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rainbow marijuana seeds

The Rainbow Haze Feminized cannabis is as pleasant to look at as its name suggests; although it is not as colorful as its name, it still shows off beautiful purple buds that are heavily coated with resins. With its fun name, you will also be able to enjoy its balanced effect that is not overwhelming despite the high THC content of this Mary Jane.

Too much of everything has never been good. When you toke this weed at a high dosage, serious adverse effects like headaches, dizziness, anxiety, and paranoia should be anticipated; overindulging actually negates its positive results.

Additional Information

In addition, the ever-present dry mouth and dry eyes can be expected. Although these conditions are minor only, they can really cause discomforts. Luckily, these drawbacks, which are brought by dehydration, can be easily assuaged by simply drinking plenty of water and applying eye drops.

Type: Balanced hybrid
Genetics Parents: Old Haze x Zkittelz | Chemdawn x WW
Flowering Period: 10 weeks
Climate: Warm
Yield: Mid – High
Flavors: Berries, Citrus, Sweet
THC Level: High
CBD Level: No data
Height: No data
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

Aside from its recreational benefits, smokers will also find Rainbow Haze Feminized marijuana effective in delivering mental and physical therapeutic help. Although its body buzz is not enough to knock you out, it can still cause you to feel sleepy as you feel total calmness. Your body will be free of tensions, thus relieving pain, ache, and muscle spasm. It can also aid those who suffer from mood-affecting conditions like anxiety, depression, and stress by clearing your mind of negative thoughts.

Rainbow Kush can help you relax and possibly make you more social. Some recreational users have stated the strain to help make them more focused & creative. A small percentage of Sativa induces brain uplift, cerebral high, and joy. Overall, this marijuana strain is considered mood-calming high-quality marijuana. So, after consuming this strain, you can expect light-hearted sensations followed by deep relaxation. This strain is not available in all pharmacies in North America and demand for this variety has become constant in many Amsterdam cafés. The Indica effect should cause a slight melting of the body, accompanied by a positive outcome on the brain. You may enjoy Rainbow Kush in the morning or afternoon due to the relatively low levels of THC and the mild effects on the body.

Although is not high on CBD, it does have some very potent Indica effects. Some medical consumers of this strain say it helped them with some health problems. Some of these symptoms include nausea, lack of appetite, chronic pain, general anxiety, depression, and anxiety.

The plants that grow from Rainbow marijuana seeds will have different shades of fiery red, vibrant orange, beautiful pink, and light yellow. They will also have characteristic blues, greens, and purples, and even undertones of white. The crystals will be highly atomized and very sticky to the touch. This beautiful strain is no doubt one of the most remarkable marijuana strains available in the world. Growing Rainbow weed seeds, the full spectrum of rainbow pigments emerges as the plants near the end of their flowering phase. It almost makes it magical to watch how this cannabis strain grows.

Medical Effects

Reflecting a full array of beautiful flowers, this strain offers a wide range of aromatic scents. This weed is notable for its pine smell with a sweet & spicy hint. You can even see some skunks in this fragrant breed. Many users have stated that they tasted the coffee taste with a spicy aftertaste that is similar to tropical starburst candy.

The Rainbow Kush seeds will grow into plants with one of the brightest buds you can imagine. After experiencing the deeply relaxing effects of this strain, you will feel like you found your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The combination of perfect shades and a pleasant pine flavor makes it a fan favorite.

The Rainbow Kush is becoming an increasingly popular strain among medical cannabis consumers because it has several purported health benefits. This strain can help relieve a variety of painful conditions, including back pain, arthritis, and muscle pain. Some patients have appreciated it for its antiemetic benefits. As a result, this strain can be beneficial if you suffer from nausea or a lack of appetite. As mentioned, it contains moderate levels of THC. This way, most experienced cannabis users will not have to worry about sleepiness and lethargy. In contrast, the THC content of this strain may provide temporary relief for people with mood disorders such as depression and anxiety.

Rainbow Kush seeds will grow into plants that have sticky buds with high THC. This strain is moderately potent, with a THC level of around 15 to 20%. The Rainbow marijuana seeds are ideal for those who wish to enjoy marijuana without affecting their routine activities.

With the ever-growing demand for marijuana and its limitless breeding of strains, there is no comparison to the delightfully bright and colorful composition of Rainbow kush. So, if you are looking for a fun strain of weed to grow that is fairly easy to birth, 8-9 weeks, and attain a flourishing beauty to get that potent strength weed lovers to desire? Then, you have found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It can average a yielding height of 59in and up to 3 ounces per square foot.

The rainbow kush seeds are an incredible new edition to the marijuana strain community, allowing you to produce wildly colored marijuana with this seed. Rainbow Kush is a rare marijuana seed derived from the Kush strain. These rainbow kush seeds are a hybrid mix between Indica and Sativa. At The Seeds Depot, we care about helping connect growers with the premium seeds from trusted sources. The rainbow kush seeds are familiar to Zskittles and other colorful strains. Keep up with all the newest kush seeds that get released by subscribing to our newsletter.

Rainbow Kush THC hybrid body of 16-20% will delight any who partake in its relaxing Indica dominant high. It’s a slight spice, trailed by scents and flavors of coffee and pine, will surely leave you in a sense of being among a relaxing morning as a rainbow shadows the remnants of an early morning rainfall.

Rainbow Kush Specifications

When you are looking for really colorful and flavorful marijuana seeds, should come to mind. It’s called Rainbow Kush, a well-known strain due to its multicolored buds based on statistics by Rainbow Kush seeds are a hybrid that is Indica dominant, available for sale by trusted sources that can only be found on

So don’t hesitate to grow yourself the most colorful hues of weed you have seen. If you are a marijuana devotee, then look no further than Rainbow Kush. Relax with weed like you never have before, put your mind among the clouds without losing a sense of yourself. And like a rainbow in the sky, there is no time that befits such a strain than anytime one is looking to feel exfoliated by the strains of the mind.

These Rainbow Kush seeds have an aroma of pine, however, you also may smell some skunk. Some people detect a coffee taste along with a spicy aftertaste. The look of the buds when grown is very different from other strains. These buds will be multicolored, you will find some orange/red along with purple, and green which will be in very large patches. The buds will be covered in sprinkles and they will be very sticky to touch.

Even though this hybrid is Indica dominant this Rainbow Kush seed will not put you into a weed coma, you will actually have a mild body melt which will be followed by positive vertebral effects. When you are growing these Rainbow Kush seeds you can do so both indoors as well as outdoors. These seeds can be easy or moderate to grow, a lot of breeders recommend that you force the flowering stage earlier.