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Buy it now: Satchel in Portland

To make these clone-only exotics available in seed form, Archive’s original breeding stud was a backcrossed Face/Off OG male known for imparting deep fuel terps and potent THC concentrations. Numerous connoisseur-quality chemovars have been conceived in Archive’s stables using this male’s pollen—perhaps most recognizably, modern-cannabis classic Do-Si-Dos.

Growing cannabis is a lot of fun, and if you wish to break free and try your hand at cultivation, a number of breeders are doing the work to make world-class genetics available in seed form through Oregon’s dispensaries.

Dynasty Genetics

Crosses like the Rogue Blue Cheese and Jager OG are created once a year in full sun, as has been Massive’s tradition for decades. The resulting seed lines are an excellent choice for the backyard enthusiast grower, offering a pedigree of full-flavor cultivars bred to resist local pests, as well as survive the inevitable tests of foul weather, while still rivaling the bag appeal of indoor.

Lemon Pineapple, bred by Massive Seeds and grown by Roganja . (Matt Stangel for Leafly)

Flower: Birds of Paradise, bred by Dynasty Genetics and grown by Deep Creek Gardens. (Matt Stangel for Leafly)

Before Odie Diesel created Oregon Diesel through a happenstance pollination of NYC Diesel by a hermaphroditic Blackberry , the patriarch of multi-generational, father-and-sons medical grow and breeding operation Homegrown Natural Wonders made seeds only sometimes and mostly to keep his garden going.

With thousands of strains of cannabis available on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right marijuana seeds for your personal needs. Especially as a first-timer, buying the right marijuana seeds is only the first step in a process that can seem absolutely overwhelming.

Also referred to as standard seeds, regular seeds contain 50% female and 50% male plants. While the 50% mix isn’t guaranteed in each shipment of seeds that you purchase, you’ll receive a mixture of the two genders whenever you purchase regular seeds.

Your Guide to Buying Cannabis Seeds in Oregon Online

If the seed doesn’t break or bend under the pressure that you’ve applied to it, it’s a healthy seed that’s worth planting. However, if the seed cracks or breaks when you’re pressing on it, they aren’t useable. Seeds that break under this pressure are old or low-quality seeds that wouldn’t have been worth the time that you’d invest in growing them.

If you are interested in growing your own grass, but you can’t get to an Oregon seed bank, don’t worry I49 offers a sweet selection of cannabis seed that you can buy online today. Browse our catalog of indica, sativa and hybrid seed that’s just right for starting your garden.

Back in 2015, Oregon was one of the first states to pass the law that legalized the use of recreational marijuana. Plus, if you register with the state to use wellbeing marijuana for medical purposes, such as treating symptoms of cancer, chronic pain, or HIV/AIDS, you’re legally allowed to grow marijuana plants.

The lush state of Oregon with its dense rainforest climate and its laid-back vibe is the best-kept secret in the USA. Come breathe the fresh air and find out for yourself. Located in the Pacific Northwest region, this west coast state is hugged by two rivers, the Columbia River that touches Washington State and the Snake River that hugs the boundary of Idaho, and spans over 98,000 square miles, making Oregon a vast one to explore. The famous Oregon Coast, with 365 miles of possibilities is a rugged stretch with 3 distinct regions.

Growing in Oregon has never been easier. The progressive state legalized the use of growing your own sweet plants at home and you are allowed up to 4 plants and 10 seeds. At Weed Seeds USA, we have all you need for growing strong 710 Seeds that once harvested, trimmed, dried, and hung, can be used as concentrates for oils, and shatter.

Marijuana Seeds Oregon: A Home Growers Guide

Marijuana seeds are perfectly legal in this green state. You can grow up to 4 plants and own 10 seeds but any more than this can result in confiscation. Check us out and order online today through, as we are a trusted and respectable website, with all of the growing information you need to grow your own incredible weed in Oregon.

The history of Oregon is incredible for weed, but it was spooky and dangerous back in the 1900s. The State Capitol of Salem as well as Portland have a macabre past and you can find out about it on a ghost tour that takes you on a paranormal adventure of the last 150 years. There are plenty of creepy tours that will walk you through famous murders, kidnappings, and organized crimes. Dare to check out the sordid tales of prostitution and drugs that once surrounded these city’s dark history. Get inspired by all of their stories and while you are at it, check out their many local dispensaries for a quick pre-rolled blunt. Light up after the ghost tour though, so you do not get too paranoid after hearing about all of the scary spirits.

Indigenous nations have settled in what we know now as Portland for thousands of years, and the people truly knew how to utilize this incredible place for ultimate growth potential for crops, thanks to its fertile soil. Explorers and settlers started to find this jewel state in the early 1500s, and in 1843, became an autonomous government making it the 33rd state of America. Oregon has grown impressively and is now home to 4 million people, making it the 27th largest population in the US.