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ordering seeds from seedsman

Lastly, you can send your payment via bank transfer. If all your savings are boxed inside your bank, then this is the best option for you.

Not sure which cannabis seeds to purchase? You can sort the seeds by strains, genetics, types, cultivation methods, growth characteristics, features like high-THC, and more.

The third is cash payment. You can send your cash payment via mail; then they will process your order until it is completed.


Starting a few years ago, the number of online seed banks that sell different marijuana strains is getting higher. Almost all of them claim that they are the best seed bank globally.

As for the germination guarantee, Seedsman does not cover everything. However, that is only because they want to be compliant with the country’s legalities where you live. For instance, if you live in a country or a state wherein the use of marijuana is legal, the company will take the responsibility to help you resolve your germination issues within 90 days. Otherwise, they let you figure out things on your own.

Sometimes, the company decides to remove the seeds from their original packaging. However, this is not highly necessary for most places.

Is the seed bank’s reputation concerning you? Seedsman is already built enough. As previously mentioned, the company started its business in 2003. It’s already close to two decades!

Depending on your country, they will sometimes ship seeds inside a DVD case or another ordinary household item for added security.

You receive bonus loyalty points for stuff like your birthday, and for reaching five orders on your account!

Customer Service

For fast shipping and better customer service, I’d recommend going with a seed bank like ILGM.

You can get 10% off with discount code: SORRY10

On top of their seed reviews, Seedsman Seeds Reviews are generally very positive on Trust Pilot.

This was the last straw for us, a company that used to be outstanding has now dropped the ball twice. We paid by bill pay a cool new option that doesn't work if you cancel the order before you receive the check, after several emails with proof of payment we had to stop payment because seedman canceled the order. The next order we placed and paided by Zelle, the same thing all over again. Seedman starts with the threatening emails about canceling our order for non payment, We sent 4 more emails with proof of payment by Zelle and another canceled order. To make things worse weeks after all the emails to customer service and stop payments, customer service emails us to ask if there's anything else they can do for us really, TOTAL BULL S=%^. Good buy seedman and all your games & hello GRIZZLY SEEDS / SEEDS HERE NOW, FAST SEEDS and ILGM the best seed banks. Don't forget Crop Kings either all of which are top tier no rip off companies working extra hard for you business 👍 GOOD BUY SEEDMAM, way too much trouble to deal with.

This was my 1st order with them. I also ordered some seeds from other banks true them (all look ok sealed in original pack). Pack came with TID in 6 days all good. So my experience was OK.
Will try to germinate and update on that also in a week or 2.
Update: 7 seeds germinated success 100%.
10x guys 😉

BUYER'S BEWARE (Frustrated)

Seedsman seeds is a rip off they took my money and never got my seeds. They say they will resend if you don't get your seeds.Thats a lie they want to give me 30% off of next order. Why would I want to throw my money away to them again and get nothing for my money. Stay away from them they will rip you off. Very POOR service.

Ordered 2 packs (14 seeds) of autoflower. Only 4 germinated into some frankenplant things. Genetics shockingly bad. A very nice customer support rep offered a replacement 2 packs. I chose seedmans own strains auto. Only 1 germinated. Shocking waste of time although CS Laura was lovely. No future custom from me.

3rd time from Seedman and I'm completely satisfied! Great shipping, service, and selection!!