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medical marijuana seeds san diego

OG Kush feminized seeds are an essential part of the catalog of any self-respecting seed bank. The High Times named her ‘the best strain ever’ and she is certainly one of the most highly demanded strains in California and across the world.

Growing weed in San Diego is also pretty straightforward, whether inside or out, thanks to the climate which is ideal for marijuana cultivation. However, it always pays to do your research before getting started, so read on for all the information you need about growing weed and how to buy marijuana seeds in San Diego.

OG Kush is a strong, robust and easy-to-grow cannabis strain. Its bushy structure makes it an excellent choice for indoor growing, given the space available. The SOG method is recommended in this case.

How to buy marijuana seeds in San Diego?

She results from an inspired cross between two legendary strains: Lemon Thai and Chemdawg, leading to a cannabis plant with very intense and complex organoleptic undertones that many describe as “lemon floor cleaner with barbecue ash” and an extremely powerful high brought about by a jaw-dropping THC content of nearly 25%.

Since the historic passing of a bill called Prop 64 in November 2016, California permits cannabis for personal and medical use. It is also legal to grow weed at home as long as you don’t exceed the limits and start a weed farm.

OG Kush’s high is as stunning as a punch in the chest, and her cerebral high is ultra euphoric. Some refer to OG Kush as an invigorating ‘high’, others think it is quite narcotic, but all agree that it is as strong as it is debilitating.

We’re not exaggerating: while it cures, Gorilla Glue buds stick to the scissors used by the workers! This stickiness is due to the large amounts of resin produced by the trichomes, which are abundant over the entire surface of the flowers.

At this point, you may want to add a little vitamin B1, Superthrive, Thrive Alive, or any of the other available vitamin and hormone additives to reduce the risk of shock and stress. Remove the plastic covering or humidity dome and/or the heating pad, and start up the growroom.

Germination Help
Do you have a hard time germinating seeds? That’s OK, many people have difficulty germinating cannabis seeds properly as they really do require the right environment, so why not leave it up to us?
We at A Soothing Seed can germinate your seeds and hand you over a Brand New plant ready to be transplanted into your garden and grown into a Healthy, Happy Young Lady that will produce the Quality Medication you deserve. After all, if you are going to spend the money necessary for grow tents, lights, fans, heaters, humidifiers and everything else needed to complete 3 months of growing , then they should be nothing but the best!

This is where things get really fun! Traditionally, if you wanted to do your thing inside, you had to buy red lights, blue lights and some timers to make sure you gave your babies just the right amount of light during each stage of their life.

Critical Hog Seeds

Regular Seeds
When you hear someone say that a bean is a regular seed or a standard seed, it simply means it’s not feminized. You will have an equal chance of getting a male or a female, but what you want is the female. Males create a little bit of THC, but not enough to make growing the plant worth it in the end.

We offer a HALF BACK GUARANTEE on the seeds that we germinate under our Germination Service! If your seed does not sprout, we will refund HALF of your seed donation. Keep in mind that not every seed is a winner, and the only way to know is to attempt germination and unfortunately some times the inevitable happens, and we get a dud. We certainly don’t feel that you should be responsible for 100% of the cost when this happens, so we are willing to incur some of the costs right along with our members.

60 days
Genetics: Exodus Cheese x OG Kush
Sex: Feminized

Just about anyone can go through this process and legitimately say they have 100% feminized seeds. This is why it’s critically important to only buy feminized seeds from a reputable breeder who goes the extra mile to test both their process and each batch of new beans to make sure virtually all of them do, in fact, turn out to be females.
When this process works perfectly, it’s like magic! Reliable feminized seeds are the fastest, cheapest way to create an amazing collection.

We produce a complete supply of assorted marijuana seed types such as Regular Marijuana Seeds, High CBD Marijuana Seeds, Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds, and Feminized Marijuana Seeds. All of our Beaver seeds are of the best strains which makes them excellent for recreational and medical weed usage.

The legalization and decriminalization of cannabis as an alternative medical remedy have been a lengthy discussion in the United States. Although, America is slowly advancing in terms of its decriminalization and legalization of medical weed laws. These mandates vary from one American city to another, particularly on the nearby local weed headshop or dispensary where the cannabis seeds or supply were obtained, the location where the cannabis seeds were developed, the intention of utilizing the cannabis, and the legal age of marijuana consumers. Most often than not, these US cities require medical patients to provide a doctor’s legal prescription or valid medical ID to be given proper access to medical weed.

Best San Diego Marijuana Seeds for Sale Online

Whether you have no idea about cultivating weed or a very experienced grower, we have the best marijuana seeds San Diego for you! We have a complete supply of strains that breeds well in outdoor and indoor settings in the US! Moreover, we produce a germination guide that will assist you in correctly growing your San Diego marijuana seeds for them to yield multiple amounts of harvest.

Where to buy marijuana seeds San Diego? Beaver seeds give you inclusive power over your stash of medical San Diego marijuana seeds through our complete supply of the best seeds. All of our Beaver seeds are carefully assessed, classified, and developed with top-class quality genetics to assure that all of our treasured clients will only receive the best products, all at a minimum-cost price.

Chat with our trusty help center team and launch your San Diego medical marijuana garden today!