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Our initial brand was the widely successful, which we have had to close down permanently due to certain issues. Never the less we have a brand new venture coming to our Indian customer base with hybridseeds. We aim to be India’s top seedbank

Hybrid Seed Bank have the right to cancel an order at any time should we believe that the transaction is of fraudulent activity, malicious or if the order will in any way be used to harm Hybrid Seed Bank. Until payment has been received and accepted, products will remain Hybrid Seed Bank property and customers cannot ask Hybrid Seed Bank to honour any errors or price errors in the product description.

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Once a payment is made we confirm via email and dispatch within 24 hours with a tracking number and all over india maximum time for delivery is 7 days.

Hybrid Seed Bank does not in any way tolerate the use of illegal drugs and will accept no responsibility for the use of any products sold through our website. Any information included on the Hybrid Seed Bank website is intended only for educational, scientific or historical use.

You can contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff by using the contact details provided below and they will be happy to answer any questions you have. However, any questions asked regarding the cultivation of seeds will be refused an answer.

However, the high it provides differs greatly from many other strains, so if you haven’t had lots of experience, it may be confusing at first.

It can take the edge off of pain, which is why it’s so popular as a medicinal strain. Chemotherapy patients and those with mental health issues find that it helps with their symptoms.

It can be great for chronic pain sufferers, though, as it produces a numbing effect in the body. If you’re a medicinal marijuana user, you may love it for that specific reason.

7. Sour Diesel — Best Psychedelic Feminized Seeds

The “blue” in its name refers to the light blueberry flavor, and you’ll also find mango and vanilla in the smoke. Both the taste and aroma are on the lighter side, so you won’t be reminded of the fact that you smoked every time you breathe or walk into your home.

However, there are many strains of feminized seeds out there, so it’s not enough to buy the first ones you come across.

Still, since it’s a sativa-heavy strain, it could cause nausea and headaches. It’s best to start off slow to see how it affects you before you start smoking it heavily.

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Similarly, the Bombay Prohibition Act of 1949 requires a government license to produce bhang, and makes it illegal for citizens without a license.

Although marijuana possession is considered illegal in India, cannabis can actually be found all around India. Charas are a huge part of Indian culture and are very popular and have exceptions to the marijuana legality.

Unfortunately Indian Seed Banks don’t seem to exist simply because although seeds and foliage aren’t considered illegal because they can be used in historic rituals, cannabis as a whole is illegal, so seed banks aren’t willing to take the risk of setting up shop in India. That being said, although there aren’t any seed banks in India, there are still a bunch of online seed banks that offer worldwide shipping right to your home!

Seed Banks That Ship Online to India In 2021

Cannabis has references in Indian culture from over 4,000 years ago with mentions of it being a sacred plant. Along with this Shiva is a Hindu god that is associated with the creation of Bhang and marijuana in general. Furthermore, Indica has its origins in India and has been used reportedly since 1000 BC.

Cannabis has been a huge part of Indian culture and heiritage, and although it’s currently illegal, it still is very important. Cannabis has been used by Hindus in religious rituals and overall practices including Holi.

Furthermore, the NDPS Act makes the possession of cannabis in India illegal and can result in criminal offenses which could include fines or time in jail depending on the severity. India is different than the United States because you can also avoid criminal offenses by going through a voluntary therapy program.

As we’ve mentioned, cannabis has held quite the history in India, and it’s overall pretty surprising that cannabis is still illegal. With many of the laws and regulations around cannabis in India is pretty outdated, with the current laws being from 1985. It’s only a matter of time that cannabis will be up for vote on legalization or decriminalization. I think that within the next 10 years we will see another push for new regulations.