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marijuana equipment

Any marijuana plant needs 4 essential elements to grow:

But your specific strain is also a topic to think about.

1. Marijuana Seeds

And if you get a pre-made hydroponic system (which is highly recommended if you’re a complete beginner to hydroponic growing), the buckets usually are included with your system.

And since water naturally doesn’t have the nutrients your marijuana plants need…

And the quality and strain (genetic make-up) of your seeds will have a MAJOR impact on your results.

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Let’s take a look at the top 6 important bases a well-tuned grow room should cover:


Part 2: Your Grow Room vs. Your Canopy

You’ve factored in the lights, grow space, environment, and even the science of your grow room. Now it’s time to get your equipment and get ready to grow.

Now you know exactly what to look for before you start growing. One last time, let’s review the fundamentals for new growers:

If you’re new to growing, soil is arguably the best way to go. This is because soil is forgiving, easy to work with, and nutrient rich. In addition, a smaller 2x4ft kit will allow you to grow a few plants so you’re not overwhelmed.