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order marijuana seeds online canada

This year is absolutely HUGE for marijuana news in Canada (although we don’t mean to sounds like the south of the border president, wink wink). But seriously, the Canada Cannabis Act that will be in effect in fall 2018 will make recreational marijuana completely legal around Canada. FUN FACT: Canada is actually the second country in the world to completely legalize marijuana, after Argentina, although lots of other countries have decriminalized and legalized to some extent. Some laws will vary by province, such as legal age. Other laws are still TBD, like the laws for edibles, but the general gist is the same. We’re totally stoked that the awesome medicinal benefits of marijuana will be so much more accessible to Canadians who need it! What’s more is that you will even be able to grow up to four plants in your own home, completely legally. To make this whole process easier, buy marijuana seeds in Canada online and have them shipped to your door. Some of our favorite strains are

Cannabis Seeds by Gender

You ’ ll also like the special promotions and offers they ’ re often carrying. At least a few popular varieties of seeds will typically be marked down each time you visit. Or just opt for a mixed pack of high-quality feminized seeds—or maybe the fast version.

4. Rocket Seeds – Biggest Seed Selection

Cannabis seeds cannot cross state lines in the US because marijuana remains illegal under federal law. This means that, although it is rare, people who transport cannabis across state lines can still get federal criminal charges against them—even when they buy and live in legal states.

Rocket Seeds cares about your privacy, with unmarked, stealth shipping options to countries other than Canada being the default.

Q: What are High CBD Marijuana Seeds?

Canadian customers will receive their seeds in unique strain packaging, which gives it a nice flourish. The packaging also shows the original breeder, allowing you to determine which breeders offer the best seeds.

They offer stealth delivery on all orders outside Canada, while Canadian customers will get their seeds in the company’s attractive packaging. The packaging is specially designed to keep the seeds fresh as well.

If you’re buying from Canada, then there’s not much to worry about when buying cannabis seeds. You shouldn’t have any issues with getting or completing your order, nor should you have to worry about your seeds getting confiscated.

They do make it easy to find their top sellers, though, and those strains are popular for a reason. This makes it a good site for occasional smokers, as you can find something great in seconds without having to wade through hundreds of different strains.

Mary Jane’s Garden prides itself on offering rapid delivery, so you should get your marijuana seeds in a week or less if you live in North America.