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marijuana seeds for sale philippines

A blend of our very own PH landrace (aka Lokal/Kalinga), Nothern Lights Auto, DJ Shortberry and Blueberry. The Du30 strain is a short and compact plant that produces dense buds. Buds are dense, with an orange tint and citrus aroma. Recommended for those who love head-high buzz, daytime toker and munchies lovers.

Warning: Sale of products

In most countries, the sale of cannabis seeds is illegal. The Support your LOCAL Grower Philippines sells seeds as collectable genetic souvenirs only. Support your LOCAL Grower Philippines shall refuse to sell cannabis seeds to anyone whom we have reason to believe is seeking to cultivate them in a country where doing so is illegal.

He said the marijuana seeds were “imported” but the suspects were not sure from which country these came.

She said Carcosia would face disciplinary action, of which the maximum penalty, “considering the gravity” of her offense, could be expulsion from UPLB.

The police, armed with a search warrant, found more than 20 plastic and paper cups with marijuana seeds and seedlings in it, along with a glass pipe and a weighing scale, when they raided the suspects’ apartment unit on Palm Drive in Barangay Batong Malake at 3 a.m. on Wednesday.

“According to them, [you] just [have to] go to eBay and click on ‘cannabis.’ They get them for like P1,300 per five seeds and (once grown), they sell the leaves for P1,500 per gram,” said Supt. Arvin Avelino, Los Baños police chief, in a telephone interview.

In Cebu City, a junior education student was arrested after P12-million worth of “shabu” (crystal meth) was recovered from her and a companion during a drug bust on Wednesday night.

Unsurprisingly, this brutal ‘war on drugs’ has prompted international outcry. However, the Philippines’ economic performance has strengthened in recent years – perhaps due to Duterte’s harsh approach to eliminating drugs.

I have seen first hand how amazing cannabis is for a plethora of illnesses. My wife just got through a tough pregnancy with the aid of CBD for example.

Can cannabis seeds be sent to the Philippines?

Sotto just dont know how to think.. Legalizing weed will hurt the drug dealers because every legal product is taxed.. They wont be earning as much because legal distributors will come to the picture.. I doubt if people would go for the riskier option..

hello let me introduce myself first and formoat I’m a Canadian Filipino who grew up in Canada my life was good until09 when I suffered a huge stroke wich I wasd told should have killed mebut I survived and spend most of my yime sittingsown without proper circulation I find CONSTANTIRITATION SPECIALLT AT THE TIPS OF MY FINGERS AND FEET A A CAUSE OF LACK OF MOVEMENT CANADA WILL BE LEGALISING THE PLANT FOR CHRONIC PAIN LIKE ME WE SHPILD FOLLOW THIS MOVEMENT MPTTH AMERICA IS CHANGING ITS POLICY AND ATTITUDE TOWARDS THIS LETS MOVE FORWARD ON THIS TOO MY UNCLE WHO WAS BED RIDDEN FOR 6 YEARSWOULD HAVE SUFFERED LESS HE PASSED AWAY3 MONTHS AGO IF HE WAS UNDER THECre ofcanabis use it might have eased the rest of suffering for the time he had left thnk you for understanding from TRUE ANSD FIRM BELIVER OF THE MEDICAL BENEFITS OF CANABID USE THANK YOU JUAN DE DIOS this to be

Marijuana is herb just like tobacco I cant understand why they dont make it legal when it has so much benefits to human. Maybe, if it legal in philpines people will stop buying cigarettes and cocaine. In canada thc is legal its for relaxation and sleep deprivation or insomia.