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pineapple marijuana seeds

The effects of this strain start with a wave of euphoria that affects the mind and body. You can immediately feel the hair at the back of your head stand up as it slowly spreads across the rest of your body. Moments later, a subtle warmth envelopes the body, and you feel more relaxed than before.

Pineapple Autoflower is a fast-flowering balanced hybrid with a tasty aroma and euphoric effects. It is a mind and body booster, and it starts out as a jolt of lighting, making you energetic and ready to do anything. But as the effects wear off, you will eventually feel relaxed, sleepy, and very hungry.

Growers who are looking for a fast-flowering strain should consider Pineapple Autoflower. Pineapple Autoflower combines the tasty Pineapple strain with a Ruderalis strain. This evenly-balanced strain gets its attributes from its parent strain – ERSB; however, it is further enhanced by the mix of the
Ruderalis strain. This allowed the hybrid to be stable.

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Pineapple Autoflower is good medical marijuana that offers powerful pain-relieving properties. It also serves as an effective anti-depressant and anxiolytic for people who have psychological conditions. Truly a delectable hybrid strain, this brand of weed is ideally shared with friends.

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Pineapple, some say, was developed by selecting a phenotype of Ed Rosenthal's Super Bud. The selected phenotype had predominately Indica traits and intense tropical flavours. After many generations of inbreeding the selected ERSB's offspring developed a sturdy structure and a more pronounced flavour of pineapple and diesel. Pineapple is often confused with the strain made famous by the movie staring Seth Rogen, Pineapple Express. The effect from Pineapple weed is acutely cerebral and alleviates symptoms of apprehension, nausea and unrelenting joint discomfort. The effects from this strain of cannabis provide a sultry escape from the daily grind and offers therapeutic reprieve from the overly stimulated masses. But as this strain also helps to stimulate appetite, those of you on a carb free diet may need to steer clear or suffer the consequences many of us know of as the munchies. Typified by its tropical, sweet and fruity taste, the effect comes on fast after just a few hits as the cannabinoids and terpenes syneristically cleanse the mind and soothe the psyche. Anxiety is replaced by euphoria, exhaustion is replaced by creativity and depression with ecstasy. The effects of Pineapple cannabis generally last for a few hours. So take some time and select the version that suits you from the ones below at Original Seeds Store.

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Thanks to its sedative properties, Pineapple Kush Automatic can offer huge relief from pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms. It’s often used to treat stress and disorders like anxiety and depression. And it’s highly effective for reducing nausea and inducing appetite.

This autoflowering strain succeeds in taking its parents’ best traits while being far easier to grow. Yields are not as large as the photoperiod variety but are still decent. Especially considering the speed and relative ease with which plants can be grown.

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The aroma of Pineapple Kush Automatic is overwhelmingly sweet, but its depth goes beyond the clear notes of pineapple. Breaking open its buds releases the scent of caramelized sugar and baked goods, with the merest hint of diesel providing a subtle tang.

Despite its mixed lineage, Pineapple Kush Automatic grows in a way that’s typically indica. Short plants are bushy, with strong stems and thick leaves. Their compact nature makes this strain perfect for people with limited space or those who want to grow discretely.

Pineapple Kush Automatic was developed by breeding the original Pineapple Kush with a carefully selected Siberian ruderalis. The result is an indica-dominant strain with a decent sativa backbone. The original Pineapple Kush can trace its origins to California and is a descendent of the OG Kush and Pineapple families. It’s famed for its incomparable flavor and serene high — and those beloved characteristics are retained by Pineapple Kush Automatic.