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Nowhere in the world can you find so many species of animals, plants and insects in one place as in the jungle! Amazon Kush is at least as diverse as the place from which she got her name. The scent of a real OG Kush combined with subtle sweet undertones make her both familiar and sweet.

The Amazon Kush is an indica dominant strain, and this strain manifests itself in a delicious body high. This makes it wonderful to smoke the Amazon Kush after a hard workout, so you can relax.

It will be interesting to see if Amazon manages to learn from the mistakes of others and create a series that is authentic on the one side, but unrealistically funny on the other side. This is a big challenge that Amazon and other companies of the entertainment industry are facing when trying to persuade an audience that is stoned and highly critical at the same time.

Showing weed in a realistic way is pretty much key when creating a series which stoners want to watch after their hard day of doing nothing or working like everybody else.

It is most likely that “Highlands” will show cannabis in a realistic way, without exaggerating or understating the potential risks and benefits of cannabis. Margaret Cho will be the executive producer and can luckily influence the creative process a lot. She is of the opinion that “Medical and recreational marijuana and the end of prohibition is important in terms of helping people and getting safe access.”


The fact that Margarete Cho is executive producer of Highland and actively supports the legalisation of cannabis, gives reason to believe that this show will most likely be a success among non-stoners, and stoners. What would be very refreshing for the sophisticated viewer if producers would risk a little more, especially when putting together the concept for a new show.

It is only natural that large companies like Amazon want their piece of the delicious marihuana cake, in terms of revenue of course. Since the legal situation didn’t allow their first plan to conveniently distribute and deliver nicely cured buds through their selling platform, they decided to follow a different strategy by developing a stoner series for Amazon Prime.

Maybe Amazon follows the recent tendencies towards “Dramedy”, a balanced composition of comedy and drama. This would certainly be better for the viever, the addiction-factor, and Amazon Prime. If you haven’t been busy your entire live, you know how binge watching works.

When thinking about the mainstream series Weeds, where single mother Nancy Botwin tries to put food on the family table by selling “Milf-weed”, one gets reminded that a lack of authenticity can be poison for a stoned audience. Having fake weed plants on the set might be legally the safest way to display them but it’s a smack in the face for every true cannabis connoisseur.

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