I 10mg THC Each

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Luscious Lemon

Sativa I 10mg THC Each

20:1 Serene Green Apple

Hybrid I 10mg CBD x 0.5mg THC Each

Fuego Fruit Cup

Indica I 10 mg THC each

See how Kanha gummies are made

Watch our video for a behind the scene look at Kanha and everything that goes into making our gummies.

The first fast-acting cannabis gummy

We utilize nanomolecular technology to create cannabinoid particles smaller than a wavelength of light, which makes for a quicker onset and higher absorption rate.

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Kanha Review

Part of the LA-based Sunderstorm Group, Kanha is a widely respected brand that makes cannabis gummies. While this product is only available in California, the brand has garnered a devoted following due to their intentionally crafted and consistent edible products.

One would use the word “clean” to describe Kanha’s brand and their processes. Given the high quality of ingredients and effectiveness of Kanha’s products, it’s a pleasant surprise that their gummies range less than $2 per dose.

While Kanha’s products are effective and intentionally crafted, their flavor and texture might leave something to be desired depending on your preferences.

Kanha’s gummies are a bit softer, more like a pate de fruit than your traditional gummy bear. Kanha has a lot of competitors in the cannabis gummy market, and they might just stack up in the middle of the road in my opinion.

Kanha sells cannabis gummies in a handful of varieties. Some of which use nano molecular technology, which means you feel their effects in just 15 minutes, versus the traditional 90 minutes. Overall, I found the flavor of Kanha’s products to be quite average except the pink lemonade, and the softer gummy texture was a bit strange. However, the effectiveness was there, especially with their sleep gummy. Kanha’s gummies are sold in your typical childproof pouches, and I think they could do something else to differentiate themselves from the pack.

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