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marijuana seeds nl review australia

It’s very hard to find a proper seed bank that has all qualities like high-quality seeds, great customer service, high ratings, etc. But MSNL Seed Bank is one of the best seeds bank out there to order your cannabis seeds online.

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MSNL History & Experience

They have a selection of marijuana seeds that are specially optimized for outdoor growing. You will not find many online seedbanks that will give you these kinds of outdoor optimized growing marijuana seeds.

MSNL seed bank accepts a lot of different payment options. The following is the list of all the payment options with which you can buy marijuana seeds online:

If you would like to go on more steps ahead, then you can order the guaranteed stealth shipping option. This is the safest option with MSNL seed bank; in this option, you will get a signed and tracked stealth package. If you do not receive the package in 25 days, then the company will ship another out for no extra cost at all.

Most marijuana fans know about MSNL. People see this seed bank for being genuine. It sells what it guarantees, and you get your request securely from the company. Instead of getting unreliable weed from someone off the road, you get a unique item at reasonable prices at MSNL.

The company appreciates your loyalty. You can always look for new strains and promotions on its website. Furthermore, you can add a small amount to your shopping cart to get free Aussie feminized seeds.

Indica Strains, Sativa Strains, Hybrid Strains, White Widow, Aussie Blues Feminized, AK47, Chemo, Hazardous Creation, White Widow Feminized, Aussie Blues, Indoor Seeds, and Outdoor Seeds.


Roy Morgan surveyed in 2015, which is before the legalization of medical marijuana in Australia. And, the outcomes showed tremendous cooperation by the Australian people for legalizing medical Cannabis. A 91% vote for the legalization of Cannabis for constantly sick patients with afflictions, for example, malignancy and epilepsy.

About 33% of Australians 22 years or older have used Cannabis. In Australia, recreational use of Cannabis is among the most raised on the planet. The country is on the seventh rank in the United Nation’s 2014 World Drug Report.

A couple of big reasons for the brand’s solid notoriety incorporate its quality item, online offers, quick delivery, and stock that comprises of the most sought-after strains. MSNL offers just new seeds and won’t preserve it for over two months.

But the laws don’t offer any direction whatsoever on how it should be obtained. There won’t be any cannabis shops opening up, as buying and selling the drug remains carefully illegal.

Trust Pilot will not let me keep my review up on their sight in reference to how they have treated me in reference to robbing my account for 1!222.50 on January 13 2021. this is the second email I created to get through to leaving my review. my husbands email was blocked after he attempted to warn others and force this company to refund the money after the company cancelled the order after withdrawing from our account. stating it was to large. he has done a charge back as instructed by this company but as of today 2/18/2021nothing refunded back to him..
Trust PILOT. removed my warning minutes after I wrote it from their site. and I am now to blocked from leaving one on them. this is Rediculoius. And robbing people out of their voice and helping companies take advantage of customers by fixing reviews to reflex good business . when it is clearly a scam. I will continue to try and get through until this is made right with me. stop silencing my voice . oh and look out they will be a slew of fake 5 stars posted soon after this post. if they even allow it to stay up. trustpilot emediantly removed the review I left on theirs! The guidelines are only a way around facts. I have sent and resent my proof . it is being ignored. Shame on you both!
Pam in reference to bob complaint trustpilot support ticket # 1627538 and #1625225 . for order # 500523921 with Msnl. very poor business responsibilities to ripped off costumers. new form he just filed out is ticket number for trustpilot again #1639063 . stop the steal of our money!! We are owed a refund

Trust Pilot will not let me keep my…

This is a retraction of sorts. A while back I had purchased seed from msnl and did not receive them. We were hashing it out and I wrote a bad review for them. well they fixed it and re-shipped my order. It took a little doing to convince them I didn’t just rob them but eventually they understood my situation and made it good. I haven’t run the seeds as I have other plants in the way but I plan to germinate them in about a month. Big thanks to MSNL. I can’t wait to run your genetics.

Trust Pilot will not let me keep my…

This is 3rd or 4th review for MSNL and they seem to be a good company. Always get what I order and it gets here in under a month.Have not had a problem with them so far. I give them a 5 for the web page, a good experience n just doing what they said they would do. Only thing I haven’t got my rewards points for my reviews

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