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msnl seeds review

Got 93g dry in total from the 2 plants. 42 from one, and 51 from the other.

This plant grew really well. I harvested a day early because it’s 4/20! I made some mistakes like lettin it get wind burnt and not controlling the temperature of the grow room better. I’ll get a portable AC just for that. Has a very citrusy smell and flavor, can’t wait to make some hash with this stuff. That’s about it for now, I’ll come back later with some more details after it dries.

It's a delicious smoke, and relaxing, but not too potent. A little too weak of a smoke for my liking, but is it yummy and super smooth.

After I trimmed all of it it came out to a total of 53 grams, almost 2 ounces. I didn’t expect to get too much because this plant started flowering under a 100W light. All in all I’m satisfied, the bud turned out good aside from not really getting to cure it too much yet. I’ve been out of bud so I’ve been smokin on some that I took down off the drying rack after 7 days. It tastes good aside from the slightly harsh green taste and it gets me pretty high but I’m lookin forward to trying it after it’s cured. I’m curing the best buds separately for at least 6 weeks.

#’s say 50/50 hybrid, I think that I feel more of the indica 50. Not mandatory couch :couch_and_lamp: :lock: lock but noticed more yawning .

Are there seeds reliable to grow or have I just wasted my money?

5 X Mango Automatic
10 X regular white rhino

Hello folks new member here,I am based in the U.K I came across this seed bank and it seemed fairly priced with some half decent strains so I deceided to order some seeds, Anyway I ordered


Please give me some advice on these all is appreciated.

Also I received 5 free northern lights seed so I got 20 all together for around £40.

They came withing 2 days, Anyway the point im getting at is I’ve started to germinate 3 Mangos Auto and 3 Regular White rhino and 2 of the regular northern lights, But I’m reading mixed reviews on the web about these guys that there seeds don’t pop and so on and that there are poor quality but I have also read this on other seed banks to, I done a lot off research before ordering and thought I would take the plunge and order off these guys with the deals they have and there prices, I have always grown clones off my friends so I thought I would grow my own from seed.

Also I received 5 free northern lights seed so I got 20 all together for around £40.

MSNL is good at resolving queries, just wish it was done faster.

Well, you have come to the right place if you want to know more about them before making an order.

So, looking up MSNL reviews before placing your first order is a good step indeed. And if this is the first review you’re reading, then I have good news!

Customer service [8/10]

Especially after seeing how careless some seed vendors can be when it comes to packing their products. MSNL offers a broad category of seed types including, feminized seeds, auto-flowering, medical, indoor and outdoor seeds.

Yes, the company ships their products worldwide, but you should still comply with the laws and regulation of your state.

As I said, my experience with this company has been nothing but positive. Still, if I were to think objectively, there are a couple of flaws that are worth pointing out.

Again, I’ve not tried all of them personally, but have heard all positive reviews. I would have rated the quality 10 out of 10 only if the company guaranteed germination.