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seed bank australia review

In addition to this, in their blog section, you will find only two articles that have very little information. The last section of Aussie’s website, Q&A , is empty as a drum and redirects you to the contact page!

ILGM offers excellent customer service, a vast selection of strains to choose from, great sales and discounts, and an extensive range of free online growing material for novice and expert growers.

So Is There Any Other Alternative?

Robert Bergman started I Love Growing Marijuana back in 2012. Initially, it was not a seed bank but an online platform where he shared his knowledge as a cannabis breeder having more than 20 years of expertise and where other growers could find and learn from him, sharing advice, suggestions, and more.

So, if you are looking for the best medicinal strains, Here’s where you MUST look!

According to one of the blogs of ILGM, they state as following,

You can look seeds up in their search bar, but that means you have to know what you are getting before you start shopping.

They have a Q&A section on their website but a lot of the questions have not been answered.

Being “Australia’s official cannabis seed supplier” and “Australia’s only legitimate seed bank” are only a couple of claims that Australian Seed Bank makes on their website.

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They have an unbeatable 100% germination guarantee which they achieved through offering only the highest quality seeds and giving free seeds with every order.

You can have their 90+ seeds sorted alphabetically, by popularity, from lowest to highest price, from highest to lowest price, by average rating, or by latest.

They set the industry standard for customer service with a renowned customer service team that delivers quick, helpful replies to inquiries.

You can contact them through a Contact Form, and the promise to respond in a timely manner since they are there for their customers 24 hours a day.

They deliver to all areas in Australia. Whether you are in New South Wales, Northern Territory, or Queensland will get their secure transportation services. Canna Seeds will send confidential orders to customers within two days of the transaction.

Seedsman ship worldwide and they also offer different shipping services to customers at average prices. Customers outside the UK and Europe will take longer, but can shorten this time with separate shipping services. Customers in Australia can take up to 35 days to receive the seed they ordered.

This seed bank offers many different strains of cannabis, and they are especially known for their feminized and CBD marijuana seeds in top-notch quality. If you are thinking of buying these seeds, the i49 Seed Bank is a great resource.

#7 (Spain Seed Bank) Ministry of Cannabis – Top breeder of high quality cannabis seeds

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This company has a strong global distribution network and they supply seeds at wholesale prices. And when it does retail, prices are not as high as some other retail seed banks. So price is not a controversial issue for Green House Seed Company.

Weed Seeds Australia has very secure transportation service. They will carefully hide seeds in each package so that the order will not get stuck at customs. If unfortunately your order is withheld by customs, they will send you a completely new order to replace the stuck order.

Customers can contact the seed bank through a variety of methods. But the toll free number is the most popular. To receive a special offer on your order, customers should subscribe to their newsletter.