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sativa marijuana seeds

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Odds are, you’ve smoked sativas before and enjoyed them greatly. As most cannabis products are hybrids, it’s impossible to avoid the sativa influence entirely. When smoking with others at a party, we rarely ask the name of the strain we’re consuming; we simply puff and pass it on. In short, sativa seeds have helped to create a more diverse cannabis market and a more enjoyable consumption experience.

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Like all other plants, sativas need fertilizer, oxygen, and light to grow. Fertilizers are composed of numerous inorganic and organic elements, and depending on the growth stage, a sativa plant may need these elements in different ratios. Choosing a formula that’s specifically designed for cannabis plants is typically the best choice. In the sections below, we’ll answer some questions on optimal sativa nutrition.

Creating new seeds isn’t an overnight process, and there are no guarantees of success. As a cannabis grower, it’s important to master this skill so you can know more about the seeds you’ll be planting. Creating new sativa seed strains allows growers to eliminate undesirable characteristics in favor of better attributes. In the sections below, you’ll learn how new sativa seeds are made.

If cannabis has one definitive advantage over beer, wine, and liquor, it’s that it can be created almost anywhere. Thickets of cannabis are a common sight in the Himalayan Mountains. Cannabis is indigenous to the area, and it thrives in faraway corners of the mountain range. Though pure sativa seeds can be found growing in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, South Africa, Brazil, Jamaica, Colombia, and other equatorial regions, cannabis can be grown indoors or outdoors.

Originating in the sub-continent, Cannabis Sativa hails from the warmer climate of Central America and more tropical regions, thanks in part to the longer sunlight hours. It’s here that the vast majority of our base breeding strains originate, and from where we are able to develop some of the best sativa seeds available.

structure and flowering time. Pure sativa strains can take a long time to flower, but for those patient enough to wait the reward is well worth it; a connoisseur like smoke, increased THC levels and superb energetic high. The medicinal benefits are wide ranging and over recent years have become integral in the treatment of conditions such as anxiety, depression as well as acting as a general stress reliever. It allows you medicate whilst not falling victim to the lethargy from an Indica stone.

In a nutshell Cannabis Sativa is best characterised for its length; both in height,

Sativa strains are best characterised by their soaring, cerebral highs, long thin fan leafs and taller plant structure. They’re a favourite amongst growers looking for a daytime smoke as the Higher THC to CBD ratio gives an uplifting energetic feeling rather than the stereotypical stoned, body buzz associated with Indica strains.

Although known for producing well outdoors, Sativa seeds are equally suited to indoor gardens where space is slightly more limited. Our seeds offer a range of pure, hybrid and autoflowering varieties, stabilised for all environments. They’re available in both regular and feminized.