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You will have a consultation with our certified doctor who will review your medical history, medications, and qualifying conditions with you. Based on this information our doctor will certify you for your Medical Marijuana Prescription Card with the state of Florida.

Call in and speak to a qualified specialist, for free, and get pre-qualified for your Medical Marijuana Prescription Card. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will educate you on the entire process and answer any questions that you may have.

Trust the professional staff at Marijuana Express M.D. to get you your Medical Marijuana Prescription Card. We have the best doctors in the business and give you more information and knowledge during the certification process than ANY other office!

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Based on our qualified doctor’s recomendation the state will issue you a Medical Marijuana Prescription Card. The temporary card will arrive in your email approximately 10 days after your visit. The permanent card will arrive 3 weeks later.

Market-leading pricing and interactive XPRESS REWARDS program​

Quick and efficient service from our well trained and knowledgeable staff

Clean, professional cannabis retail environment


At CANNABIS XPRESS , we pride ourselves on offering you a quick, easy, hassle free cannabis shopping experience. Do you hate long lines? We do too – so we put our heads together and created a shopping experience that will get you in and out of our store in no time, without sacrificing quality in the products we offer or the education we provide. To save even more time, you can order your cannabis right here for same day pickup at any of our locations.

​At CANNABIS XPRESS we are dedicated to Ontario's cannabis consumers. Federal legalization of cannabis in Canada has always been high on our priority list and we believe in providing safe, efficient access to cannabis to Ontario's discerning consumers of legal age. Providing you with an affordable cannabis option without compromising quality is our reality. Visit one of our legal cannabis dispensaries in Ontario today or order from us online for curbside pickup of cannabis in Brampton, Uxbridge, Wasaga Beach, and Hillsdale for hassle-free access to:

High quality cannabis products

These are just a few of the things that define us. If you haven't shopped with CANNABIS XPRESS before, we guarantee you will love the experience. Avoid long lines and long wait times – get your cannabis fast and fresh at CANNABIS XPRESS !

We’re aware that Canadian marijuana market is worth billions of dollars, which makes it a lucrative niche for new businesses offering mail order marijuana services. We’re not one of those hot shots — Ganja Express has been operating since 2014, assisting the legalization of marijuana since 2009.

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This isn’t yet another catchphrase to get your attention — when we say we have the largest selection of cannabis products, we actually mean it. You can choose from marijuana flowers, concentrates, edibles, vapes, topicals, CBD oil, and more.

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