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Buying marijuana seeds online can be pricey, so it’s important to note that not ALL seeds flourish in EVERY environment. Some cannabis seeds do best outdoors in the sunshine, and some seeds have the highest yields in the climate controlled environment of the great indoors.The UK has a unique environment that has a lot of precipitation and not a ton of sunshine. This means that you’re going to want to look for strains that do well in low light. The seed banks that ship to UK listed above will all provide this information for each strain. If they don’t, do some digging.

This is a high THC weed strain with euphoria inducing effects. Girl Scout Cookies is a cool blend of creativity and silly, laughy times. If you were chilling out and writing comedy sketches, they’d probably turn out to be some kind of absurdly funny Tim and Eric vignette.

CBD is NOT psychoactive in any way. It doesn’t get you ripped, stoned, or blitzed. What it DOES do is help relieve muscle aches, reduces anxiety in some people, and can generally give you a sense of wellbeing. The higher the CBD content in a bud, the more pronounced these effects tend to be.


Usually a less expensive option, and typically for those with a bit of experience with cross-pollination and cross-breeding. Regular marijuana seeds are a little bit more difficult to grow than say autoflowering and feminized seeds.


In a marijuana high there are 3 main factors: THC, terpenes, and cannabinoids. The INTERACTION between the 3 of these compounds is what dictates the type and level of you high. Terpenes for example give marijuana its relaxation effects. Cannabinoids are the Elon Musk SpaceX rockets that launch your brain into space.

Sour Diesel is one of those strains that has deeply penetrated pop culture, especially the Hip Hop scene. It’s quite a creative buzz, so there are probably more than a few rappers that have a puff before spitting some hot fiyah.

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Pick and Mix Cannabis Seed Bank has been a leading Cannabis seed bank since 2007 with over 4400 Cannabis strains securing more than 2 hundred thousand customers worldwide while they used to ship more than 99% of their orders on the same day. They had the biggest range of all types of Cannabis cultivars from famous breeders around the world.

Most prominent being the Barney Farm-Critical Kush, DNA Genetics-Holy Grail Kush, G13 Labs-Pineapple Express, Rare Dankness-Ghost Train Haze#1, Green House-Super Lemon Haze, and Dinafem-White Widow (AUTO) including 4 other promising strains that growers love. Discount offers may rise to 15% on cash orders and complimentary gift seeds on every order placed.

#17 (Harehills Seed Bank) Seed Madness – Great collection could make you mad

They also work with other establishments to spread public awareness about growing marijuana in home gardens. Their direct dependence on Cannabis seed breeders makes them a leader in the collection of multipurpose strains from different sources. Whatever strain you’re looking for, The Vault Seedbank could effectively deliver to your legit address within 3 working days. If you need a bit faster delivery, they would charge you extra. The payment procedures are easy for credit & debit cardholders and buyers who want to pay through Bitcoin.

However, the growers could track orders with a number provided after dispatch. They accept payment through bank transfer for international orders along with cryptocurrency especially Bitcoin.

The Credit and debit cards are also accepted and the shipments take place on the same day. Moreover, they maintain a big list of Feminized, Regular, Autoflowering, and hybrid strains from several Cannabis breeders and growers. The shipping procedures are simple and fast while the majority of growers are pretty satisfied with the stuff purchased from PK Pukka Seedbank.

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