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The existence and popularity of Seedsman seeds started in 2003. Their 18 years of experience made them one of the best and older seed banks in the industry. They are based in Barcelona. From the beginning, they were able to present the company as one of the experts in the genetics of Cannabis seeds.

Another thing we love about the Seedsman seeds is their large seed selection. Believe it or not, they offer around 4,400 cannabis strains. We are sure they continuously expand their catalog!

What You Like About Seedsman?

Aside from various promotions they offer and the loyalty points you earn, Seedsman also gives out free seeds. The seed bank understands that their customers can abuse these discounts and promotions. Nevertheless, they remain generous and continuously improve their program even better.

You also have the option to replace damaged seeds with different strains from the ones you purchased. Depending on the seeds’ prices, you may pay the new seeds’ additional cost. If the new seeds cost lower than the old ones, Seedsman will return your remaining balance.

You must notify Seedsman first for specific reasons that make you decide to ask for a refund or return items. Often, your refunded money is sent in the same mode of payment you chose when you created your order.

Lol I have been reading of off this forum Grasscity and growchatforum for about a year. I have learn a lot from here and Grasscity and today I came to say that I ordered from that place via mail order sending my cash by mail on the 2nd of agust and today 24th I received a white slim cardboard box with my seeds inside.

The box was partially opened which could of have caused some seeds to fall out since when I opened it it had about 1/2 my actual order. I emailed them about it and hope they will make it good

I hope that the DEA doesn’t come to my house I can grow 12 plants anyways but it’s still stress ful to deal with a$holes

Anyways next grow I’ll plant this seeds and start a journal of how they act and respond

You can return your products in case of dissatisfaction with the seeds. Orders will be returned only within 30 days of dispatch. Ensure that the package is unopened and in the exact condition you received it at the time of return.

ILGM also has a mix pack option for those beginners who are unsure of what strains will work for them. Mix packs have three strains categorized in different ways: name, bud color, growing conditions, and flavor are one example. Experimenting to see what works for you is an excellent place to start learning about your preferences. Two points to ILGM!

MSLN offers a reward program for loyal customers where you can create an account, log in, and earn points with every order you place. They are also running a 420 SALE on their website, currently offering up to 45% off using the promo code GREEN15.

Cons of The Vault

Cannabis seeds are at an all-time “high” right now. However, because cannabis seeds are illegal in several states, their purchase is limited to certain source providers. Due to all the restrictions, we have drawn up a list of the best seed banks you can check out for your seed bank needs!

Fo r those of you looking for the best seed bank out there, we would recommend I Love Growing Marijuana. The brand’s quality products, reputation in the industry, good customer service support, and multiple offers make it the optimal brand for you to associate yourself with.

Stealth shipping is a shipping guarantee companies offer their customers. This guarantee means that no matter what happens to your product before you receive it, the company takes full responsibility to send/resend the package to you. Stealth shipping is usually free of cost. This guarantee extends to issues that have to do with factors out of your control, such as confiscating your seeds at customs or losing the package. In case of providing an incorrect delivery address or issues of the like, you will be held responsible.

The company offers multiple delivery guarantees and offers on its website. The Vault offers a multitude of strains high in quality for its growers. Head over to their website to find out about their products before you make a purchase! As far as our recommendation goes, we would still go for either MSNL or ILGM for their all-rounded excellence.